House Rabbit Society – Valuable Resources and Stores

So the House Rabbit Society is such a great website to checkout for information on how to care for bunnies, what to feed them and they have a lot of cool bunny stuff for sale – like t-shirts and ear rings and all kinds of bunny themed items.  Most states will have a chapter and some larger states might have more than one chapter. Note the image on this page is actually a button that the main website sells……

If you have never checked them out, you really need to. The volunteers sometimes have events, functions, adoptions, picnics and education seminars.  The do have memberships that you can get yearly or a lifetime and the money goes to a really good cause.

By going to the main website,  you can find your local chapter. Each chapter is run by a separate group of people with different information, different events and that means different stuff to buy.  This can be a great place to find a gift for that bunny parent in your life or for your favorite bunny.   Take some time to check them all out, as you never know what you will find.

My local chapter in IL just reorganized and is now called the Bunnies United Network. This was news to me so they just must of changed names recently.

I found the Wisconsin Chapter recently while researching shelters that accept rabbits in Wisconsin. Turns out this chapter has a few very cute bunny items. Since I will be up near the chapter headquarters I am going to place an order and pick it up in person. Here is the link to their site  The cute bunny stuff store is here at the Bun Shoppe. Put me down for at t-shirt, license plate frame and a few of the those precious bunny pavers (must pick up cannot be shipped). Here are a few pics from what I am going to order:

license_plate_frame-150x149 bunnypaver HRS_Tshirt_2005-150x150


So check out soon and you will be pleased at the information and shopping that awaits you. Take your time and go visit several different chapters – you never know what you might find.

Note the image Binky More Thump Less is a  button sold on the House Rabbit Society webpage – here is link to view and purchase –  Each chapter and the main website all have different items for sale so be sure to check them all out – jackets, books, pictures, posters, buttons, nail trimmers, treats, bumper stickers and much, much more. So check them out and support a great organization helping bunnies and bunny parents everywhere.

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Whole Foods Drop Off Form – Act Now!






I have made it easy for you to help. Just print out the form (which is a pdf), fill it in and drop it off at the Customer Service Counter in your local store. Easy as 1 – 2 – 3! Check off as few or as many boxes on the form as you want, heck fill in your own personal message too!

Seriously if you don’t do something then Whole Foods will think its okay to continue selling the rabbit meat.  It is heart breaking to see these little baby bodies in the freezer case –totally horrible.


You know you pass by a Whole Foods or you know where one is so print it out, fill it out and put it in your car for the next time you are near one. It is that easy and you will help all those poor little bunnies.

If every store gets just one of these forms, that could make the difference so that stop selling rabbit meat once and for all.

THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE FOR DOING IT!!!!!!!  Click on the pdf form below…… please help the bunnies today!

Whole Foods PDF Form1

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Dino’s Medical Issues and Post Recap

So I just wanted to take a quick minute to list all the pages I have done on Dino recently after his surgery and GI Stasis hospitalization and recovery. Its been a long road but he is doing great. I learned so much during all of this I just wanted to try and share some of what I learned and experienced.  So here is a list of all the pages that I wrote regarding his recent health scare. Click on the links to read more about each item.

He had a lump under his chin removed – surgery

He came home and didn’t eat because he was in pain and stopped eating and pooping and went into GI Stasis.

We rushed him to the vet hospital where they admitted him and he stayed for 7 days / 6 nights. We visited him every day while he was there. He started to have rapid eye and head movement back and forth which was a new thing for him caused by stress.   He was treated for pain and then began to rally.

When he came home he was on 14 meds plus eye drops, eye ointment  and ear drops. I posted three pages regarding meds. One on what certain meds are for, a video on how to give meds and a video on how to organize meds.


It was a long, long road but we got Dino through it.  We did almost lose our precious boy son, but he got through it and so did we. You go Dino, you go little boy.

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How to Organize Drugs for Administering – Video

So in the heat of the battle of giving Dino so many meds a few months back, we made a video of how we kept all of his drugs in order and straight for dosage and how to prep them. I hope you can find some tips and ideas in here for the next time you need to administer even one drug, as this was over whelming for even a pair or well seasoned bunny parents.



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Video – How To Give Drugs by Syringe

So this video is along time in coming. We took it a few months back when Dino was so sick. We had a lot of trouble getting it on the website, but finally here it is. If you ever have to give a bunny meds by mouth, watch this video. You really have to figure out the best, safest way to give them to your rabbit. This worked the best of us as Dino was a little less crazy while up on the countertop.  Please excuse any stupid things we might have done or said while filming this our goal was to educate you bunny parents on how we give Dino his meds. With Baby and Gracie we held them up on our shoulder like a baby but Dino would not stand for that as he was leaping off my shoulder into mid air – not good.  Here it is — enjoy and Dino is much better, he looks terrible and unhealthy in this video because he was really sick and we almost did lose him.




Here is Dino feeling better with Lucy….


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Whole Foods – Sale of Rabbit Meat Update 5/2/15


So it appears that Whole Foods is hearing our pleas. They have determined that certain stores have the right to either carry or not carry rabbit meat. This is huge because if we can sound the alarm and get enough people to ask them to stop selling rabbit meat, they  just may listen.

Rabbit Advocacy Network said this on recent Facebook Post:

Back to the campaign at hand. Individual Whole Foods stores will soon be able to decide to re-order rabbit meat or not. Your local store needs to hear from you and everyone you know. Stand outside and ask customers to speak up for the bunnies. It doesn’t have to be a big protest. Outreach needs to happen NOW and stores need to hear from all of us!

So its time parents to take action and get your friends and family to do the same.  You can:

Visit your local store and ask the store manager and meat dept manager NOT to reorder the rabbit meat – EVER!

You can call your local store and ask to speak to the store manager or meat dept manager and ask them to NOT reorder rabbit meat EVER!

You can send a quick written note to the store manager and send it via USPS mail asking them to NEVER carry rabbit meat again.

You can still submit a customer service form at your local store where you complete the form stating that you want them to stop selling rabbit meat!

Our fight is far from over but with your help we can win for the bunnies….thank you…..


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