Membership to House Rabbit Society Gift

So last week a co-worker gave my husband and I a wonderful gift – a one year membership to the House Rabbit Society!!  What a personal and perfect gift for us. Although I am a life member, this gift could not have been a better one for me  – to help bunnies in my name – AWESOME!

So yesterday a letter came from the House Rabbit Society with this adorable card that I wanted to share  (hope its okay as they must sell these and somehow I missed them).  I just love the HRS.



Its just adorable.  If anyone knows where I can buy these please email me.  So they have different levels of membership – with both local chapters and the national organization as well.  So next time think about becoming a member if you are not already and perhaps drop a hint or two or three as a gift suggestion for yourself.  This goes a long way to help the bunnies and feel good yourself.


Go to for more information and to find your local chapter.

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Cage and Living Space Requirements

So if possible I always suggest you have a cage for our bunny but you don’t lock him or her in it. I would prefer that you use the cage as a home base and allow your bunny to be a free range bunny within a bedroom for example if you are not home. I have spend time writing about this topic before and you will find other information on my website about cage size,  exercise time and excerise areas.  I just came across a pretty good guide to determine what size requirements are needed. I would suggest you use this as a STARTING point and move toward a free range bunny once you get to know and trust them more.

Check out this link:

It has a good diagram of what kind of space is needed as posted by  See below.


Something to ponder for sure and make sure your bunny has a large enough cage or hutch, plenty of room and time to exercise  and lastly a lot of snuggles.

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Bunny Christmas Tree

So I have a wall tree that lights up for Christmas. Its about 4 feet tall and I hang it in my living room. Every year I do a different theme. I’ve had Snoopy, Disney, seashells, Red-White-Blue, Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, Grinch, well you get the idea. So this year I did a BUNNY THEME.

I collected bunnies from around my house and then said how will this ever look. Here is my first attempt without lights on.


It looked a little bland so I though it needs something else. Okay maybe a little silver garland will help. Below with and without lights.



Hmm just not right. Don’t know why but I don’t like it. So what to do. Take off the silver garland…hmmmm, what to do…think like a bunny, its a bunny tree, what to add, what can fix this……what would Dino and Lucy do?

OH I KNOW ——- check it out!

IMG_1452 IMG_1450

Yep — IT’S NOW PERFECTLY FIT FOR A BUNNY OR A HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it now…..

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More on Christmas Tree Bunny Proofing

So when I put up my tree this year, I used a different tree for my living room then I usually do. The bunnies have access to my living room so I needed to rethink safety for them. Thought I would share what I did to help other bunny parents with this matter.

So when I put all my electrical cords from the base of the tree into a cardboard box like I normally do, I realized just how tore up and chewed up the box was. It was no longer able to protect the cords from Dino and Lucy so I replaced it.  Now its important to mention that you never want to close the box with the electrical cords inside as that would be a fire hazard. I did flap over the top of the box leaving a large open space for air to escape. In the pictures you can’t see the open section within the top of the box.  I cut a notch from the top flap for the cord to fit in. I also covered the thick exposed extension cord with heavy duty plastic tubing (from a hardware store) to protect if from the teeth of bunnies.   Below are some pics to show what I am referring to.

Box with cords inside but has big opening  — not closed on the top for heat to escape.IMG_1445

Notice the notch cut out so that the cord can fit. Also notice the plastic tubing covering the electrical cord.


This pic is from above the box looking straight down on the top of it.


Its also important to note that my rabbits don’t really like or bother the tree – BUT THIS CAN CHANGE AT ANY TIME AND EVERY PRECAUTION MUST BE TAKEN TO SAFE GUARD THEM FROM HARM.  Therefore I installed in my hallway a child’s gate to keep them from having access to the living room where the tree is while we are sleeping or out of the house. They are NOT allowed in the room with the tree unsupervised.  They are not happy about being locked out of the living room but until the tree gets taken down that is the way it is.

Also you should not have a good tree skirt down or they might ruin it on you. Only put it down when guests arrive and bunnies are not around. Also no wrapped gifts, candy or other decorations that they could eat or cause them harm.

Some time spent looking for hazards and preventing them will ensure that your babies can also enjoy the holiday season. Please see my other page on this topic for more information.



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2015 Gift Guide

So before its too late I wanted to share some ideas for bunny gifts and gifts for humans. Here are just some of the bunny things and things for bunnies I’ve found recently.

In my local Carson’s department store, they had a women’s set of pajamas with a big white bunny on the front. Layla brand. Here is a link to the pjs on the Belk website. They come in s-m-l and come in more than this one pattern.

layla pj

A friend emailed me this pic of some really cute pj’s at my local Walmart. I could not find them listed online but I would say some stores may have them and they look to be a junior size I would say. Very cute.


So Cafe Press has tons of pajamas with bunnies on them. Here is a link to that site. Check it out for sure.

You can always find some cute bunny items for humans at different House Rabbit Society websites.  I checked out quite a few and found some cute stuff. Here is what Chicago HRS is offering now to ship in Jan as a fund raiser to help with costs.


Link to order this long sleeve t-shirt in unisex sizes.

Bunny Mad Magazine based in the UK known as Bunny Creations  has some good offerings too. Keychains, socks, trinkets,  ties  and a magazine twice a year in which my Gracie was pictured in a previous article about cancerous lumps on rabbits. Lisa does a good job offering some cute and unusual bunny items for humans.


Now for some ideas for you bunny –well I have a few favorites. Binky Bunny sells some of the best houses, castles, tunnels (or bunnels as we call em), edible baskets, matts, toys and treats that we have found. Here are a few of our favs….

Maze Haven

Maze haven

Bunnel or tunnel as they say…



Oh this is new…looks like fun Hopper Hideway

Hopper Hideaway Starter MAIN

So many fun things…check out their site  Remember they also have toys, treats,  and other fun stuff.

Small Pet Select is my go to for hay and some other treats and toys. The hay is so fresh its amazing. Dino and Lucy just love it and can’t get enough. Be sure to read about the difference in hays first, second and third cutting of Timothy hay before buying. In addition they always seem to be offering something cool for free with purchase. Once you order you are on their mailing list and will get email notices of specials and freebies.  Got a 2016 bunny wall calendar free earlier this year.

Dino and Lucy’s favorite treat in the world is dried willow wreaths from Elvis Parsley an Etsy Store.  Joyce does a great job shipping these wreaths were proceeds go to help the bunnies at her local shelter.  She has other things too but they LOVE the willow wreaths. NOTE: these are only available certain times of the year but totally worth the wait.  Looks like at this time she only has willow brooms. I think your buns will still love them. If I even touch a dried leave from a wreath, Lucy will come running from 2 rooms away at just the sound. Adorable.


My bunnies also love treats from American Pet Diner and treats from Oxbow.  

After getting an annual membership to the House Rabbit Society as a gift this year, I thought this is a super good idea to give or receive as your contribution will go a long way to help bunnies locally or nationally.


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