Bunny PJ Pants

Since you can never, and I do mean never have enough bunny things, check out the fun misses pants I found at Kohl’s Dept. Store last weekend (11/2015).  They are pretty lightweight and have the cutest little bunnies on them. They are a little short on me because everything is I am about 6 feet tall, but aren’t they cute?



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Dino’s Dental Issue Update 11/2015

So if you read farther down on this page you’ll see that my Dino has suffered with dental issues. Its a common problem for rabbits – for them to have problems with their teeth. My Dino had spurs growing from multiple teeth in all directions to the point where I had to take him into the vet for the vet to grind down his teeth so they would not cause him pain. This was every four weeks. In retrospect I had changed up his hay and was feeding him a softer less stem filled hay for awhile and I wonder if that is what triggered the issues. As rabbits need stiff, fiber filled foods in their diet to chew on to keep their teeth in check and from growing too much. As their teeth constantly grow during their entire life.  So recently over the past 4 months or so his teeth are not growing as much and are not producing the spurs as much.  So now they don’t even have to put him under anymore to take care of his teeth which is a huge improvement for him and us.  So just a word of caution to not get your bunny too soft of a hay as they need it for their health and the health of their teeth.


If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.

Try Small Pet Select for hay….


If you have ever read any of my website you’ll know that I love Oxbow products for my bunnies. But a few years back I switched to Small Pet Select for hay.  They have 3 kinds of Timothy Hay – 1st cutting, 2nd cutting and 3rd cutting.  The first is the hardest with thick stems and some leafy pcs.  2nd cutting is softer with a mix of stiff stems and leafy pcs. The 3rd cutting is for picky hay eaters but note that it is very soft. Rabbits really like it but unless they are picky or sickly I would not recommend this as rabbits need a constant diet of stiff foods to help keep there teeth grinded down as their teeth constantly grow and only the foods and treats they consume can help keep the teeth in check.  See this page for Dino’s dental issues.  I had gotten the 3rd cutting and didn’t realize that for a normal healthy bunny, its just not stiff and sturdy enough of hay to keep the teeth in check. So Dino began to have dental issues which went on for awhile where I had to take him in to have his teeth ground down. This has gotten better and it might be because he is back on a 1st cutting of Timothy hay.

So here is the website to checkout.


This is what our box of hay looks like – super green and super fresh and smells great.



Beside selling some really great hay (different kinds too), they have treats, toys and pellets.  I have gotten some treats and toys from them and the buns really enjoy them. They often run specials where you get a free toy with an order. Once you order, you will be on their email list and news letter list.  The emails inform you of specials and the newsletter is really good information written by vets on different topics for small animals.  Order once to get on the email list. They do bunny pics of the week and other fun stuff. From time to time they offer t-shirts, bunny calendars and other fun stuff.   I hope you will check them out….as I really love them and Dino and Lucy just love their hay so much. I know others that order from them too and the quality, color, texture and freshness of the hay is just unbelievable and I’m sure your bun or buns will love it.






If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.