BunnyMama.com 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

In 2015 my Holiday Gift Guide was the most popular post I did. So many of you shared and commented on it. Thank you.  I have a website where the information is also posted. I hope you will check it out – a bunch of information on the care of domestic pet rabbits. www.bunnymama.com

Bunny Mama has a new laptop so please excuse the type-o’s as this is hard to get use to. So it’s back, the Holiday Gift Guide for 2016….some pretty cute stuff and I actually ordered some products myself while researching for this post as well as 3 more things I plan on ordering. So here we go…….enjoy…..


In the past I looked high and low, near and far for a comforter with a bunny on it and never found one. Well I found this new website Society6 and I just love the fact that if you find a print or image you like, you can often times get it printed on everything from a rug, to a phone case to a wall clock and many more items. Such is the case with this first item, a fun comforter –sorta artsy – and alot of color…..and alot of bunnies for sure. Add a bunny pop of color to your sleeping quarters.


The Society6 website has hundreds and hundreds of images of rabbits. So many possibilities I could hardly stand it. But I found one I just loved….here it is below…..flowers and bunnies how could that be wrong for a Bunny Mama….yep I just might need this. Love the colors and flowers and bunnies of course.


Next up for a little more homey of a look, check out this one. It actually looks painted to me. Loved the bunny holding a toy bunny. Soft and sweet, perfect for a human daughter perhaps.


So yet again another Society6 product where I found a bunny image I liked and then found it on a wall clock. Doesn’t every room need a clock? Where could this one or hundreds of other images fit in your castle?


Have you always wanted a bunny bathroom but couldn’t find the right shower curtain? Problem solved. Once again with the Society6 find the most adorable bunny image and done!


Like an image just because it’s adorable, no problem order it as art or a pillow cover from Society6 (I sound like a commercial, but I am binkying that I found this website). This little guy looks like my Dino.


As if a cake needed any help to look attractive, but check out this super adorable bunny cake stand! I just love this one.


Cheers – bottoms up with this coffee mug and yes somebun does love you after all.





Pajamas – who couldn’t use another pair right? You’ll get a warm and fuzzy feeling from these bunny themed jammies…..



Do you consider yourself a “bunny hugger”? Maybe you know a bunny hugger. Well wearing these PJ’s around would prove it.


Looking for something a little sexy? Well this might just be the one robe you can’t live without by Betsy Johnson featuring hearts and bunnies on the back.



Want something rabbit-ish for your feet. Well I found those too. Love these slippers.



Need something casual for the weekend? How about this Don’t Worry Be Hoppy shirt? This pattern comes in all sorts of blouse styles and on many other products. I do need to order one of these tops for sure.



Something for the office perhaps – show that you belong to a warren by proudly wearing this blouse. Super cheap price at H & M.



Check out Lisa’s site from the UK – it’s all bunny items. She writes Bunny Mad Magazine and contacted me a few years ago to use my Gracie’s picture for an article she was writing on cancerous lumps in rabbits. I really like her variety of items. I just adore this variety pack of bunny themed socks. She does ship internationally.



This item gets the coolest product award from me. If I didn’t have feet the size of King Kong’s, I would totally be rocking these for sure. Handpainted bunnies on canvas high tops. Don’t you love em?



Need some cuteness overload? Check out this hat — I love it!




If you still need some Christmas cards then House Rabbit Society can hook you up. Get some for this year and next. They have 2 different styles to choose from. Part of the proceeds go to help the bunnies. Such a great cause and super adorable.




HRS also has so many great books, videos, toys, treats for you and your bun. Check them out from time to time. Remember that different HRS chapters around the country all have their own websites where you can find yet other items and products so please take some time to seek out these great resources when you can for information or products. A gift certificate would be so welcomed by your favorite bunny parent that you know.

For a year of happiness check out the 2017 bunny calendar from the St. Louis House Rabbit Society. I get one every year and keep it in my work station at my job. It brings a smile to my face whenever I look at – forget your phone calendar or outlook calendar they don’t have an adorable bunny on it that is different every month. See somethings can’t be replaced by technology.





