Holiday Bunny Proofing

Bunny proofing for the holidays can be a challenge but it’s not as hard as you might think.  You must get down at ground level and survey everything a bun can reach or access.  Move things out of their reach including decorations, light cords, extension cords, food items, plants and wrapped gifts. Don’t make your bun sick  – take a few minutes and check all of your decorations and knick knacks and move them out of the buns reach.

Christmas Trees – Artificial

 If you are putting the lights on yourself then leave the last row or two of branches without lights. See how low your branches are (you can always redirect the flow of the branches up instead of down) and imagine your bun on his hind legs reaching up–that is the point you need to stop adding lights at.  Come on your friends already know that you take many safety precautions for your pet bun so a row or two of missing lights won’t really matter for the safety of your little bun.

Christmas Trees – Pre-lighted

Well this is more difficult but doable. I found that with my tree if I direct the bottom row of branches upward, then the wires on the lowest row is up pretty high.  If you have any dangling wires you can always buy plastic tubing, slit it open and use it as a cord cover.  Check carefully for any place where the wire might hang lower and either tuck it upward or cover it with plastic tubing.


Christmas Trees -Real

Well I’m not experienced with being a bunny parent and having a real Christmas tree but I would not allow your bun to drink the water from the tree stand. Find something to cover the stand liquid with – not sure about this one. If you have an idea email me please at Otherwise same rules apply for lights and cords as above.


Where the main cords come together I usually put them inside a box.  I tuck them into a box that fits under the tree to protect them from very sharp teeth. I place the box in between where the cords come from the tree and the electrical wall outlet.  The box also acts as a deterrent.  But don’t close the box for 2 reasons. One is your bun might then jump on top of the box and get into all sorts of trouble right in the middle of cord-land and two is that box might heat up.  I also used a higher branch to anchor the extension cord high above the buns head leading to the outlet far out of the buns reach.  The box can also be nipped and ripped at by your bun safely (remove as much packing tape as you can).



You can also wrap the cords in towel or towel pcs. I have done this now as my cords can’t all easily stretch into the cardboard box for safe keeping so the ones that are still in the open I have wrapped in towel pcs. So far so good.

Tree Skirts and Nativity Scenes

NO – don’t use them unless company is coming and your buns will be out of reach from them.  My rabbits love to lay under the tree so I have a beach towel for them to use. But as soon as an un-chinned tree skirt goes down the naughty-ness starts and within minutes needs to be put away.  They dig, nip, pee, poop and tear at it. Not good. Nativity scenes and villages should be put on a table top not under the tree where the buns have access.  Your bun will love laying under your tree so give them a little something extra this holiday season. Place a bowl of hay under the tree for them to nip at while relaxing.  We call this our hay manger and they love it. Plus the more hay the better for them remember.

Wrapped Presents

NO –  the pretty wrapping paper can be toxic and PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR BUNS EAT IT.

You can always put your tree on a table top to elevate it high out of a bun’s reach but they will miss lying and sleeping underneath it.  You could build a box out of plywood just 12 inches high where the bottom row of branches would be out of their reach (for most buns).

Try putting some new chew sticks, hay twists of new toy under the tree so he or she has something new to focus on when they come out. This is working well for me.

KEEP all artificial and real plants and flowers away from the buns — they can be toxic and cause harm or death.

Parties – enjoy your gatherings but keep the buns securely away from the festivities and don’t let them out again until all floor surfaces have been cleaned from any food droppings and crumbs.

Stress for buns – alot of visitors and parties can really stress your buns out. So keep guests from handling them especially children. We will normally pick up our buns and show them to the guest one at a time for guests to see and pet them but then they go right back into their rooms where guests know it’s off limits.  Your buns have to feel safe and secure in their area.  Make sure the bun has a dark place where they can hide out of sight if they choose ( a box with a hole cut out for a door works just remove most packing tape from the box) and remember to give them love and attention during this busy season.



If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at