Schiller Park Bunny – Rescue #4 – June 2016

So the shelter where I adopted Dino and Lucy from,   Red Door, put out the email about a domestic pet bunny loose in the forest preserves. How horrible. This happens all the time in and around Chicago. People just dump these precious babies outdoors thinking they can survive on their own like wild rabbits. NOT TRUE.  They will surely die. They have so many predators. They have no way to get food as humans have been feeding them. They can get parasites. The list just goes on and on. So its important to contact someone if you see a pet rabbit loose outdoors. Otherwise they will surely die. So back to this bunny. We had a picture that was taken by a person in the park.

Schiller bunny

For sure a pet bunny.  The forest preserve was pretty brutal and hot. They had those buckthorn bushes everywhere the bunny was suppose to be and I mean everywhere. Thorns all over those bushes and way too many places for a bunny to hide from humans. On the nights we went it was around 90 degrees.  We went 2 nights and other search parties went out another 3 nights. So over a week period, we had 5 search parties on 5 different days but no one ever saw or caught the bunny that we know of. Its important to at least try. To save that bunny’s life. Our hope is that a rabbit savvy passerby picked him or her up and took him or her home.  We posted a sign to contact the shelter in case of a sighting but nothing so far.  To see the post on Red Door’s facebook page, click on this link.

Please help us educate the public about the perils of pet rabbits loose outdoors.  They must be rescued or face certain death. Please spread the word that they cannot survive outside and to turn the rabbit into a shelter or rescue or contact Bunny Mama directly and I will try and get them a place to turn in their pet before they dump it outside or turn it lose.

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Clear the Shelters – Sat July 23, 2016

So a nationwide event is set for Sat. July 23, 2016 to adopt out as many pets as possible from shelters that are participating in this event.  Most of the shelters and rescues are reducing or waiving the normal cost to adopt a pet on that day. In 2015, almost 20,000 pets found their forever homes on this day – which was just great.

To find out more and what shelters in your area might be participating go over to their site  at:

Please consider bringing some love into your life as a pet can provide emotional support and unconditional love. He or she does not care how much money you make, where you live or if your living room furniture is 3 decades old. They need shelter, care, food, love and attention.  Having a pet is one of life’s great gifts and joys. I hope you will consider adopting.  You might just be the one that ends up rescued.


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Bunnies and Seashells — My Favorites in Life!!!!

I never, ever thought that I would see my two passions come together. I mean I love bunnies as I think you know and I also love to get seashells from the ocean. So imagine by delight to see a picture that has both bunnies and seashells in it! I didn’t take it either. Thanks to the Missouri House Rabbit Society’s 2016 Rabbit Rescue calendar for making my dream come true!


Bunnies & Shells

LOVE IT.  These bunnies are for July 2016. Yep those are seashells at the bottom.  LOVE IT!

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