Happy 4th Gotcha/Adoption Day Lucy!

So hard to believe that its been 4 years since our precious Lucy joined our family. It was after our Dino had lost his first wife Gracie that we wanted to bond Dino again. He loves other bunnies so much we knew deep down he needed a 2nd wife and chance at love.  Lucy was at the shelter for over a year. She had quite a few medical issues due to e. cuniculi. She had lost one eye to this and people didn’t want to adopt her because of the meds and other issues she could develop. Since Dino had e. cuniculi too,  she was perfect.

It was love a first site – seriously it was.  Read their full bonding story here.  These 2 cuties pies are usually always together. She worships the ground that he poops on…….

Here’s Lucy just hanging out earlier tonight.



Here are some pics of the happy couple….isn’t love grand?





We love you Lucy and we are so happy you are in our family.

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Dino GI Stasis #2

So this happened back in March of 2016 and I never got to post about it. The reason why I am doing it now because I learned a few things I wanted to share. As background, Dino my tan adorable lop has constant dental issues. He goes every 4 weeks to the vet to have dental spurs ground down.  This has gone on for almost 4 years.  So after a dental appt where the vet pulled  a tooth because it was so loose, Dino was sent home on a full regiment of drugs for pain. The next day Dino stopped eating and pooping and I needed to rush him to the vet hospital.  They admitted him we were pretty scared.

So this hospital has a service where if you pay an extra  charge each day you have the right to call or visit 24/7.  Because the hospital is about a hour away in decent traffic we always get the service so we can visit Dino in the late evening when traffic isn’t that bad. It was during our nightly visits that Dino would eat some and poop some.  Otherwise he was not eating or pooping – just when we visited. The vet on his case thought that he was one of those buns that does not do well away from home and his family. That he needed to be at home and maybe we could pull him through this. So they sent him home with us, still very sick and not eating and not pooping. He had been at the hospital for 3 days and the only improvements he made was while we visited.  So home we took him.

Now from the first time he had stasis we knew his pain needed to be treated.  This time we all felt it was. I had called my vet asking the max dose of pain killer I could give him and how often.  This is very important to know because if your bun is not doing well you’ll know how much more meds you can safely give.

After bringing Dino back home with his wife Lucy, he began to poop within 2 hours of being home. Within another hour he began to eat food. This is important to be aware of because I never, ever thought that I would think that I would need to bring him home to get better. Bunny parents file this information in the back of your mind for future reference in case you can try this if you need to.  Also if you can visit your bunny while at the hospital do it by all means.

Dino thrived once home. He was on 8 or 9 meds the typical ones for GI mobility and pain.  The vet also found an infection around some of his teeth so he ended up being on antibiotics for several months which we are still battling.

Below is Dino taking his meds on the floor. He got so used to the meds that he literally chases us around until we give them to him.  More posts to come on Stasis #3 and the infection that won’t go away.




If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.