A Rabbit and Cat Bonded? What?

So people seem to ask me the most questions about bonding rabbits. It’s hard work. It can be frustrating and sad and depressing.  But when it works its wonderful. To watch two bonded bunnies interact is really special. Some time when watching Dino and Lucy I feel like I am intruding on them – hello yes I know they are bunnies but I do feel that way sometimes when they are laying next to each other grooming each other.

So what about bonding a rabbit to anther species? What about a hamster, a dog, a cat?  What about it?

Its possible I’ve heard a few times. Again both animals have to want to be with each other and will respect and love each other.

Case in point below, meet Clarie the rabbit and Andy the cat.


This charming couple is up for adoption together (as of 9/25/14).  As the foster family has other cats and other rabbits but these two found friendship and companionship in each other.  So if you are interested adopting these two cuties contact:

Sheri Petraits Pet Photography




Keep in mind that a bond will only work if both animals want to be bonded. Its worth all the effort if it works and sometimes like  with Andy and Claire they do the work for you!






If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.

About Hay….

Our favorite hay supplier Small Pet Select is having a $10 off special  “Ten Dollars Off Any Hay/Pellet Products” until April 7, 2015.  Use the link below to get your discount and tell them Bunny Mama (Ruthann) sent you.  Dino and Lucy love their hay…..



So I’m sure you all know that hay should be the main food source for your rabbit but all hay is not the same as far a freshness, nutrients or fiber is concerned.  If you’ve read my pages you’ll know that I am a huge Oxbow Brand fan and also for Small Pet Select. Both offer great hay products and I buy both.  Other brands may not be quite as good for your rabbit so I highly recommend these two in particular if you can find them.

f17 f1 f15

Awhile back when we first found Small Pet Select we bought Timothy hay which the buns loved.  Apparently hay is rated by “cutting”. Like second cutting or third cutting for example.  From what I’ve learned (and feel free to email me about is too id you think I’m wrong), a second cutting has less sticks and stiff stems and more leaf to the hay. A third cutting has much more leaf and hardly any stem or at least this is how I’ve noticed them to be. My bunnies love the softer second and third cutting but what I forgot about is that bunnies need the stiff stems and hard pcs to help them keep their teeth grinded down.  Yep eating all the fluffy green hay leaves wasn’t doing my bunnies any favor.  So I wanted to post about this because since changing to the third cutting timothy hay both Lucy and Dino got teeth spurs that had to be ground down by the vet. Now it could be coincidence but again, I wanted to caution you on this.  Its important that bunnies get a mix of stems and hard pcs in their hay just for this reason – to keep them chompers in check.

The third cutting can be good for picky rabbits that don’t like to eat hay normally. You may find that they will eat this and that is better than not having them eat hay at all so try this if you think your bun might like it.

So I have a little of the third cutting of Timothy left that we are mixing with the second cutting. Yes the buns sort of nose their way through it and eat the green leafy pcs first but the come back around and eat the other pcs too.

I do give Kaytee Timothy Hay with Marigolds as a treat along with Oxbow Botanical hay when I can find it or order it online.

So pay attention to what the pcs of hay looks like that you are feeding your buns and remember the hard stems are not all bad for them. Be sure that your bun gets a good quality hay and an abundance of hay 24/7.  Be sure to have your vet check your rabbits teeth at a checkout.  Neither of my buns showed any symptoms of having the teeth spurs but am I glad we checked on a recent visit for something else — the gross tapeworm

So don’t be stingy on the hay bunny parent, your bunny needs it as food, for its teeth and for good digestive health…..

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.

Missing Gracie

So the one year anniversary of  Gracie’s passing is next week for me on Tuesday 9/23/14 I purposely made dinner plans with friend so I won’t stay home and cry. I am so sad about losing her still. She was after all my Black Bunny.  When I think about of all the things that have happened in my life in the one year since I can’t believe it. Most of them were sad I’m sorry to say but I guess that is part of life.

When I first got Gracie, I didn’t think she was very smart but smart enough. It wasn’t until I watched the relationship and dynamic between her and her husband Dino develop that I realized how smart she was. She use to know just how to treat him and groom him  to make things better. For example Gracie loved being out in the living room and Dino not so much. So if Gracie was out in the living room on her own for awhile, when she returned to their room she would immediately go to him and groom him high and low so he wouldn’t be mad and nip her for being gone.  She would let him lead when they came out so he could be the brave male checking out what might have changed in the hallway first.  She worshipped him and he worshipped her. She was a loving wife and partner for Dino and he was the loving husband to her. Yep it was a match made in bunny heaven those two and they were happy.

I have a memorial picture tribute in my bedroom where I can see it every day. It has 3 pictures of Gracie in it, my favorite pictures of her. Across the room I have her cement paw print (made by my vet’s office) that I can look at and remember her too. It has helped me to have these reminders of Gracie around – I wish I had had the time to get them up in my room sooner but life is busy and I have them up now.

What I really miss about Gracie is how she made me laugh every single day. She would come out and run around the living room every night when I called my mom on the phone. She would run and then stop waiting for me to praise her and how good she was for running. I so wish I had just one video of that but I don’t.  In my minds eye I can remember the black streak of a bunny racing around the furniture. Oh how I wish I could see her just once more to get a video to have for ever. Gracie was always doing something funny, always. My world will always be a little darker without her here and I’ve missed her so for the past year.

