Publix Stores Please STOP Selling Rabbit Meat!

Bad news bunny parents. Publix Stores (over 1,000 stores) sell rabbit meat in some of their stores. Rabbits are Pets not food.

You need to tell them to stop. Call corporate at 1-800-242-1227 or talk to your local Store Manager. Tell them to STOP!

I just called Publix and did a contact us form. The phone number is 1-800-242-1227. Tell them to STOP selling rabbit meat. The girl told me that alot of people are calling from around the country. They ask for your zip code when you call.   I visited 3 of  their stores while on vacation just last month. I asked her if she ever had a pet she said YES a rabbit. She said I know what you mean. I asked her what else I could do so that corporate would hear my plea.  We can use social media –  Twitter and Facebook to spread the word and bring awareness. She said she would pass on my comments that corporate is starting to LISTEN. Please call as soon as you can. I told her I would have to boycott them now. Contact us form is at

Come on bunny parents take a few minutes and call or visit or fill out a contact us form….. Rabbits are PETS not food…….. Call 1-800-242-1227

They would never sell cat or dog so they should be not be selling rabbit. The farm they are using is horrific. Its Seely’s Ark. They are in tiny cages and not able to move – its awful.  Call Publix today.

Remind them that rabbit parents buy an enormous amount of greens all the time. They are losing our business because they sell rabbit meat.

I think most of the staff in the stores do not agree with the stores selling it. Perhaps we need the staff to stand up and be heard.

Rabbits are pets not food. Tell them, please tell them. This is not over for me. I will give more updates on this when I have them.

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