More on Sore Hocks

So Jackie asked me about sore hocks recently.   She noticed on the bottom of Sally’s both feet that she had small patches of fur missing showing exposed skin. Because she remembered reading my website about sore hocks she sent me an email which I have posted her question and my answer in my new Forum section. She did go and get some of the A & D ointment from the store to try.  The reason why I am adding a new post is because Jackie got a really good picture of this. See image below and note the following.

In Sally’s case, the skin is exposed but many times longer fur just sweeps over and covers the bald spot. So if you ever pay attention to your vet, they will flip your bunny over and pay special attention to the bottom of those hind legs. You’ll see them move the fur from side to side looking for bald spots just for this reason.  If its pink then chances are its irritated and the bunny will need at minimum some ointment treatments for awhile until it gets better. If its red or bleeding or show signs of white or infection go to your vet asap.



Thanks for the pic Jackie…..Bunny parents remember to check your rabbits back feet often for this and it is painful for them.

To see what Red Door Animal Shelter says about sore hocks go the Bunny Care Basics pdf and turn to page 6.

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