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Bacteria Overgrowth on Bunny’s Ears

So a bunny parent had emailed me about her rabbit Otto’s rash on his ears. It started out small and then began to spread.  Her vet did a culture and determined it was an overgrowth of bacteria and prescribed Nolvasan (a topical solution) to use twice a day for 10 days.  After 10 days it did not look any better so she too him back to the vet. Within his ear, pus was found so the vet gave her some Baytril Otic drops to use. See pics below.



So Otto’s mom asked me to share this information in case anyone else has this issue with their bunny. She knows that it was painful for her bunny until it went away as he was not himself. So don’t try to treat this yourself, get help right away. Here is Otto’s ear fully recovered…….looking good Otto!



Binky On Otto!!!! Binky On!


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