Nationwide Protest Against Restaurants That Serve Rabbit Meat

So in the past few weeks, has sent a flurry of posts that read The 15 Best Restaurants in Your City that Serve Rabbit Meat!  So please email them and tell them this is not acceptable. Email is  Please contact them.

Also please join Bunny Mama and Rabbit Advocacy Network in protesting NATIONWIDE  against restaurants that serve rabbit meat.  This is so wrong.

You can email, call or visit any time.  This weekend Aug. 19 and 20 (2017) we really want to stir things up. You can contact any restaurant anywhere or contact the ones we’ve listed. We know there are so many that sell it but hopefully we can get them to stop just like we did with so many grocery stores that used to sell it.  Feel  free to email any location nationwide as they will not know where you live. I composed 1 email and then sent it out to about 30 restaurants already.

See this facebook post from Rabbit Advocacy Network for more info and details.

Thanks for helping the bunnies and remember the more people that contact these restaurants the better our chances of stopping them all together.

THANK YOU……..from the bunnies……

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at