I Love Lucy!

Yes, I totally love my little girl Lucy. She is just the sweetest thing around. We had her for 11 months and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am every day when I see her happy and healthy and loving her man Dino.

Every morning when you bring in the plate of greens for her and Dino she dances and hops around her room. She is so happy each morning. What a blessing she has been in our life.

So Lucy is named after the movie star, dancer, comedian Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy the tv show.  In fact, as a child I watched I Love Lucy so much my grandfather called me Lucy after Lucille Ball.

So while putting my Christmas tree up,  I realized just how many Lucy (I Love Lucy) ornaments I have. Here are some of them.

IMG_0987 IMG_0983 IMG_0982 IMG_0981


I have always loved Dalmatian puppies too. A few weeks ago I had on a Dalmatian puppy sweat shirt and someone asked me if I had a Dalmatian. I said no but that I had a Dalmatian bunny – Lucy my Dalmatian Bunny.  Check her our below.

IMG_0962 IMG_0958 IMG_0953

So long before I had my Lucy, I had Dalmatian puppy ornaments. Check em out:

IMG_0992 IMG_0991 IMG_0990 IMG_0989 IMG_0988

Yeap even a Dalmatian puppy Christmas Stocking!IMG_1000

So I guess once you really like something, you’ll see it show up time after time and after time in your life.

I Love LUCY –  my Lucy – My Dalmatian Bunny LUCY!



Here is Lucy just chilling in her popdish “crib”.

IMG_1035 - Copy

Here is  a few of my selfies with Lucy just taken…

IMG_1048 IMG_1047 IMG_1045 IMG_1043 IMG_1042

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Bunny Mad Magazine

So awhile back I was emailed by Bunny Mad Magazine asking if they could use pictures of my Gracie that I had posted with her cancerous lump.  I had written a post on it and her surgery and her recovery. At the time I received the request, I had already lost Gracie to kidney failure. I checked out the link to the magazine and it was based in the United Kingdom and seemed legit. So I was thrilled that even after Gracie had passed she was going to be published in a magazine to help other bunnies and bunny parents. My little girl’s photo was gonna help others and I was thrilled.

I of course  subscribed for 2 issues, Oct 2014 and Spring 2015. Little Gracie is in Issue 19 Autumn/Winter 2014. I am thrilled to have this magazine with my little girl and to be inspired by this magazine and how it has many pages about rabbit adoptions and rescues based in the United Kingdom. Here is the cover of Gracie’s issue.


The article where Gracie is featured is called Bunny Lumps and Bumps by Lucile Moore. A two page spread with 2 images of Gracie. The article contained a lot of good information I must say and I’m so glad that Gracie was a part of it. Here is a pic of what the article looks like…. seem my little black bunny – in the top pic on each page.


This magazine has 33 pages and like I mentioned they featured rescues and organizations that help bunnies.  They had a well being article Weekly Healthy Check for example, a page on the Tri Colour Dutch Rabbit Breed and 14 Reasons Why Rabbits Are Good For Your Health.  There are also advertisements for a  Fundraising Shop, DustFreeHay.co.uk and Cottontails Studios (Quality Apparel for Bunny Lovers).  They even had a page on how to make a snowflake filled with treats for your buns.

I’m so glad that I got to know this organization and Lisa the writer and editor of the mag.  To find out more information go to:



This website also has many, many rabbit themed items for sale so check it out – shipping was reasonable to the USA I thought when I purchased a few items…… here is a random page from their website:


They really do have some cute things for sale so please check them out some time. If you place an order tell them Bunny Mama sent you!

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Elvis Parsley – A New Favorite Bunny Treat Etsy Store

A new favorite bunny  treat store has just opened on Etsy. Its called Elvis Parsley (named after the owner’s bunny).

