Bunny Basics

If you do nothing else on my site, then please read just this one page and click on the Bunny Basic PDF below the best bunny advice you’ll ever get from folks that know and love all bunnies….

This page was created to give you some good sound bunny advice from Red Door Animal Shelter. They have been caring for and adopting out bunnies for over 10 years. They rock,  and I got my Dino and Lucy from them.   I know it is sound advice, coming from people that know about and care about bunnies. I am going through my entire website and updating my pages to include what they say about bunnies and bunny care.


Click on this link to access the pdf file. It is 14 pages long and may take a minute or two to download……get educated bunny parent – no excuses now for not knowing this stuff!!!!!!


Bunny Basics PDF


THANKS TONI FROM RED DOOR SHELTER FOR HELPING BUNNIES and for giving me permission to allow others to have your valuable, important information.


 Take this as gospel bunny parent!

Also please note the most important thing you can do for your bunny is to give them the correct diet – this is so important and my vet says its the biggest mistake bunny parents make. So read the pages on food and diet to ensure you are providing your bunny with the most healthy foods, pellets and hay you can.  Your bunny will love you for it!!!!

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