Nystagmus – Rapid eye movement back and forth

So when Dino went into GI Stasis last month (March 2015) from not having enough pain meds from dental work and an abcess removed, he began to exhibit all sorts of new behaviors.  These were all a sign of pain for the most part. But one particular I feel really compelled to write about here.  Its called Nystagmus and is it involuntary eye movement back and forth. Where his eyes were darting back and forth. From right to left, left to right, right to left.  In order for his brain to compensate, the rabbit may start to move his head back and forth to try to correct for the eye movement. But the main cause of this behavior I’m told by the vet is the eye movement.

This was all new for us and new for Dino. In fact when the hospital vet called the first thing she asked me was does he always move his eyes back and forth?  Did he always move his head back and forth? They answer was NO, I never saw him do this, ever.  That night when I visited him, he began to do it.  It was quite shocking to see.  The vet tech on duty explained he had been doing it from time to time.  This was just one of the many indicators that something was really wrong with him.

The vet explained that nystagmus is caused by the nervous system and something else might be going on. They gave him the blood test for e cuniculi but that came back fine.

I watched him very closely for the next two visits and determined he only seemed to do it when he was stressed, When someone went toward him or went to pick him up. The poor little guy was so over stimulated at the hospital where he never got rest really as its a 24 hour constantly going place.  I asked them to move him to a quieter area and they covered his kennel with a towel to try and keep him calm.

The vet thought that maybe he had vertigo and so meds were ordered as well as meds for a possible inner ear infection. In retrospect although I knew he was in the best possible place for care, I also wondered if his surroundings were making him so nervous he was freaking out.  Eventually we got him on stronger meds which almost instantly did the trick. Within 2 hours of the stronger meds he began to eat and eventually poop.

As soon as I brought him home, he only did the eye movement/head movements for a few days. It became less and less and then he just stopped doing it. Thank goodness. I just think he was his body’s way of dealing with the pain and then being in a foreign place with strangers might have been too much for him.

Just keep this in the back of your mind in case your bunny ever starts to do it.  I’m lucky that Dino stopped it once he got back home. I kept him and house very, very quiet and sedate when he first came home to help him recover and it worked.

Here is pic of Dino with a home made get well card from Sammy…


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Jackie’s New Pics of Bunnies

So Jackie recently checked in. Her buns all doing well. Just a little over grooming of Daisy by her mother Sally and father Joey was causing Daisy to have some bald spots on her face. Once they got that figured out, now nothing to worry about, but they will keep a close watch. Athena the youngest bunny is still being kept separately as they were all bonded (4 bunnies) but as Athena got into her teenage stage, the bond didn’t hold and so she needs to be kept away from the other 3 bunnies ( who are parents and daughter). Check out these cutie pies… Here is Athena – adorable.

Here is Joey….is he sticking out his tongue at us?  Hmmm, I wonder.


So Daisy the daughter is below…


And last but not least is the mama Sally….

SallyThanks for the update and pics Jackie……

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Dino – GI Stasis

Note that So I am going to try to remember the sequence of events on this to help others know what to watch for.  Dino had  an abcess removed from under his chin and a tooth pulled.  See this page for more details. When he came home  he didn’t eat or poop.  He had been at the vet overnight after his surgery and the vet thought that once he was home he would do better but he didn’t.  He had his normal dental exam and then the next day he had surgery – that is 2 days in a row being put under with sleeping gas.  That is a lot of any human let alone a bunny. We made what we thought was the best decision at the time to get this taken care of quickly, but in retrospect  I  should have waited.

When he came home he was showing signs like he wanted to eat and would hop over to his food and then just stare at it. He might take a bite or two and then stop. This was not like him, he is always a good eater.  Another strange thing is he was leaning up against stuff like the wall, his house just leaning in a sitting upright position. See below.


Now this is a normal position for him but not for hours on end in the same exact spot.  This can be a sign of pain and its important to pay attention to your bunny for these kinds of warning signs. Normally when he relaxes he meatloafs and sits like the pic below (Baby in perfect meatloaf stance).


So with the little guy not eating or pooping in 24 hours off we went to the emergency 24 pet hospital that treats rabbits (the only one in Northern IL) – Blue Pearl. They admitted him, took xrays and determined he was in GI Stasis.  They began the meds to help relieve the gas build up and so it began Dino in the hospital for GI Statis – his first time (our 5th or 6th time now).