So I’ve mentioned before how I am a subscriber to a column written by Phyllis O’Beallain and how I’ve even encouraged you to join her subscriber list at the Dayton Small Pets Examiner. I have learned a lot from her column and she has some really good information on treats, expos and other information.  So in August, she posted about a fundraiser for a local shelter in her area and I posted about on it on my home page. I bought a cute pink hoodie (which I will take a pic and post when I where it) and I bought some willow wreaths that my buns just love. Now Phyllis has posted that the willow wreath maker Joyce,  out of CA has her own Etsy store. YIPEEEE as I had wondered how I could get more wreaths for Dino and Lucy.

So she is offering a few different items. Check them out in the image below.


I bought the willow wreaths, willow sticks and the organic cookies. I can’t wait till I get them and neither can Lucy and Dino.  Please help support this new Etsy Store. Your bunnies will be glad you did!

Happy selling Joyce and best of luck with your new store!!!


Here are pics of Lucy and Dino celebrating their one 1 year bonding anniversary by sharing a willow wreath from Elvis Parsley…..they love it.

IMG_1082 IMG_1076






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When Routine Becomes Emergency

So I had never thought about it really. I mean when you go to the vet.  I guess in life things can go wrong where ever you are at any time and so I’ll start this post. Keep in mind I love this vet and feel she gives my bunnies exceptional care.  She cares about her patients deeply and on the day that we had to put Gracie down, the vet cried right along with us.

So it was routine dental check up – this happens monthly for Dino now as the last three months he has had a tooth that grows a tooth spur toward his gum and if we don’t keep it filed down it will begin to cause him pain.  Note that he was at the Animal Eye Doctor the day before and was man handled so he was not a happy guy. I sorta wondered if 2 dr appointments, 2 days in a row would be too much for him, but the schedules were set and needed to be done then – couldn’t reschedule.

So the dr had a head cold that day and wasn’t feeling that good. So she took Dino back and attempted to do the filing down of his tooth spur.  At some point he began to buck and try and get away and he got nicked and began to bleed but it stopped quickly. So the vet asked for permission to put him to sleep while she did her work and I agreed yes.

So she left and it was a long, long time before she came back in. I had overheard the receptionist saying they had an emergency going on and they couldn’t see any more unscheduled pets.  The vet  was pitched white when she walked in, as white as her lab coat, and said that he had started to bleed at the end of the procedure and she couldn’t get the blood to stop so she had to give him more meds to try and stop the bleeding.  She finally got the bleeding to stop but he had lost a  good amount of blood. She couldn’t release him because he was still under and she would need to make sure  he didn’t start to bleed again before releasing him. So I was asked to come back in a few hours to get him.

So I took Lucy home trying not to cry all the way home because I was driving on an expressway after all. But once home I totally lost it at what might happen to my little boy son.

By the time I got home (my drive is 30 minutes) the vet had  called and said that he was awake, sniffing around and eating a pc of lettuce without any more blooding.  I still had to wait 2 more hours before picking him up.

When we got there it was busy because the schedule was backed up because of the Dino incident.  She said that he was fine to go home and I asked her what should I do if it starts to bleed again. She told me where the nick in his gum was and if it started again to put gauze on it  applying some pressure to stop the bleeding but we would have to take him to an emergency vet (it was Saturday afternoon by now).  We have two that I can think of one is an hour away on a good traffic day (my normal emergency vet Chicago Exotics/Blue Pearl in Skokie). The other one I’ve never been to.  So it had really sunk in that chances were if this started to bleed again I would not be able to get him help fast enough I feared.  Now the vet was distraught herself at what had happened. Once  I reassured her that she see animals all day every day and helps them all, and that things like this will happen that she has no control over and that its okay, she began to cry.  Then I began to cry and we hugged and both felt better.   Off the record, if I had lost Dino that day, it would have just been his time to go be with Gracie and I would have had to accept that.

Once home Dino slept a lot that day but we watched him closely only giving him soft foods for about 8 hours and then we slowly gave him his normal diet so that the nick didn’t start to bleed again.

So I guess I really have no lesson or point to this post other than to say things will just happen that you have no control over and we all just have to do the best we can when given the circumstances.  But I think Dino will need to be put to sleep in order for her to do the monthly teeth checks.  There is risk in putting rabbits to sleep and it’s not recommended but in Dino case we have to maintain that one bad tooth so that it does not cause him discomfort.

