Celebrating Lucy — 1 Year!!!!! Yipeeee!!!!!

So yes its a year exactly today that I write this post that we adopted our Lucy. I remember it so clearly and here are the details.

So after losing Gracie in Sept. of 2013 I got Dino to bond more to me.  At the time we still had Baby (who passed in April of 2014), but Dino and Baby would never get along (we did try before adopting Lucy but it was not meant to be) and by December enough time had passed where I thought Dino needed another wife. So I contacted Red Door Animal Shelter and they had 1 bunny – a female with ec (e. cuniculi)  so we would try a date with our Dino. I had arranged to take vacation days around New Years and could devote almost an entire week to the bonding process before going back to work. So we wanted to give it a try since Dino after all was a bunny’s bunny – he just loves other bunnies (as long as he can be dominant).

We were so excited for Dino and this was going to be a lot of work. Cleaning out Dino ‘s room and carpet to try and remove Gracie’s scent.  Make a bonding area and then hold daily bonding sessions some times 2 or 3 a day. So it would be a challenge.

I had seen Lucy’s pic online. She looked so cute. Her story was pretty sad, that she had been at the shelter a long time, almost a year and was isolated from the other bunnies because of the E.C..  She had lost one eye to the disease and her chances for getting adopted were getting slimmer and slimmer – until then. She was caught hopping around outside in the dead of winter early 2013 but her luck was about to change.

So Dino, Boo and I made the trip down to the shelter about an hour away on a good day.  They had put Lucy (then named Mojito) into a holding room in  a pen. When they went to get her she had escaped the pen and was hopping all over in the room just happy as could be. After capturing her, the introductions began – it went well and we adopted her that day and brought our Lucy home that day Dec. 28th 2013.

The bonding went on for about a week. Read more about it here. After a breach in security while we were at work, the bunnies worked out their differences (with a lot of pulled fur) and the rest is wedded, blissful, bunnyfullness history!

She really is a pleasure to have around. She is pretty timid and afraid because she only has that one eye.  So from time to time she does run into things so I try to keep everything in the same place. We feel that if she was not bonded to Dino she would be a wonderful lap bunny for a human but since she has Dino she is very happy.  They get along so well and yes they do have occasional fights but what married couple doesn’t?  I think they worship and love each other so much and are closer than Dino and Gracie were.

Love having you as my dalmatian daughter Lucy. Here are some recent pics……

IMG_1053 - Copy


IMG_1074 - Copy IMG_1072 - Copy IMG_1071 - Copy

This picture reminds me of the Wizard of Oz when the house falls on the bad witch and only her legs are sticking out from under the house, only Lucy’s legs are sticking out from under the bed with Dino sound asleep near by.

IMG_1064 - Copy

We often find Lucy laying with her legs all stretched out like this. She is funny. She also loves to run through the house at full speed like a white blurrrrr going past down the hallway.

We may have adopted her and gave her a loving home, but she had made our family complete giving Dino a second wife and second chance at being bonded again.



Here is the pic I plan to paint of Lucy at my next Pinot’s Palette Paint Your Pet  Portrait sessions…wish me luck!


I still have a finishing touch to put on her painting as the didn’t photo shop the heart in so I am having to recreate it from a pc of wood that I’ll have to get Boo to help cut and then I’ll paint and glue on to the painting. But meanwhile here is Dawn and I having fun painting and the group shot — can you find Lucy?  I’ll post the finished pic as soon as I have it completed.

Lucy group Dawn n Bunny Mama


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Its Okay To Be Sad

So I write this post after a few close friends and relatives have recently lost their beloved pets. It’s hard. Its so incredibly hard. Whether you have lost a human or a pet rabbit or any other pet, its really difficult and its different for everyone that goes through it.

Some people seem to take it in stride, it hardly bothers them, or so you think. But you  never know how they are when alone. Alone time is when it seems to hit me.  Alone when all the memories come flooding back. Even though you remember your pet in healthier times, it can still hit you like it was yesterday that you lost them.