So when our daughters Baby and Gracie had GI Stasis we left them at the hospital until they were well enough to come home. Usually for 3 – 5 days. The hospital is an hour away from us in good traffic so we never made the trip to see them. But with Dino he just didn’t seem the same. Something was wrong and usually rabbits go into GI Stasis when something else is wrong.  So  a vet will look for a primary cause to make the rabbit stop eating and pooping. Now Dino did just have surgery and a tooth pulled but they were not sure if that was the cause.

All this happened on a Saturday so on Sunday I told Boo we should go visit him as we were paying an extra nightly fee to be able to visit him or call and check on his condition over night. So we saw him on Sunday morning for a hour and a half and then mid afternoon for an hour. We went home for the rest of the day and returned at night for another 3 hour stay.  During these visits were in an exam room with him on the floor. He was not himself. He seemed hyper and irritated.  He began to bite me and my clothes which never did. He sorta did this crazy hop in one place and within 3 hops into the air, he made a circle but never moved from the same spot. He never did any of these behaviors before. We had consult with the doctor on staff. She said buns can take 5 or 6 days before they start eating again and he was exhibiting signs of nervousness. He was in the best place he could be with the best care.  I was anxious for the rabbit experts to come in on Monday morning because Dino  needed them.

On Monday morning Dr Moy from Chicago Exotics called me and asked me a lot of questions. She was not sure what was going on and asked me if he always moved his eyes back and forth. I said no I’m not sure what you mean. She explained that he was rapidly moving his eyes from left to right, right to left, left to right. No I said I’ve never seen him do that. They put him on additional pain meds. Later that night when we visited him, he was moving his head back and forth from left to right, right to left, left to right.  This was new, we’d never seen him do this before. This must be what the dr was referring to. The eye movement back and forth is called Nystagmus and buns will move their head back and forth to compensate for the eye movements. Its a nervous system issue. Another new thing and he still was not getting better.

By Tuesday I was really worried. He seemed over stimulated, and hyper and not eating, not pooping. The vet did an e cuniculi test to see if that was causing the Nystagmus but it wasn’t which is a good thing because then we’d have another whole level of medications and conditions to monitor and get through. He might have vertigo that can be caused by an inner ear infection. His ears had some normal stuff in them but to be sure they would start him on ear drops and they also started him a med for vertigo/balance.

I spoke with the vet again on Wed morning and said I thought he might be in pain or over medicated. I told her all of the abnormal behaviors he was having so they ordered a stronger med, buprenorphine. Once he got that med, he really bounced back. He began to eat but not poop.  How he couldn’t poop was beyond me with all the drugs the little guy was on and oh yes he was losing weight – quite a bit of weight as he was getting force fed critical care multiple times a day but that was not enough to sustain him.

On Wed night our visit went really good. He ate some for us and pooped little tiny poops but it was a start. He might be on the mend.

I asked the hospital to put him in a very quiet area as this place is going 24 hours a day and he is not use to that.  They put a towel over his kennel. He was surely over stimulated. He had been poked, prodded, blood drawn, force fed food, force fed drugs and each time they handled him I believe he got more and more stressed out. I think our visits helped immensely to help calm him down and let him know we were still around. We tried to be gentle, quiet and loving on our visits.   I wish we had done that for Baby and Gracie when they were hospitalized.  We would go to the hospital later at night so the drive would be shorter and then come home late when there was no traffic.

Over these days we brought him a poop dish from home with his own scent on it. We brought his favorite treats, foods, pellets. We brought a rug from home that had his scent on it too so that he was comfortable. During this whole time he was not relaxing during our visits until he got that heavy duty drug – then he settled down some for us.

So Thursday came with many more small poops but not larger sized normal ones so they wanted to keep him one more night. We visited and he was making small mouse poops so that was good.

On our visits we were trying to get him relaxed enough to eat and hopefully poop.  He was sitting in that peculiar  forward position which he does sit in but not all the time. He never stretched out or meatloafed at all.

On Friday when we picked him up, we got like 14 meds. See this page about meds and what they are for. Talk about being overwhelmed.

IMG_1214 IMG_1216 IMG_1215

We were hopeful and excited when we brought him home. Our little boy home at last with us and Lucy his wife. Oh yeah Lucy was great while he was gone. She seemed to know he was gone but didn’t get depressed or anything.  That was good because we didn’t have time to fuss with her at home during this time.

