Be Outraged…..Central Seaway (Censea) selling rabbit meat!

Censea a Northbrook IL distributor of seafood is selling rabbit meat. Yes rabbit meat. Why would a seafood distributor sell rabbit meat. We are not sure but we must get them to stop. So please email, fax or call this company and ask them to stop. They supply to food stores and restaurants.  This is so wrong. Please respectfully let them know this is not okay.  This rabbit  meat happens to be in my local grocery store and I am totally devastated.  Please help me and the bunnies send them a very strong message to stop carrying rabbit meat.

Contact Austin Dixon at

Phone is  224.723.5617.

Fax 708.446.9410

You can email or call or fax during off hours, just so he gets the message loud and clear that this not acceptable. For more information see Rabbit Advocacy Networks post here:

Come on bunny parents this is an easy and quick way you can make a difference. Contact them today and share with other animal lovers and bunny parents as THIS IS NOT OKAY AND THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!


Dino and Lucy say thanks for heling the bunnies….


If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at