Love that vet, love, love, love her.

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Paint Your Bunny’s Portrait

Okay so I can’t even believe it took me so long to catch on to this new craze,  but I just checked it out over last weekend.  Its a painting studio that have locations across the country. You sign up for classes and then an instructor gives you step by step instructions on how to paint the picture for the class and every one paints the same picture  and you take home your masterpiece that same day!

Here is a link to their website  Pinot’s Palette


Click on the Locations tab at the top of the home page to look for a location close to you. Each location has its own page showing a calendar of what paintings are being done on what days and times. Each location has a different schedule so be sure you are on the page for the location close to you and not some other location.   I had to drive almost an hour to get there but it was so worth it.  Painting my little Gracie was one of the fun-est things I’ve ever done.


They have a paint your pet portrait class that is 3 hours long where you send them a pic and they silkscreen it onto a canvas and you basically paint over the silk screened image. Its sorta like a paint by number. They give you tips on how to blend, how to do different backgrounds and how to get dimension to make the fur look real!

So here are the steps it took me to create Gracie.

First you mix up your paint colors as you will need at least 4 shades of your pets colors – they tell you how to do this and how to determine what colors you need.  Here is naked Gracie – her image, with the background photoshopped out, no paint yet (don’t worry she won’t be naked for long).

Paint Gracie Step 1

Next step you do the background. They had written  instructions on how to do 4 different backgrounds or you could do whatever background you wanted.  I did my own background.

Next you paint the main image of your bun. You just keep painting over stroke over stroke using the different colors you premixed to show light colors vs darker colors. You have your picture of the pet image to use as a guide and lets face it, no one knows the exact colors of your pet better then you do. Artists on staff are there to help you every step of the way giving advice and help.  Here is Gracie’s body painted.

Paint Gracie Step 3

Notice I had one of the artists there, just pencil in her name and I painted Gracie’s name in. I continued to add more and more strokes to add depth to make Gracie’s lion head mane stand out.   Oh yeah notice the poop in the bottom left hand corner as Gracie was my pooping machine and I had to add those on there because, well I wanted to represent her properly and I needed some poop to do that. (PS check out that white dog next to Gracie, it was beautiful when she was done but this pic does not do it justice).

Here is finished Gracie and notice the  image of her in lower left hand corner that they silk screened from and I painted using as a guide.

Paint Gracie Step 4

If you miss up just ask an artist that works there and they will help you fix it. If something looks off, just ask for help and they will give suggestions on what’s wrong and how you can correct it or they will fix it for you too. The staff was great and friendly and talented I might add.

So no talent  needed. Every pet portrait looked like the pic, I swear they were all so good. Everyone was so happy with there pics.

So here is finished Gracie with Bunny Mama!

Painted Gracie Done

Here is a pic with my friend Dawn who hooked me up on this class. She painted her sister’s dog to give the portrait to her sister as a birthday gift. Nice huh?  It was stunning in real life and I think her sister will just love it.  She is a talented artist (she is truly an artist) and a nice person.

Painted Gracie & Whitney


So seriously bunny parents you can do this if I can do this. I am not an artist of any sort, a crafter of sorts but really you can all do this.

Please let me know if you did a portrait and send me a pic and I’ll get it up on this page. I plan on going back to paint Lucy, then Dino and finally Baby (as I could not paint her without crying since losing her this past April but I hope in time I will be able to paint her because she was my little girl that I adored and worshipped and I need a portrait of her for my collection).

Its a shame that Facebook only has one like level cuz this place and experience needs a triple like in my opinion.

Binky on and Paint Your Pet!

Group photos for all pets in the class that day. This pic does not do these portraits justice as they were all awesome.

Pet Project1 Pet Project 1 B

So next I am going to paint Lucy….here is her pic below. Wish me luck!