So when Dino came home, same thing again, no eating no pooping. What the heck – really after 7 days / 6 nights in the hospital he is not eating or pooping when he comes home.  We did all the drugs and increased the amount of critical care we gave him and the number of times as this was the only thing sustaining him as he was not eating. Note that the vet did not send us home with the heavy duty drug buprenorphine.

So we coasted to Monday when we had a 9:00am appointment to have his abcess wound re-medicated.  We saw a new vet at our practice who knew some about rabbits. I mentioned the buprenorphine that he was given at the hospital and she gave him a dose then and sent me home with some. Well an hour after getting that med, he began to eat and move around. He was getting this twice a day for 5 days and then once a day for 3 days then off. Gosh it was a miracle drug that got Dino to eat and poop and be normal again. Thank goodness something worked to save our little boy.

He has been home for awhile now. We are constantly watching his food intake and poop output.  He is still on 5 meds a day at this point but he is doing well and we have to try and get him to regain some weight. His poops can still be mushy and large plops but sometimes they are normal so hopefully he is on the mend.

More on poops, this is large mushie mis-shaped poop as well as the one below.

IMG_1244 IMG_1243


See a variety of rabbits poops, its important to know what size is normal for each of your rabbits so it the size if off you’ll know.


Remember that when it comes to rabbit poop, size does matter and so does volume……

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Medicines – What are they for? Updated July 2017


Ever wonder what all the meds your vet gives you for your bunny are and what they do? Well I sure wondered when I came home with a bunch of different ones recently. So I thought I would post what I know about these drugs and what they are for.

Oxbow Critical Care – this is a supplement made up for ground up hay that you can get from your vet. You can use this to put meds into and then feed by syringe or as a food supplement when your bun has stopped eating.  You should have a bag of this in your fridge at all times as you never know when you will need it. I’ve seen it in a few different flavors.  Plain,  and apple with banana. You normally have to get this from your vet. The expiration is usually pretty far out if bought when fresh. If your batch is about to go bad, mix it with water and plop by the teaspoonful onto a pc  of waxed paper – let them dry out and you have instant bunny treats!

Enrofloxacin  – a liquid, which is an antibiotic to treat a variety of bacteria.

Metronidazole – a liquid, an antibiotic to treat a variety of bacteria.

Pro-Bi (probiotics) – a liquid, which helps promote good bacteria in the intestines. Usually given 1 week longer that antibiotic and other drugs.

Cisapride – a liquid,  used to treat GI Stasis by promoting mobility in the cecum.

Metoclopramide – (Reglan) – a liquid, that is a prokinetic agent that is used to stimulate upper GI mobility during GI Stasis.

Meloxican (Metacam) – a liquid, that is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NASAID) that is used to treat pain and inflammation. This seems to be the favorite pain med given for pain to rabbits. But it might not be enough.

Cholestyramine Powder – a powder that binds bile and endotoxins in the GI tract to prevent reabsorption. I put this into critical care.

Infant Gas-X – a liquid, purchased at your local drug store, used to reduce bloating and discomfort or pain associated with gas trapped in the GI tract.

Meclazine – a tablet that helps with vertigo/unbalance.  Can be ground up and put into critical care.

Ciprofloxacin Opthalmic Drop – an eye drop which is an antibiotic.

Triple Antibiotic Ointment – an eye antibiotic ointment. We put a small amount on the inside lower eye lid. Bunny had a eye infection.

Baytril/Banamine/Synotic – a liquid that is an ear drop that is an anti-inflammatory medication.

Buprenorphine/Buprenex – a liquid, used for pain. Its a controlled substance and is in the Opioid family.  This is used when Metacam does not seem to be giving enough relief. I used it along with Metacam and Gabapentin  to control Dino’s pain after dental surgery (see below).

SMZ-TMP (Septra/Bactrim) -a liquid anitbiotic that was given to Dino after a culture was done on an infection in his mouth. It was to treat a very specific bacteria/infection that he had.