To carry your stuff around town, check out this tote bag featuring bunnies of all sorts of course.


Need a new wallet or know a bunny parent that does, then here is the one for them with a touch of whimsy.


For a little money wallet to grab on the go here is the one – bright blue with a popular saying.


This one I had my husband purchase for me, seriously I looked for a few years for just the right bunny watch and I found it here -and the band comes in a bunch of colors. I got the one in the pic below – purple because it looked sorta Easter-ish to me but I plan to wear it all year round.



You might have to know someone pretty well to order checks for them but I so love these from the Bradford Exchange – I got the checks and matching return address labels and could not be happier. 4 styles and every single one is adorable.





You can never go wrong with hay, toys or treats from Small Pet Select. Their hay is outstanding – fresh, green and my buns just love it. I buy it in a 50 lb box (for real it’s 50 pounds). Here is our favorite pick.


For chews and toys for your bun, check out this page. Look around their site because they do have alot to offer.


BinkyBunny out of California also never disappoints. This site remains my go to for new products, treats and bunny houses. I have bought alot of products from them and so appreciate the products they make available for bunny parents.




A few years ago my husband bought me a thin blanket/hrow with a picture of my rabbit Baby on it. At the time I wasn’t really thrilled but after losing her a few years later I cannot express to you in words how precious that blanket has become to me. I know alot of places offer this service so I am sure you can find one easily. It is such a treasure for sure to me. See my little girl below which I will treasure for all of my days. Just an idea for the bunny parent in your life perhaps.


Well as Bugs Bunny says “That’s All Folks” as this page took me alot of time to put together so I hope you find it helpful or just plain old fun. Can I get a LIKE or s SHARE or BOTH? PLEASE? Don’t forget to follow Bunny Mama on my website at www.bunnymama.com
Merry Christmas and BINKY ON!

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.

Protest Bloomingdales for selling items made of rabbit fur – done.

Bunny Mama and her hubby were downtown in Chicago protesting at 2 Bloomingdales stores for selling items made with rabbit fur. In October we had some good support from folks passing by and some car traffic.  We had a good turn out and raised awareness about this very upsetting topic. It was really busy and I know we were totally noticed.  Please let Bloomingdale’s know how you feel.  See pic below from 900 N. Michigan Ave location.  Wearing rabbit fur was never cool and its still not. Let Bloomingdale’s know today!

14902677_10157737467365038_1287162606829671633_oStop by your local store and talk to a store manager. Email Bloomingdales or call. Just please do something. If they don’t hear from folks they won’t stop carrying it. So please take a few minutes to help.

This web page has a list of all there stores so you can find one near you.


Please help today.

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.

Bloomingdale’s Stop Selling Rabbit Fur Items!

So Bloomingdale’s in their fall catalog and stores is selling 44 rabbit fur items.  These items are more than likely imported from China where conditions for rabbits are horrible before they are put to death in the name of fashion.  Back in the 1980’s rabbit fashion items were the rage. I never really thought about where those items came from at the time as I was young in my early 20’s. But now knowing so much more about how inhumanely rabbits are treated, I’ve become sensitive.   I am compelled to take a stand for rabbits and their well being. So I went to downtown Chicago to protest in front of 2 stores.  The others in this group have been instrumental in fight against grocery stores selling rabbit meat. We’ve made so much progress but continue our efforts.  But on this day it was all about the rabbit fur items at Bloomingdale’s and informing others. Thanks to those bunny parents that came out.  Feel free to contact Bloomingdale’s yourself and let them know you are outraged.

Sign the petition for Bloomingdale’s  – just copy and paste the link below into a browser:


Thanks to all for your help…….they won’t stop unless they hear from enough bunny parents.  Be heard, stand up for the bunnies, help the cause, it only takes a few minutes, get involved.


If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.