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Brownie – Where have you been????

So I do have to apologize to Brownie’s mom as she sent me these pics awhile back and I didn’t have time to post – but better late then never.  Brownie was still enjoying a vacation for sorts staying at her Aunt’s house (although I think she should be back at her home if her Auntie was wiling to give up that precious girl – will ask for an update).  So check out cutie pie Brownie – also having fun. She looks so happy all the time, doesn’t she? Better than running the streets and yards out in Lockport IL where we rescued her from. Here is Brownie having some hay – well a girl has to eat you know….. next Brownie is enjoying her favorite past time – hiding in cardboard boxes and shredding newspaper – oh the simple things in a bunny’s life.

Browniewithay Browniepeeking

Here are Brownie’s cousins Morticia and Blackberry. What beautiful bunnies they are. They seem to like the spotlight. Morticia is the white bunny and Blackberry the black bunny. Sweethearts as I believe they are a bonded pair. Hmm need a pic of them together – will work on that.


So when looking at Brownie remember she was rescued from outdoors on one of the coldest winter days I can remember.  Always keep a look out for domestic rabbits that are running free outside at any time of year.  THE ONLY BUNNIES YOU SHOULD SEE OUTSIDE ARE EASTERN COTTONTAILS THAT ARE BROWN. NOT ANY OTHER COLOR OR PATTERN. See below.


If you see a bunny outdoors and are not sure if it is wild or domestic, call your local rescue or animal shelter for assistance.  Take a picture and figure out if it needs to be rescued.  Remember you can be a hero, just keep a watch out and do something to help. Make  a call, inquire, donate, volunteer for Brownie and all the other bunnies that have been rescued and that need to be rescued.

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.

Update On Brownie 9/2015

So in case you didn’t know Brownie was a little brown domestic bunny that my husband and I rescued outdoors in the dead of winter and cold last March.  She was here with me for about 6 days before I turned her over to Red Door Animal Shelter Its quite a story how we caught her, click here to read her full story.  She had 2 friends with her, read about them here. To date those other 2 rabbits have stayed away from the area we caught Brownie in. When the weather starts to get colder again I’ll check in with my contact and see if they are around again. If so we will make an attempt to catch them.

So Brownie was moved into a foster home back in May or June I believe. It wasn’t long before her foster mom had to go on vacation and when she took her back to the shelter to be watched, she said please don’t show her to anyone as I think I might adopt her. So when the mom came home she did adopt Brownie. I am so happy for that little sweetheart. In fact the mom is going to take her to Red Door for some bunny speed dating to find her a companion. Oh that is great news as she is just such a sweet bunny and I wish her my best. Meanwhile I will try to get some recent pics of her. Stay tuned there is more to come…..


If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.