Necco Another Dumped Pet Bunny Rescued Outdoors

So this precious little guy was spotted in a family's backyard on July 4th weekend. He was friendly and happy. But as quickly as he appeared he was gone. The family thought about it and over the course of a few days realized he was a pet bunny and should not be loose outdoors.  They contacted  Red Door Animal Shelter and the facebook post went out.

Here is a link to the rescue post.

This was less than 10 minutes from our house so over we went twice that first night looking. I mean we looked everywhere and found no sign of him. Others came and helped searched but notta.  We asked every neighbor and person traveling in this area and had talked to almost every person in a 1 block square radius of where he was spotted. So I gave up but was heartbroken.

The following week the family called me as he was in their yard right then! So we left work raced over with a carrier and a folding fence. The family was hand feeding him carrots and lettuce. He was loving the attention. Once we arrived it was a matter of winning his trust over along with  a carrot and my husband was able to grab him up.  Safe in the carrier at last.  He spent the next 4 days at Bunny Mama’s. In my very nice basement although I doubt he understood  or appreciated the Wisconsin Lodge decorations.

This bunny was the most attentive social rabbit I have ever encountered. I mean he made my own pet bunnies look antisocial.  He was loving and friendly and smart. He was a good eater too. So off to the animal shelter to vetting and adoption he went. I was not able to keep him and it broke my heart. My Lucy has e. cuniculi and I cannot bring a health rabbit her her or the healthy bunny may get sick.

So once checked out by the Shelters vet, Chicago Exotics it was determined that Necco had Coccidia an intestinal parasite. A bunny gets it from ingesting an infected rabbit (or other animals) poop. It is detected by a poop test and took 2 weeks of drugs to cure it.  Its very common for pet house rabbits to catch this once outdoors. ANOTHER REASON TO NOT TAKE PET RABBITS OUTDOORS.

So he was safe and cured from Coccidia…..what an amazing little bunny he was. So attentive, loving and happy. I will always remember how happy he was to be in my home getting love and attention. He might have broke a house record here for number of bunny 500′ s and at a such a speed. He touched me and I will never forget him. Love you Necco – binky on little baby.


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