Horrific Abuse in Lincoln Park – Chicago to Wild Rabbits

See bottom of post for an update…..

People we need to send out the word on this as this horrible person(s) must be stopped. They are mutilating wild rabbits in this area. 3 rabbits have been caught with help of Red Door Animal Shelter where Brad and I do outdoor rescue of domestic rabbits (pets that have been dumped outside to fend for themselves).  The shelter got calls and emails starting about a week ago.  The Conservation Police were called and an active investigation is now under way.  Last night (6/19) 5 shelter volunteers set out to catch these bunnies. Once in the neighborhood concerned folks were coming from every direction to help in the rescue.  3 rabbits were caught last night. A 4th was not found but if seen they will go back and attempt a rescue. The buns have been transported to Flint Creek Wildlife Rehab for medical treatment and then to be released. Visit their facebook page here for updates.

This is not a hoax, here is an article from DNAinfo. Link is below.


The pics are graphic and we know other crimes are being committed against wild rabbits  (eastern cottontails) in this area.

I don’t want to post pics here so I am warning you about clicking over to see the article.

Please share this post to anyone living in the Chicago area. By getting the word out hopefully we can find and stop this disgraceful person.

If you are a tattoo artist or do piercings please ask around in case you’ve heard something about who might be doing this. These innocent bunnies do not deserve this mistreatment. Please contact the Conservation Police/IDNR TIPS line at 1- 877-2DNRLAW (1-877-236-7529) with any information.  Flint Creek has a reward to find this person.

Have you seen someone harassing rabbits, chasing rabbits, carrying or hiding rabbits. Did you hear someone talking about it in passing. Did you see someone messing around with a rabbits nest?  If YES then you do need to report what you know to the IDNR or to me and I will take your information to the authorities.

Please help us, spread the word or contact me directly with information. No wild bunny deserves this kind of mistreatment. Its only a matter of time before this person attacks another animal species or humans. Please help. Thank you.

UPDATE: July 29th —after a report came in that more baby bunnies were spotted in the Lincoln Square area abused,  a search party went out and found two tiny baby rabbits –good news they were not being abused as they had ticks that made them appear abnormal as if the unthinkable had happened again but they were deemed to be okay.

The 3 buns that had surgery and recovery at Flint Creek Wildlife Rescue were released onto private property where they can be safe and flourish. See pics and more on their story here.  Awesome work. Thanks to Flint Creek Wildlife Rescue…..

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.