So the painting of Lucy came out really great.  They didn’t photo shop the heart image in so right now I am waiting for Boo (my husband) to help me cut out the heart from a pc of wood and then I’ll paint it.  Meanwhile here is a pic of Dawn and I painting away and our group shot. Can you find Lucy in that group shot?

Dawn n Bunny Mama Lucy group

So because Lucy is named after Lucille Ball of I Love Lucy fame, it was only fitting that I would include the signature “heart” in her portrait. Although I had it in my pic the studio did not silkscreen it on the canvas for me to paint.  So I had to replicate it. Wow what a project. Getting the wood, drawing it out, cutting it out, sanding it down and painting it. Took forever. But I am happy to say that it looks pretty good and here is Lucy in steps below.

Silkscreened image that I started with on canvas.


First you do the background. Then the body. Then ears and face (by far the hardest part). I sorta messed up Lucy’s eye but its okay she doesn’t mind.  Then I glued the heart on to the masterpiece and there is she my little girl Lucy!


This remains one of the funniest things I’ve ever done. I might either do Dino next or my friend Pauline’s dog….. will keep you posted. You should totally try this if you are near a studio where this is offered – its an awesome experience and I love the outcome of the 2 I’ve done so far.

Okay freshly painted and ready to give to my friend Pauline is her beloved dog Lady.  I had so much fun painting her – I hope Pauline likes it.


I hope you will try this really fun project out sometime….

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You Are Their Best Defense! (Eye Issues)

I’ve said this many times before in several places throughout my website, but you bunny parent are your buns best defense to ward off sickness, infection and poor health. Once again I am proven right. Read on.

So I  took Dino and Lucy for their regular checkup about a month ago and I said to my vet, well Dino hasn’t been himself. He is lazier than normal (he is a lop and lops tend to sleep a lot from what I understand) and he is aging (aren’t we all).  So  lets check his eyes closely because he does suffer from E.Cuniculi (a bunny disease) that can affect his eyes. He has had previous eye issues and has been treated by an animal eye doctor. So sure even the vet found an ulcer in each eye so she recommended we take him to the animal eye vet again to be checked out.  I also requested that we do an E.Cuniculi test to see where Dino’s numbers were and if he needed to be on any meds for it as EC can cause eye problems. So she did the blood draw and we would need to wait 3 – 5 days for results.

So off to the animal eye doctor (Animal Eye Consultants) we go. The head doctor does a lot of numbing drops and tests and confirms that indeed Dino has 2 ulcers, one in each eye but only the left eye ulcer is active and growing. Hmm that sounded promising I thought. So she suggested that they do a procedure to remove the ulcer — sit down if you aren’t already. The procedure was called Diamond Burr Debridement. Even the name makes you a little afraid. Essentially she took what looked like a dremel tool with a weird looking disc on it and whittled away at his eye until the ulcer was gone.  WHAT you are thinking WHAT!  Yeah I know I hid my head behind a magazine in the room because I could not watch (I am bad with medical stuff and blood). The sound was terrifying enough, I thought I was going to cry but I reassured myself these folks were experts at this and I needed to just trust what they told me needed to be done.  I was petrified at what was happening to my little son Dino and the sound was awful of that little whirrrrring dremel. But my husband who watched the procedure closely said Dino had no idea what was going on.  Now that the ulcer was removed, it would need to heal. We took him home with a pain killer liquid to be administered by syringe into his mouth, an eye drop and an eye ointment and instructions to wash around his eye twice  daily with diluted soapy (super diluted dish soapy) water.   More on administering these drugs on another post soon.

For the record these were the drugs  –  0.3% Gentamicin Ophthalmic Solution (eye drop),  Artificial Tear Ophthalmic Ointment, and Meloxicam (also called Metacam) for pain

His EC test came back negative  – Yippeee no meds for Dino right now – yippeeee…..

It just so happened we were going on vacation and a big THANK YOU AND SHOUT OUT TO KRYSTIN & DAN (our bunny nurses) that administered the drugs daily so Bunny Mama could go to North Carolina to hunt for seashells (my other passion beside bunnies) and Boo could go and scuba dive.  Once we got home Dino didn’t seem to be using his left eye and was keeping it closed more than open. It also was weepy, very weepy (means watery eye).  Our appointment was approaching so we just waited for it.