Gabapentin is a pain killer not widely used by vets for rabbits but we were in dire straits in trying to treat Dino after dental surgeries for multiple teeth extractions.  Once you give it you can’t just stop  cold turkey or the bunny can have seizures. The bun must be weaned off the drug slowly over a few days.  After a major dental surgery Dino was on Gabapentin, Buprenorphine and Metacam.  Without finding Gabapentin to control his pain, I would have lost him – I know I would have. It was this trifecta of meds that gave him some quality of life and extended his life for us.

Famotidine is an antacid in liquid form.

Panacur (Fenbendazole) is a liquid anti-parasitic that seems to be the new drug of choice to treat  E. Cunniculi. Previously my buns were on something else for e.c. but now this seems to be the drug for treatment as others have confirmed this also.

As I come across new meds, I will try to post about them here.

To see how we gave Dino 14 different meds by mouth using a syringe,  go to this page.

Learn how we prepped for the drugs and got organized too. Click here.

NOTE:  Dino had several pain even after a routine tooth trim. After 3 years of monthly dentals, Metacam was not strong enough. We then added Buprenorphine and eventually Gabapentin to control his pain.

If you have a rabbit that requires a dental surgery or trim, please ask your vet what plan B is if the Metacam does not work.  KNOW what other pain meds can be used and you might even want to have one or both on hand in case you need then. I know there were times when Dino was in pain after a surgery or procedure and I didn’t have the right pain killers. ASLO ask what the MAX dose is in case you need to increase the dosage.


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Memorial For Baby – Its been a year….

Babychillin1So it’s been a year since we lost our little Baby, our first rabbit.  A lot has happened in the past year and yet it seems like yesterday. All those traumatic memories etched in my mind still like it all just happened this morning.  Nothing will change the fact that she is gone but I can still remember her and hold the love I will always have for her deep within my heart. You can bunny parents and animal lovers know what I am talking about.

We put together a memorial picture of Baby with some of her cutest pics taken. We had it professional done as we knew we would always want to have her around us.  Pieces of her cardboard hours were used to frame the pics. Her paw print is also enclosed. You can still see some of her fur attached to the holes where she used to jump in and out. Yep my girl.

So today I give myself another day to cry, laugh, smile, grieve as I deeply miss her. Having the memorial pic has helped me remember her for the joy, love and laugher she brought into my life. She was the love of my life and I will always  love and cherish her memory.

Binky On little Baby, its like Mama told you ever day, “you are the best daughter ever – bunny or human.”  I love you very much little girl………

IMG_1241 IMG_1238

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A Week for Protests Against Whole Foods



Here is the list for Chicago –  — Bunny Mama attended 3 events

They are NOT messing around in Chicago! Here are all the times and locations for protests at Whole Foods Market demanding they stop selling bunny meat:

There are TEN protests in and around the Chicago-land area. Please SHARE THIS POST and come join us!

April 4th 1 – 3 pm Downtown Evanston, 1640 Chicago Ave, Evanston

1650 Chicago Evanston IL 1 April 4th 4 – 6 pm Evanston South, 1111 Chicago Ave. Evanston

1111 Chicago Evanston IL
April 4th 7 – 9 pm Sauganash, 6020 N Cicero, Chicago
April 6th 6:30 – 8:30 pm Halsted, 3640 N Halsted, Chicago
April 7th 6:30 – 8:30 pm Lakeview, 3300 N Ashland, Chicago
April 8th 6:30 – 8:30 pm DePaul, 959 W. Fullerton, Chicago
April 9th 6:30 – 8:30 pm Gold Coast, 30 W. Huron, Chicago
April 10th 6:30 – 8:30 pm South Loop, 1101 S. Canal, Chicago

April 11th 1 – 3 pm Streeterville, 255 E. Grand, Chicago
April 11th 4 – 6 pm 1550 N Kingsbury, Chicago

Go to this website for signs and leaflets that you can print out and take to protest in your area.


Near San Francisco – no problem check in wit these folks to find out where to meet and when…click here or copy and paste link below into a browser….



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Signs of Pain or Stress

So this post continues Dino’s  story from this page Abcess – peptostreptococcus. Here is  pic of Dino from the hospital.


Dino was not really eating or pooping at this point. He would hop over to his food plate, take two bites and just stop. This was not like him as he loves his food.  But he did just have surgery and a tooth pulled so maybe his mouth did hurt him.  He might just need time.

He stopped eating anything, his favorite foods, his favorite treats almost everything. He would eat his dried willow wreath leaves but that was really about it.

