Outdoor Rescues Joliet & Lois from July 2016

Its pretty embarrassing that an entire year has passed and I never posted about these 2 sweethearts that we rescued in the hot summer of 2016.  The reason why I am taking the time to post now is because those of us on these rescues were changed forever.  It was Joliet, a beautiful tan house bunny that was aloft and sneaky and elusive for several days.  Brad my husband and I drove 40 minutes one way to help catch him. over the course of about 10 days.   A family dumped several pet house rabbits outside. They had babies and eventually one by one suffered illness, injury and finally death. Joliet was the last one. The neighbors knew the pet rabbits shouldn’t be outside but didn’t know who to call for help. The poor bunnies made it through a horrific winter and one by one lost their life.  Joliet was the last one. The one we wanted to save so badly. We eventually caught him. He spent the night at my house before taking him for medical treatment. But it was not to be.  For Joliet was very sick. He had a phone book list of illnesses.  He had to be euthanized.  So sad. So many of us worked for days to catch him, to help him, to save him.  But it was too late.  At least his suffering was over, suffering caused by humans who did this to him by dumping him outdoors. Humans who had let him down.  Please read this powerful post written by Red Door Rescue. A reminder to everyone to never dump a pet house rabbit outdoors.

Joliet’s Red Door Post

Then there was Lois. A beautiful bunny a few blocks away from where Joliet was caught.  Lois got away from her owner when she was left outside in the yard. She squeezed under a fence and was gone.  The owner never contacted us to take ownership back of Lois. So Lois now lives at Earth Animal Sanctuary with other bunnies having a bunderful life.

Lois had a bot fly on her face that needed immediate attention when we caught her. Lucky for Lois, the owner of Earth Animal Sanctuary was with us and literally did surgery on the curb of the street to remove it and flush the would with medicine. I’d never witnessed anything like it before.  Lois was gonna make it. She was safe and loved. She was good.

The alarming thing about these 2 rescues is that they were blocks apart. A third rescue also happened but one of the volunteer rescuers kept that bun. This neighborhood had a pet store selling bunnies.  A pet store that gave its bunny parents no information or guidance on how to care for a bunny.  I suspect that people just eventually dumped the bunnies once they got tired of them.  A death sentence for any pet house rabbit dumped outside.

Help spread the word for Joliet – never dump a pet house rabbit outdoors. If you know someone with a pet rabbit make sure they know never to dump a pet house rabbit outdoors or its a certain death.  Remember Joliet — I always will.

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.