Naughty and Sorta Nice Whole Foods Stores in my area

So if you didn’t read my page about Whole Foods changing their status on carrying rabbit meat, then you really must check out this page.   Once you have you’ll  understand how imperative it is to let EACH Store Leader (Store Manager) know that carrying the rabbit meat is NOT acceptable. They will only stop if they here from enough customers. You can call, email or fill out one of my forms and snail mail it.  Link to form to print out, fill in and deliver or mail.

Here is the store by store break down of what each one is doing in my area (THANK YOU LORIANNE FOR GETTING THIS INFO TO ME AND FOR BEING A ONE WOMAN BUNNY CRUSADER):

These 13 Chicago area stores are NOT REORDERING IT, but will special order if requested:

Sauganash – Naperville – Elmhurst – Streeterville – South Loop – Wheaton – Lakeview – River Forrest – Schaumburg – DePaul
West Loop – 3640 Halsted and Edgewater


Hinsdale – Willowbrook – Gold Coast – Kingsbury -Park Ridge –
Kildeer – Evenston downtown  – Northbrook – Evanston Green Bay Rd

These 2 stores will carry if for the holidays:

Orland Park – Evanston South

So its so important to get your friends and family to sign a form, talk to a manager or fill our an email form.  The more negative comments and complaints a store gets, the more likely they are are to stop carrying it.  Please help the bunnies today!


Here is something to consider and tell Whole Foods = “If you can find it on Petfinder – its a PET” so stop killing pets!


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Remembering Baby….

So Baby was my first rabbit. Its a long story how she became my daughter  but you can read it here.  She had me the first time I laid my eyes on her.


She was very smart and so full of life and noisy just like her mama. It was 9 years ago today that this little angel entered my life. I did not know a thing about bunny care when I brought her home. But she taught me, and she trained me just the way she wanted her life to be. Never cage kept, free range of the house and spoiled like nobodies business. She deserved it as I’m not sure what kind of a life she had before coming into my family – but they said she was so dirty when she was turned into the shelter they didn’t know what color she was and she really didn’t like little girls and would hop up to them and bite every little girl that entered my house so eventually little girls could not go near her.  Pretty strange but I respected that about her but a few girls got bit in the process.

I had never had a pet (well unless you count 2 goldfish) before her,  was my first. And I doted on her, loved her,  worshipped the ground she hopped and pooped on. Yep she could really do anything and it was okay as I loved her and she loved me. That I know is true.

Although I am sad that I don’t have her in my life anymore, I just remember the joy and love I felt when she was with me. I would wake up in the morning and most days she would be in my room waiting for me to wake up and throw my arm over the side of the bed and scratch her head and back until I dosed off again. Before I went to bed I would snuggle and kiss her too.  I would chase her around all times of the day and night to get my Baby fix — my attention from my little girl. It was so great to have her in my life.  And even tho I got other bunnies, she was always my go to bunny for me to cuddle with as she rejected other bunnies and only wanted to be with humans – me and my husband Boo.  Baby was his little girl too. She loved him so much and he loved her too.

I would tell her every day, “Baby you are the best daughter ever, bunny or human, and mama loves you very much”.  She was my angel girl who taught me the ways of being a bunny mama, of being loved unconditionally and so much joy and happiness I can’t even explain. She was the special bunny in my life that no other will ever be able to match up to (it would be awesome if some bun does one day). Don’t get me wrong, I love my other bunnies too but Baby was just special. So I hope if you ‘ve never had a pet you will consider adopting sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out.

Love you Baby girl, mama loves you.







Baby was adopted from an animal shelter on August 27, 2006 and passed over to the rainbow bridge on April 12, 2014.


Binky On little Baby Binky On….

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Contact Your Local Whole Foods NOW!

So bunny parents, I live in the Chicago area and we have a lot of Whole Foods Stores in our area. I have personally protested at some of them. I have emailed the regional directors and local store to me. From the responses I  have gotten back from them, they all say pretty much the same thing – WHOLE FOODS WILL CONTINUE TO CARRY RABBIT MEAT UNLESS THEY HEAR FROM ENOUGHT PEOPLE NOT TO.  It is imperative you voice your opinion – you MUST  do something to be heard. Email, fill in a customer service form at your local store or all and talk to the Store Leader (Manager).

Here is an email reply I got when I asked them to stop selling rabbit meat:

“Thank you very much for your feedback.   Feedback like this is important.

Like all items we sell in the store we are constantly evaluating what to carry so feedback is very important.  An item like this has to a lot to do with customer feedback.  If an item gets negative feedback and poor sales that is usually the best indicator for us that it is time to discontinue.

Thank you again.  Please contact me if you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns.”

When I recently followed up with the same Store Leader he said

“Continued feedback is the best way.  I appreciate your kind words on the subject.”




If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at