His posture was strange. I know that the day my little Baby died, she had just come home from a GI Stasis hospitalization and her posture was strange too. She was sitting sort of in a haunched forward position.  He looked uncomfortable, but then he just had surgery.

The vet said he was leaning up against the wall of the kennel  – leaning, he sorta did that normally but take note of this leaning up against something.

So at this point we took Dino to the emergency vet to be admitted. So while at the hospital he began to exhibit new puzzling behaviors. The list continues – pay attention as you might remember this later on.

So we went to visit him every day or night while he was there. When the vet  called me (not my normal vet but rabbit specialists vets) she said does he always move his eyes back and forth? I said no, what do you mean? She replied that he was moving his eyes back and forth rapidly right to left, left to right, right to left. etc.  No he had never done this before I said.  Pay attention here.

Later that night when we visited him, he was doing this odd hop in the same place. So he would take 3 hops into the air and be totally spun around in the same place in a circle and end up where he started. Very, very strange it was.  It took me awhile but then I realized it had to be stress or pain. My little boy seemed irritated and angry. He did this hop in place in a circle thing over and over.  Then we saw a head sway – where he rapidly began to move his head from left to right, right to left, left to right, etc.  This had to be stress also.  Was this what the vet had asked me about. When I talked to the vet about it the head sway is how the bunny will try to compensate for the rapid eye movement. This is a nervous system condition. The eye movement is called nystagmus.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough he began to bite me. He never bites. He was my perfect little angel that never bites (well okay he nips Lucy and did nip Gracie too) but never bites Mama and he did bite me 3 times in a row.

These were all signs of stress and/or pain.  My little boy was in deep trouble. He was not responding to treatment but seemed to be sinking further and further into trouble where we might lose him. I wanted to share this information so that you would be aware of the warning signs. I hope it helps. As we did get Dino through this and he is home recovering. BUT KNOW THESE WARNING SIGNS AND ASK YOUR VET IF YOU SEE ANY OF THEM AS HE MIGHT BE IN PAIN.

Dino was extremely nervous and over stimulated while at the hospital. He was at the hospital where he never got to rest in a quiet place. At home its perfectly quiet but not at the hospital. I remember thinking we were going to lose him and how could we pull him out of this. It wasn’t until the vet and I discussed stronger meds that he began to come out of this. SO REMEMBER IF YOUR BUN IS IN PAIN HE OR SHE WILL NOT EAT UNLESS THE PAIN IS CONTROLLED. DINO WAS ON PAIN MEDS BUT NEEDED A SEPARTE STRONGER MED FOR PAIN. ONCE HE GOT THE ADDITIONAL PAIN MED, HE IMMEDIATELY BEGAN TO EAT. IT TOOK HIM SEVERAL MORE DAYS BEFORE HE POOPED.

Know the signs of stress and pain and REMEMBER THEM AS YOU BUNNIES LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT SOME DAY.

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.

Abcess – Peptostreptococcus

So I took little Dino to his normal monthly dental exam a few weeks back and what a surprise we were in for and not a good surprise either. So Dino’s teeth grow spurs and they need to be ground down every month. He is put under to do this. We had just been to the vet 4 weeks prior and this time she found a pretty large abcess growing under his chin and into his mouth.  Now I never would have seen this because his fur hid it quite well. But while he was sedated the vet showed me. You could see it when he was laying sound asleep and you could feel it. It was protruding out quite a bit. Because the vet knew it was not there four weeks earlier she was concerned that it was fast growing and aggressive.

Apparently, abcesses are common in lop rabbits. They have problems with their teeth and abcesses. Hmmm I did not know that. It was news to me.

The vet felt that it was pretty aggressive and needed to be addressed as soon as possible. We had to choose to do it the next day or the following day as the weekend was coming.  We chose to do the surgery the next day. (NOTE: in retrospect I think this was a bad idea as Dino was sedated for his dental appointment and then the very next day went back to the vet for surgery and recovery for 1 night and then was to come home – I think it was too much for him. I should have waited till Friday for surgery giving him one day at home in between but we didn’t).

So the surgery went well. He did good and the abcess was removed along with a tooth. A bad tooth usually causes the abcess and an x-ray gives the vet a good idea whether or no the tooth has to be extracted. Dino’s x-ray  looked clear but when the vet got into surgery, the tooth was bad and was pulled.