Now in the middle of Dino’s left eye was this white spot where the ulcer used to be, where it was removed with procedure. This white spot was very evident previously. But each day as I looked into his eye to give him his meds, that white spot was getting smaller and smaller – that has to be good news for sure.

So at the follow up appointment four weeks later, the animal eye doctor said that his eye was creating new blood vessels to the cornea through where the ulcer was removed. This was exactly what the doctor wanted to happen – this was good. What wasn’t so good was the fact he wasn’t using the eye and that is was weepy. The dr said both were a sign that it was hurting him and we would have to up the amount of pain meds (to twice a day) we were giving him.  We should continue the drops, ointment, cleanings and pain killer for 3 more weeks and return for our next appointment.

So far after one week, Dino seems to be doing better. He is opening and using his eye more than he had been. Week 2 and 3 he continues to improve. He is spunky, active and that left eye is open all the time now! Yeah! Our little boy is on the mend – fingers crossed for his next appointment. And that white spot is just getting smaller and not as white what I can tell with my own eyes. Yipee!!!

So week 3 back to the animal eye doc – and its good news for Dino. His left eye is continuing to heal. The blood vessels are definitely restoring some sight into the area where the ulcer was.  The white spot left by the removal of the ulcer is still there but not as large and not as bright white. His eye sight in that left eye, will never be perfect but better and the fact that his eye was filling in the area where the ulcer was removed was very positive the dr said.  When I asked if he would have vision in that eye the dr had said he will have some vision but it won’t be perfect and since he is a house rabbit in a protected home he does not need perfect vision. The best news tho is that this procedure was successful AND the ulcer has stopped growing (as if it had continued there was a chance he would have gone blind in that eye).  So a week more of ointment and 2 weeks of the pain killer (metacam) for him. Then no more follow up unless we think he needs it or our vet refers him again. But for right now my little boy is doing just great and so are his beautiful Dino eyes!


They animal eye doctors are just great and I could not say enough positive comments about them, their staff and their loving treatment of my little boy. Here is info on both of the docs we saw.

Dr. Denise M. Lindley – (taken from Animal Eye Consultant website)

Dr. Lindley received her BS in 1983, and DVM in 1985 from the University of Illinois. She completed an internship in small animal surgery and medicine in 1986 at Auburn University and a residency in comparative ophthalmology in 1989.  That same year she became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists.  Also in 1989, Dr. Lindley joined the clinical faculty at Purdue University as assistant professor of comparative ophthalmology and was section chief until January 1994.  Dr. Lindley earned a master’s degree in veterinary ophthalmology in 1990.  Animal Eye Consultants first opened in July 1990 on a part-time basis and became full-time in 1994.  Dr. Lindley is available in the Elgin, Crestwood and Naperville IL offices.

Dr. Ralph E. Hamor –   (taken from Animal Eye Consultant website)

Dr. Hamor received his BS in 1984 and DVM in 1987 from the University of Missouri.   He completed an internship in small animal surgery and medicine in 1988 at Auburn University.  After working two years in private practice, Dr. Hamor did a residency in veterinary ophthalmology and earned a masters degree in 1993 at Colorado State University.  Dr. Hamor became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists in 1994.  Currently he is the Clinical Associate Professor of Veterinary ophthalmology at the University of Illinois.
Dr. Hamor sees patients mainly at our Crestwood IL office.

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE DOCTORS and their staff and am so fortunate that they are right in my back yard (close by). I highly recommend these doctors for advance care and treatment of your animals eyes, especially your bunny’s eyes.

Meanwhile know your bun, pay attention to your bun every day and make sure that he or she is acting, behaving, eating, pooping and just being normal. If they aren’t begin to watch their behavior more closely and take them to a vet. Taken you bun to a vet as we never knew years ago that our little boy suffered from eye ulcers. Once we got him cured his personality changed and he became so much more active.

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.