Just remember that I was never able to get a nice pic of me and Gracie when she was healthy. It wasn’t until the weekend that she was starting to die that I took a few. I looked horrible all red faced from crying and she looked very sick so those are not really pics I will cherish.  So please remember to get a pic of you and your bun now while they are healthy and happy and full life.

So once again as I remember my beautiful black bunny and tear up just know Gracie that Mama loves and misses you, my sweet black bunny!


So its the day before the 1 year anniversary of losing my black bunny and I’ve been thinking of Gracie so much more now. I have her picture memorial and paw prints to help me get through the next few days. Love you  Gracie my black, black, black bunny…..

Well its official, exactly one year to the day as I type this that I had to put my precious black bunny Gracie down. It was the only option really as she had stopped eating and had kidney disease for several years prior.  Does not make it any easier. Just gonna keep busy today — Miss you my precious little girl Gracie, miss you sweetheart!

Reminders of Gracie below.

Her paw print made for me by my vet, a lasting keepsake that I have grown to appreciate more and more each day.


Below is a wooden decoration that I bought several years before I adopted Baby.  A wooden rocking bunny in black that looks so much like my Gracie…..little did I know that was the image of my future black daughter.IMG_0940

So here is the tribute picture that I put together of my favorite photos of Gracie, my black bunny.


Remember to take a selfie of you and your bunny if have not already. They might suddenly be taken from your life and you will always be glad that you have that selfie pic with your beloved pet!

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.

What the heck is that??????

So the other day while picking up poop with my mini broom and dust pan I noticed some really funky poop. Now at the time this mass of poop was on the colored carpet and not in the poop dish laying on top of yellowish corn cob.  It was a small colored section of rug. I saw some white stuff and  few pcs of poop.  The white stuff caught my eye immediately and  I thought WHAT THE HECK IS THAT????

It was almost indescribable. It was white-ish yellow and it was sorta in and around the poop. Like a clump with poop stuck to it.  So I took the edge of the dust pan and touched it,  expecting it be a like a pile of puss or mucus and I thought it would separate or move –  but it didn’t.  Now I was totally perplexed. WHAT THE HECK WAS IT??? I thought oh my gosh is that like pc of stomach or intestine or colon? But both bunnies were eating and pooping and acting fine. Because the poop attached to this mass was smaller we suspected it came from Dino but we really are not sure.  So I did what everyone does, I called my spouse Boo to come over and look at it. He was like,  “Wow yeah what is that – what did they eat to poop out that?” I thought long and hard about what they could have eaten and what that way.   So this was later at night and I thought about it. I had put it into the poop dish but wondered about it as I fell asleep and first thing in the morning.

So when I woke up I thought huh, I’d better get a picture of that thing to show the vet since I can’t imagine what the heck it is. So I took it back out of the poop dish, now it has corn cob on it along with more poop.  So I took a few shots but only 2 came out.  While reviewing the images of this mass thing, I  sorta like fine lines going down the sides of this thing. In the picture, I could see detail that my naked eye didn’t detect. I could see it was sort of long with lines down the sides and it was sorta coiled and squiggled – OH MY GOSH IT WAS A WORM!!!!!!!  WHAT?  A WORM!!!!!   Yes I said the ugliest white worm I’ve ever seen.  See my images below and notice the end and the lines down the side of it.



So now that I knew what it was I poked at it more and straightened it out and put it into a disposable container and called the vet.   Oh now I thought, my poor sweet little boy has had this long worm inside him and Bunny Mama didn’t know.  It was long like 4 or 5 inches long.  Now Dino is a lazy little guy that sleeps most of the time. He eats like a pig but always has so nothing was really different with him. I was sorta in shock at what this was and I so wished I had taken more pics of the creepy thing.

So they both go to the vet because we were not sure which one had it and since Dino and Lucy are a bonded pair they both go everywhere together. As the vet looked at the worm she kept saying “Gross” about 5 times as she looked at it.  She said she had never seen a whole tape worm in tact before.  Yes she said it was a tape worm. They are rare in rabbits.  My husband asked how he could have gotten it and said impossible to know but it could have been, the hay, in the wild weeds we pick and feed them, in the greens, in the corn cob (in their liter dishes) or even an ant with contaminated legs could have walked across the food plate in their room that caused it.  So is was no easy answer on this so I would not know how to prevent it in the future. The vet did say to make sure you wash their greens really well wish I thought I did do well already.

Treatment is a series of 2 shots. One given that day to each bunny and then return in 10 days for another shot.

So Bunny Parents — this is why I always say to pay very close attention EVERY DAY to their poop for quantity, color, frequency and size an oh yeah look for worms too.  (I am still grossed out).

Do not EVER hesitate to snap a pic of something strange or unusual with your bun to show your vet. If I hadn’t taken a pic of this thing, I would still be trying to figure out what it was.

Bunnies can get several different types of worms.  Better to be on the look out for any of these. This is just a few websites on this topic as I could not find anything comprehensive and all encompassing so feel free to do your own research as there is not that much info on this out there. These links have pics which I find helpful.

Here are links to more info on worms in rabbits:




You can also see my poop Doctor’s page from the University Of Miami by clicking here as she does mention worms on her page.


If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at info@bunnymama.com.