More on Poop…..

Since I never can stress enough how important it is to know and monitor and observe your bunnies poop, I am writing about it once again with new pics.

Seriously bunny parents, knowing your rabbits poop is so helpful in determining if he or she is having a health issue.  For example Lucy has big, round brownish poops. They are always slightly oval.


Dino’s poop are always small and brown and sorta dry looking. They are also round but much smaller than Lucy’s.


In the comparison below, I have Lucy, Dino’s and Brownies (my rescue’s) poops all on one plate for comparison.


Brownie had giant poops.  Now the diet of the rabbit will depend on the size and color of the poop.  If a rabbit eats a lot of hay, then the larger the poop will be. The less hay they eat the smaller the poops will be. Dino has never been a big eater of hay and his poops show that. Lucy eats a lot of hay and her poops are large in size to reflect that.

So check the poop dish and notice the size, color and shape of your rabbits poop.  Its important to know about it so when it changes you will realize it. Also notice the volume — does he poop a lot or a little 10 poops or 40 poops at once. Pay attention to the size of the pile of poops so if it becomes less you will notice.

So these funky poops are call cecotropes or night pellets – image is below. These are the bunny’s re-digested poops that he will eat again (directly from his anus) to get the nutrients that were not processed the first time the food was digested. Now think about that for a minute — you are thinking gross – yes I am too — BUT, this is Mother Natures way of taking care of bunnies, especially wild rabbits so that they have a way of getting better nutrition when food supplies are not easily found. Bunnies will eat these ceco-pellets usually so you may never see them. You may think he or she is cleaning himself but he might just be eating their cecotropes. If you see the cecotropes often,  then you should take your bunny to the vet to have him or her checked out as something else may be in play causing the rabbit not to eat these.  Seeing them once in a while is not a concern.

IMG_1251 IMG_1253 IMG_1250

So know your buns poop, pay attention to your buns poop every day so if something is off,  you will know it and can get medical attention sooner rather than later. If your bunny has not pooped or eaten in 24 hours seek medical attention immediately as this can be life threatening.  If a rabbit stops pooping they can have GI Stasis a life threatening condition that requires medical treatment immediately.

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A Little or A lot Bunny Crazy

So yes my addiction to rabbits rages on. I love them, I love them all, domestic or wild – I LOVE BUNNIES..  Don’t believe me, check out some of the bunny things in my house and garden below….

IMG_1300 IMG_1274 IMG_1269 IMG_1267 IMG_1268 IMG_1266 IMG_1265

Yep I do fancy rabbits and bunnies for sure.  So I have these cartoon strip picture holders hanging in my kitchen with bunny pics and greeting cards in them.  They are all different bunny pics….. here is a shot from a distance so you understand what it is and them some close ups…

IMG_1258IMG_1262 IMG_1260 IMG_1261 IMG_1259

 If you are a true bunny parent, I bet you have bunny stuff too and good for you I say…..

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