What I want to say is that no matter how sad you are, or how long it takes before you can stop crying daily – its okay. We all grieve in our own way and in our own time.  However long it takes its okay.

Now I have to say that when my niece lost her cat, she was at the shelter in less than a week to adopt another cat  (she actually got 2). She said she could not bare the pain of her loss and that another cat will help her get past her loss.  Others have said that they had one special dog in their life and when they lost her it was heartbreaking and they could never adopt another dog again.  When I lost Baby (04/2014) I still had Dino and boy did I give him the attention to help myself get over my sadness. But if I didn’t have Dino I too think about a week would have been long enough and another bunny would have helped heal my broken heart.

So talk to others if you are deeply depressed after about 4 or 5  months as I found this helped me. Every day seemed to get a little easier but losing 2 daughters within 7 months was very difficult. It seemed that I was morning the loss of Gracie all over again when Baby died.

When the time is right determine if another bunny is right for you. In time you’ll know. It won’t mean that you didn’t love your beloved pet, it just means that you have an empty place in your life and heart now where you can accept another bunny into your home, a forever home.  Remember the shelters are usually overwhelmed with bunnies and always seem to have a few.  So please consider adopting another bunny as so many of them need a good loving home like yours – so they can be spoiled and loved like they deserve.  You might rescue the bunny, but the bunny might rescue you from the sadness of your loss and might be exactly what the doctor would order.

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.

Baby & Gracie Loved The Christmas Tree

So it’s been pretty hard for me this year Dec  2014 as I write this post since losing Baby back in April and Gracie a little over a year ago.  So in the 10 days since I’ve  put up my Christmas tree it has hit me hard that both of them are gone. They both loved the Christmas Tree.  Sitting underneath it for countless hours on end separate of course at different times because they did not get along.  Now when I look under the tree its empty – no Gracie, no Baby. Its incredibly sad to me.

Dino or Lucy could care a less about the tree. Funny how Gracie and Baby would scratch to be let out to go and hop right under the tree and these two – not so much.  It all goes to what I have said about personalities and how each bun has one and each one is different.

A co-worker wanted to come over and help us take some cute bunny pics for a Christmas card this year, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I always made a cute card cuz I had Baby and Gracie and they made it easy and fun. But now I cry when I look under the empty tree or think about making a pic without Baby who I had for just under eight wonderful years or Gracie who I adored for about 6 years.

Yep Christmas has changed for me and I hope,  think next year won’t be so hard. Meanwhile I’ll just have to remember how precious those two little daughters of mine were and how adorable they looked under the tree.

So bunny parents get some cute Christmas pics this year because you never know if they will be with you next year. Don’t wait do it right now.

Here is Baby under the tree –


And Gracie under the tree –

Christmas2010 016

And Gracie with Dino under the tree –


And my favorite all time Christmas card (which many friend still have this up on their frig door 4 years later) –

Christmas2010 018

Merry Christmas Baby

Merry Christmas Gracie

Merry Christmas Dino

Merry Christmas Boo (my husband)

Merry Christmas Lucy (gee I wish you’d go under that tree)

And a Merry Christmas to you too!

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Bunny Mama’s Top Fifteen Gift Ideas for Bunnies and Humans

So with the holidays here or for any occasion I thought I would post my top 10 gift ideas (will update this to 15 at some point) for bunnies and for humans that love bunnies. So here we go!

14. Any kind of an item with a bunny on it or bunny themed. I got several bunny items for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier. Check em out here on this link.

13.  Willow wreaths and willow sticks from the Etsy store called Elvis Parsley. My buns just love em.   I need to try the cookies too. Here is Lucy and Dino enjoying a willow wreath on their 1 year bonded anniversary.


12. Okay Bunny Mad Magazine and site – its reasonable and comes out twice a year. Its published in the UK so it may take some time to arrive but worth it. My little Gracie has her pic in the Oct 2014  edition.  You might want to get a subscription for yourself and as a gift for a bunny parent.

