Protesting Fairplay Foods – Oak Lawn IL Sun Oct 9th from 3 – 5 pm

So this grocery chain Fairplay has stores in the Chicago area. I know them well. I have shopped in their stores for many years. I am heart broken to find out that some of the stores carry rabbit meat. My local stores do not but my mother’s store does. I do not find this acceptable. I have had 4 beautiful loving pet rabbits and this wrong. I have been going out on domestic rabbit outdoor rescues to help save the lives of bunnies in harms way. For Fairplay to sell rabbit meat is just wrong to me.   This chain is part of a larger group known as Central Grocers. Central Grocers stopped distributing rabbit meat to its stores (well sorta, see this post).  Fairplay has outsourced it from Censea — Central Grocers – Censea pretty similar name  don’t you think. So we are not happy about this in Chicago as we have worked so hard to rid our area of as much rabbit meat as we can.

So join  Bunny Mama and some friends and other bunny parents to tell Fairplay to stop selling rabbit meat. Here are details:

Fairplay Foods

8700 S. Cicero Ave. Oak Lawn, IL.  60453

Sunday Oct. 9th from 3:00 pm to 5:00pm


Come for a while,  come for a short time, just come.  If you can’t join us then please take a minute to email their corporate offices and ask them to stop selling rabbit meat.

Here is the link to their contact us page:

Paul Goodrich – he is the decision maker for meat purchases.  Please take a few minutes to help us with this important cause. I have tried every way possible to reach this guy, short of stalking him and he has not responded.   The bunnies and Bunny Mama thank you.

What I can tell you is that from protesting with other bunny parents against Whole Foods, I met the most wonderful, fun, caring bunny parents. I went by myself not knowing a sole and left with quite a few friends.  We have banded together here in Chicago and welcome others to join us. So come join us and we can talk about bunnies.


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Celebrating 10 years as a Bunny Mama…..

Hard to believe but I recently celebrated 10 years as a Bunny Mama. Yep it was back in August of 2006, that I adopted my first rabbit Baby. You can read her story here.  She was and will always be the love of my life. It took me a year to win over her trust but it was so worth it. She taught me everything I know about bunnies.  She trained me to not lock her in a cage but to let her be a free range  bunny like she and all bunnies should be. She was very spoiled of course being the first fur child and all. Here is pic of my little sweetheart. Nope I didn’t not pose her, this was how she was laying one day and I was lucky to get a pic of it.


So a distant relative wanted to give up a pet rabbit and I thought well how hard can it be to bond two rabbits (IT CAN BE SO HARD IT NEVER HAPPENS). Boy was I wrong. Into our life came Gracie (named after my Aunt Grace).  She was a  spunky, determined little black girl. I referred to her as my black daughter.  Every night when she heard me dial the phone to call my mother she would run out of her bedroom and start to do bunny indy 500’s all around the living room and I praised her for running so fast and for being such a good girl. I so wish I had that on video but I don’t. Read Gracie’s story here.  We tried so hard to bond Baby and Gracie but it never happened. I don’t think I have a page on Baby and Gracie what nightmare we went through that never really took.  See my Gracie below.


So because I still thought Baby was lonely, another failed bonding attempt lead us to adopt Dino a precious little lop boy. Read his story here.  Baby was just having no part of this little man. But the moment he took his first hop in my house I knew he could never leave and I would have to figure out how to keep him.  Lucky for me, Dino and Gracie bonded. It wasn’t terribly long and hey at least it did happen.  See the happy couple below.


After Gracie passed, Dino needed another bunny and so did I. So welcome Lucy.  Her story here.  These two had the fastest courtship ever I think. It was a fast and easy bond with Lucy and Dino.  You can read about the bond here.  I documented it pretty well for anyone trying to bond bunnies.  If you can get the bond to work, its one of life’s sweetest experiences watching how a loving bonded bunny pair interacts and loves each other. Just precious really. I highly recommend it if you can.  Below see the happy couple.


Yep its been 10 wonderful years, a lot of love, poop and good times. I wouldn’t  trade it for the world. I just look forward to always having a bunny or two in my life…… please consider giving a bunny a home with you. It will change your life for the good!


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Bloomingdales – Shame on YOU!

In case you have not heard, the upscale, trendy and expensive Bloomingdales is now selling 43 items made of RABBIT FUR! Yes read it correctly rabbit fur. This is so offensive to millions of home that have pet rabbits, I can’t even tell you.  Are they selling items made with cat or dog fur – NO. Would they – NO. Then why rabbit fur. Its not the 1980’s and it wasn’t cool back then either.

Take a minute and sign the petition that has is really taken off. See the link below.

For information all see Rabbit Advocacy Network’s website. Link below.

I think in Chicago area we are going to protest at a few stores in Oct. More to come.  Thanks for signing the petition and helping out the innocent little bunnies…..

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