Gracie my girl…..2 years gone

So tomorrow will be 2 years ago that I lost my Gracie. Even tho I miss here every day I am going to try to focus on the positive. She was the funniest bunny. She was always doing something funny. Racing around the living room while I was on the phone with my mom every night because she wanted my attention. She stopped dead in her tracks and look over at me and I would say “Gracie are you running, good girl, good girl, running”.  Yep I do wish I had that on video. And every morning when I opened the gate to her room she would hop over to it, put her paws up on top of the gate and  ROARRRRRRR like a lion as she was a black lions head after all.  She never once growled at my husband only me.  My husband always told me the Gracie was dominant over me and that is how she proved it.  That I was her subordinate.  She was always so anxious to get her freedom in the morning and run and see what had changed in the living room since last night. Had my other rabbit Baby been out – she had to know exactly what had happened. She had her husband Dino (now bonded to Lucy) who she loved and adored. She knew exactly how to keep him thinking he was in charge but really Gracie was. She was smatter then I ever gave her credit for and she loved her Dino and her freedom. Read more about Gracie, how she bonded to Dino and what finally took her from us by going here.

We did everything we could for her at the end and I have no regrets. A pic with my 3 favorite photos of Gracie hangs in my bedroom and a cement paw print is also hanging from a shelf.  Yep life can be sad but if I never took the time to adopt her, love her and make her my daughter then I would have been robbed of all those wonderful memories I will always carry with me.  So I am so glad I have adopted my 4 bunnies now (2 living and 2 that have passed). I hope that if you are reading this you will think about bringing a pet into your life and world because the love and affection and beautiful memories of them will be with your forever. Don’t live your life like my 91 year old mother has – alone and lonely. Adopt a pet – a dog, cat, bunny, bird, something to bring love, life and laugher back into your world.

Yep I need to focus on the fact that even tho I adopted her from a home where she got no attention she really rescued me right back by bringing love and laughter into my life in a way that only Gracie could. Binky on black bunny Binky on!

Graciesinglenew (2)

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Update On Brownie 9/2015

So in case you didn’t know Brownie was a little brown domestic bunny that my husband and I rescued outdoors in the dead of winter and cold last March.  She was here with me for about 6 days before I turned her over to Red Door Animal Shelter Its quite a story how we caught her, click here to read her full story.  She had 2 friends with her, read about them here. To date those other 2 rabbits have stayed away from the area we caught Brownie in. When the weather starts to get colder again I’ll check in with my contact and see if they are around again. If so we will make an attempt to catch them.

So Brownie was moved into a foster home back in May or June I believe. It wasn’t long before her foster mom had to go on vacation and when she took her back to the shelter to be watched, she said please don’t show her to anyone as I think I might adopt her. So when the mom came home she did adopt Brownie. I am so happy for that little sweetheart. In fact the mom is going to take her to Red Door for some bunny speed dating to find her a companion. Oh that is great news as she is just such a sweet bunny and I wish her my best. Meanwhile I will try to get some recent pics of her. Stay tuned there is more to come…..


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More Bunny Care Links – Chicago Exotics Website

So since you can never know too much about your pet rabbit, I thought it would be good to provide a link on rabbit care from my Emergency Vet — Chicago Exotics.  At the link below they have more information on:

Healthy Shopping

Complete Rabbit Care

Getting to know your bunny

Training your bunny

What to feed your bunny

Liter box training

What to expect from a new rabbit

Health concerns

Now these people really know rabbits and what they say take should be taken to heart for bunny care.  So please take some to  educate yourself as you can never know to much about bunnies.

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Whole Foods to Stop Selling Rabbit by end of 2015!!!!!



This is huge news bunny parents. They have heard our pleas. So the protest set for the Willowbrook IL store for Sun Sept 20th has been cancelled.  For more details go to this link:

And hopefully this is where the battle with Whole Foods ends. But we will make sure that it does. Next on our hit list in the Chicago area is a grocery store chain named Mariano’s as they are carrying rabbit meat in the meat case. They are a new and growing chain in our area and we will be on them soon!

So celebrate, be happy for the bunnies that we helped and kiss your bun on the head and tell him or her – we won this one!

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