Brownie – Loving Life

So Brownie is an adorable domestic bunny that was dumped outdoors that my husband and I rescued and turned into the Red Door Animal Shelter.  Click here  to read the story of how we caught her.

She was up for adoption and her foster parents ended up adopting her.  A pretty remarkable thing happened last week where Brownie’s human aunt was searching bunny information online and FOUND THE PAGE I WROTE ABOUT BROWNIE and her rescue. She immediately called her sister, Brownie’s mom and shared the news. The next day Brownie’s mom emailed me and told me who she was and how she had found me.  Pretty amazing as I have thought about Brownie almost every day since we captured her.  It was great to hear from Brownie’s mom and to get an update and pics.

Here is some of what her mom told me. Brownie is free range and loves to roam around in their space which has been bunnyproofed. Regarding her first binky; it was really big (that girl can stretch!) and she bumped into the wall while doing it.  She seems to underestimate her own size. When scared, she hides behind the curtains but they only cover her head, while her feet and butt remain exposed. She’s always trying to hide in spaces much too small for her. As you can see from her pictures, Brownie is tall and her size makes for pretty huge binkies.

Her mom also says Brownie has turned into an extremely attached and engaging companion. She wakes up her parents in the morning by jumping on them.  She demands attention, follows them around the house and flops at their feet. She knows when it’s time for food, and likes to rest in her play area.  She hangs out with her humans when they  watch tv, and tries to steal food off their plates. She’s also naughty and breaks out of her pen when left at the pet sitter’s. She’s become used to the open space within her house and can’t contain her curiosity for the most part. She loves being pet on the black patch right above her nose, and does a whole lot of tooth grinding when  pet in general.

Her mom also mentioned that at first Brownie was shy and just not sure if she could trust humans  – after all she was dumped outside by someone.  She is loving, trusting and engaging now and her parents could not imagine life without her.

Her parents are considering bonding her to another rabbit.  I specifically told them about some of the pros and cons of having bonded rabbits.  I am sure whatever they do will be fine.

They have shared 2 adorable pics with us and her mom promises to send me updates to post every so often.

Here is Brownie up on the sofa….


 And oh an adorable pic of Brownie bunny flopped and sound asleep (these are really hard to come by as bunnies on usually always on alert).


Oh Brownie you rest little sweetheart, you deserve it after all you went through to find your forever, loving home…sweet dreams little girl, sweet dreams……Bunny Mama loves you…..and always will.

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Meet Cocoa

So my friend  lost her beloved dog about 4 months ago at the age of 16. So you can only imagine how attached to the pup she was.  My friend is one of those people with a  big heart willing to help anyone and any creature she can.  So even though she had a guinea pig and bird in her family, she was still longing for another pet.

She had been thinking about getting a bunny for years apparently and when she visited me  to meet Baby,  Dino and Gracie at the time, she seemed to be really interested and asked a lot of questions.  She mentioned getting a bunny some day but I didn’t think much of it.

So last month she emailed me and I hadn’t checked my email because I was occupied with my mom being sick. So she called me and said – did you check your email to which I said no and she said well check it now while we are on the phone and there were pics of a beautiful bunny – Cocoa – a sweet little boy that was now her son.

Cocoa was bought by a grandfather for grandchild last year and the grand child lost interest. So another family member took the bunny for awhile but it didn’t work out. So the grandfather returned the bunny to the store where he purchased it (wow that is super nice they take pets back)  and lucky for Cocoa, my girlfriend adopted him.  Here are the first pictures of him. What a cutie pie.

Cocoa5new Cocoa1new Cocoa3new

I will continue to update his section as I have just been invited to go over and meet him!  Oh my gosh I can’t wait!  Stay tuned.

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Hat with Bunny Ears!

So my husband brought this for my birthday over the summer and I had to wait for months to wear it.  Although I’ve been wearing it I forgot to post about it. I think he got it on Etsy and if you want more info  I can try and find out exactly where he got it.  It took awhile to custom make – he measured my head when he ordered it.

So here it is front view.


Here are the ears standing up.


And finally the best view with lop ears down from the side view. NOTICE I got photo bombed here with one of my feathered work babies (a flock of geese that we feed).


I’ve gotta tell you I feel pretty special in this hat and everyone that knows me says its perfect that I have bunny ears. Nothing like getting in tune with your inner bunny whenever and however you can!


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Central Grocers / Centrella TO STOP SALE OF RABBIT MEAT!

Stopping the sale of rabbit meat has been something I have been passionate about for awhile now. It just makes me sick to my stomach to even think about let alone see the precious little bodies of the baby bunnies in a meat case.  Here in the Chicago area we have a large community of bunny parents with super good vets and shelters that really care about the well being of rabbits. When I got involved I didn’t know what to expect. I got in with a group of bunny parents that cared and were willing to take the time to make a difference.  You might have read on my Take Action Now page all the successes we have had over the past 18 months which all started when Whole Foods  began to carry it.  We (and other across the country)  protested, emailed, snail mailed, filled out customer service forms and staged phone blockades and it worked.  Whole Foods stopped carrying it as of Jan. 1st.  In our area we continued to go after the other grocery store chains and a good number of them stopped. But then it occurred to us we needed to focus on the grocery distributor that so many small independent grocery stores use to get their food.  And so we did.  And I am so happy to report that Central Grocers located in Joliet IL which supplies food to hundreds of small and mid sized grocery stores HAVE STOPPED SELLING RABBIT MEAT.   They supply food to stores in Illinois. Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan.  It is a ton of stores, check out this link for a complete list of stores by state.


Thank you for everyone who helped on this campaign – including but not limited to:

Rabbit Advocacy Network

Sweet Bunny Project

And all the other bunny parents in my group and everywhere……as we have really done something great!


If you live in another part of the country and would like some assistance in your fight against the sale of rabbit meat, please email me at

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