So he stayed over night at the vets and came home the next day (that was 1 overnight stay). The vet said he didn’t really eat or poop that much but she felt he would do better at home.  So we brought him home on Friday afternoon.

After surgery you need to monitor your rabbit closely for several days. The first 24 hours are most important to make sure that he or she is eating and pooping. You need to be home with them to watch what they are doing, eating and if pooping. Remember this folks.

I tried to google peptostreptococcus and really didn’t find much. It is found in rabbits and usually an abcess around the head and or teeth –  yep sounded familiar. The vet said she had never had a result on a rabbit come back positive for this yet, Dino was the first. I really wish I could find some useful info but I have not found anything yet. If I do, I’ll post it here.

So Dino was home but not really doing much or well. Now that is to be expected as he just had surgery the day before. He was sent home with about 8 drugs but still he seemed off. His behavior was off. He wasn’t eating or pooping.  I was picking up on all sorts of weird  behavior but didn’t know what to make of it. At least not yet.

Well Dino was going into GI Stasis where rabbits stop eating and stop pooping and you have about 24 – 48 hours to get them help before you can loose them. I saw what was going on and knew to take him to the 24 hour emergency hospital and we did.

See the other pages related to this post.

Signs of Pain / Stress

GI Stasis – Dino

Meds – Another Way  to Administer

Medicines – What Are These All For?



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Whole Foods Protest – Sat April 4th 2015

So it was great to see so many folks out supporting bunnies around the nation by protesting outside their local and not so local Whole Foods. They are selling domestic rabbit meat frozen in most if not all stores across the country.  Bunny parents and animal lovers everywhere should be alarmed and we need you all to help us win this fight.

I attended 2 protests on this day. It took us 2 hours to get to the first location in Evanston IL but it was worth it. We educated shoppers and people passing by. Most of them we shocked and some didn’t really seem to care (certainly not a bunny parent or an animal lover). But a good number of them seemed to care and hopefully voiced their opinion to the store staff or signed the petition on change.org.  This went on all over the country.

1650 Chicago Evanston IL 1

1111 Chicago Evanston ILIn the top picture I am in the back right with bunny ears on. Boo is in the middle back row barely showing his face.  In the second picture I am in back far right with Brad (Boo) to my left.  A smaller group but we got a lot of exposure.

If you are in the Chicago area you still have time to join another protest this week. I am going to try and go to another one.  Here is the list:

April 6th 6:30 – 8:30 pm Halsted, 3640 N Halsted, Chicago
April 7th 6:30 – 8:30 pm Lakeview, 3300 N Ashland, Chicago
April 8th 6:30 – 8:30 pm DePaul, 959 W. Fullerton, Chicago
April 9th 6:30 – 8:30 pm Gold Coast, 30 W. Huron, Chicago
April 10th 6:30 – 8:30 pm South Loop, 1101 S. Canal, Chicago
April 11th 1 – 3 pm Streeterville, 255 E. Grand, Chicago
April 11th 4 – 6 pm 1550 N Kingsbury, Chicago

You can print out some leaflets and spend 2 hours. You will feel so good standing up for the innocent bunnies. If you don’t help the bunnies….who will?

A special thank you to Patti for organizing these protests and from Brian at the Sweet Bunny Project for supporting these efforts.

I’ve shared more links from other nation wide protests on bunny mama’s face book page so check it out….bunnymamacom on facebook…

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.

Dino finally doing better

So just a quick post that my little Dino is finally doing better – thank goodness as its been a long 2 weeks for all of us and especially him. He still has some medical issues for us to work through but we will.

I will add new posts on all the things that have happened to him. Surgery for an abcess under his chin, a tooth pulled, then he stopped eating and pooping and went into GI Stasis, had eye issues, ear issues and the doctors could not properly regulate his pain. He was in the vet hospital for 6 nights/7 days. Came home, stopped eating and pooping again and we got him on much stronger pain meds which have done the trick.  He is home now and on the mend but still a ways to go….

Here he is, a pic taken early today………notice Bunny Mama in a bunny sweater – are you wearing your bunny sweater today?

IMG_1224 IMG_1225 IMG_1210So not my most flattering pic but hey its all about Dino here. Bottom pic is him and Lucy chowing down on some dried willow wreaths (their favorite from the Etsy store Elvis Parsley).

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.