11. Just had to add this one too – Rabbit USA Magazine — I just loved this magazine. You really only need 1 issue because it is so packed with information its crazy. Here is a link to the site.




10. Oxbow treats – Lucy and Dino’s favorites are shown below and can be found at a lot of pet stores in your area.

We love most other Oxbow treats as shown below (you can break each treat into smaller pcs remember:


f25 f22 f24png f3


9. Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Marigolds –  Dino loves this stuff or mainly the dried flowers. You can give a snack in small amounts to stimulate the rabbit to eat more hay.



8. Any hay based chewable item from Oxbow. Mats, bunnels, carrot ,etc.  See selection below.

f13l f12l f11 f10


7.  Zen Rabbit  homemade treats for rabbits.  We keep the extras in the freezer and Dino & Lucy enjoy one every morning.



6. A tunnel or bunnel as like to refer to them. This can be brought from Binky Bunny or you can buy a cement cylinder form at the hardware store (make sure they don’t eat it tho).



5. Rabbits for Dummies — really I like this a lot for a new bunny parent.


4. A gift certificate to the Binky Bunny store.  Fun toys, treats and foods for your bun.


3. A house or castle for your bunny. They have great ones at Binky Bunny. My bunnies have gone through several of these and they just love them BUT CAUTION – rabbits need exposure to daylight so do not allow them to hide the house all day – we flip the house over during the day to they can be exposed to daylight.

MazeHaven01SingleStory300THUMB MazeHaven01SingleStory300THUMB - Copy CottontailCottageBrownMainTHUMB - Copy




1. TIMOTHY HAY FROM SMALL PET SELECT — my rabbits have all loved it. Just be sure to get the try it first in a small package and once you are sure your bun likes it, then order in a larger size. Note that rabbits need as much fiber for digestion and their teeth as they can get so DON’T order the 3rd cutting unless you have a picky eater or a bunny with won’t eat hay at all. Its so green and fresh. My bunnies just love it.


My bunnies just love this hay and I know your bunny will love it too!

Hey was I seeing dots on this page? No they are periods because I could not get spaces to be added where I wanted them so I added periods as a place holder — crazy paw website….


Here are my selfies on  a bad hair day but at least I get em done and can always take another one.



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Pet Urns, Pet Tombs and Coffee Mugs by Black Pug Pottery

So losing a pet is one of life’s most difficult challenges. Its heartbreaking, you are grief stricken and sad beyond words. You might have been taken by surprise at their loss or maybe you saw it coming for weeks or even months, but no matter what – still it’s unbearable.

So I have come across a line of Pet Tombs and Pet Urns unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  They are custom hand made and you get updates with pics through each step of the  process documenting their creation.   These are beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind  masterpieces that will pay an eternal final tribute to your beloved friend.

Black Pug Pottery makes Pet Tombs fashioned after New Orleans style cemetery crypts. I mean look at some of these examples – they are gorgeous, just stunning. So if you are still not sure where to put your beloveds remains, check these out.  What a beautiful, dignified manner to have your pet still be right with you!



They offer several different styles THAT YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE IN DIFFERENT WAYS. Notice the dog face and name – you can change that to a bunny with your pets name.

They have different colors – here are two examples:


They just look beautiful – what a special way to honor your loving pet. Here is a  link to the Pet Tombs & Urns page:


They also can make all of their products for cats and dogs too. In addition, the urns come in different sizes.

Urns for ashes are also created and sold, they are  not as elaborate as the Pet Tombs,  but very nice and more subtle. Here is a pic of those.


Here is link to their website:




What a special business this is catering to animal lovers and BUNNY PARENTS……

The owners are Sally and Rebecca – if you purchase something, tell them Bunny Mama sent you!!!!!!

A special shout out once again to Phyllis O’Beallain from the Dayton Examiner for Small Pets Column for featuring this great pottery shop in her column. LOVE IT!!!!!!   ***link over to Phyllis’ site and join her newsletter – its really good and I look forward to it all the time***


If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.