Snowy and Miffy

So recently I heard from a fan in Australia and lucky for us she was nice enough to send pics of her adorable bunnies Snowy and Miffy. They are bonded siblings about 1 and half years old. They are so cute check them out below.


Now that is some really good bunny houses and obstacles to keep them busy.

Have you ever seen such cute bunny butts??


ADORABLE…..gosh Miffy and my Dino could be brothers……..cute, cute, cute.


So turns out these two cutie pies just turned 1 this week. Here are two new photos. One of the little darlings and the other of their new tunnel and house arrangement.


Here are Snowy & Miffy’s Christmas pics!

Adeline3 Adeline2 Adeline1

So cute — Merry Christmas to you…..

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Protest Tony’s Finer Foods – Chicago Area – Sun 10/25


Cancelled — the protest in Chicago against Tony’s Finer Foods in Chicago set for Sun Oct 25th.

So bunny parents we need your help. In the Chicago area we have a chain of grocery stores (12 store) that are not really responding to our requests to stop carrying rabbit meat. We have set up a day of protests for Sunday, Oct. 25th. See the details below if you are local. If you are not local, you can still help us by filling out an online contact form for any store and as many stores as you can. Its easy. Just go to this form and pick a location and politely ask them to stop the sale of rabbit meat. Bunny Mama thanks you and the bunnies thank you too…


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Bunny Village

So where I live outside of Chicago there is a huge pumpkin farm where school trips and families go. There is a good amount to do there – haunted house, fields of pumpkins, little store, petting zoo, etc.. So my co-worker took a pic of this bunny village of sorts. I am wondering how all those bunnies get along — as bunnies need to be bonded and its a long process. Maybe they are all siblings…hmmm pretty cute though…..



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Mariano’s Stores in Chicago Pull Rabbit Meat

So after being contacted by Rabbit Advocacy Network, Mariano’s an upscale grocery chain with 33 stores in the Chicago market emailed all stores telling them to pull rabbit meat from all stores immediately. I personally check my local store the following week and although I did not find any rabbit meat, the tags still remained on the shelf and the meat person I spoke with removed them while I was there. The rabbit meat was in the Wild Game section of the frozen meat area. If you happen to see any rabbit meat in your local store, please email me and I will follow up with them directly.


The bunnies are winning, store by store, chain by chain but we still have much work to be done. Stay tuned for how you can help.

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