Here’s Lucy – Bunny # 4

So after my Dino (male, tan, lazy lop) lost his wife (bonded partner Gracie) in Sept of 2013, I knew it was a matter of time before I would rebond him. He is truly a bunny’s bunny. He just wants to be with another bunny – pure and simple. So after giving him a few months to grieve it was time to date.


Because Dino has the bunny disease e.cuniculi, he could only date other bunnies positive for the disease. At the time I contacted my shelter (Red Door Animal Shelter in Skokie, IL) they only  had one positive female bunny named Mojito.  She is a English Spot that is white with dark gray spots. She is beautiful.  Unfortunately she only  has one eye because the e.c. disease took her other eye (but don’t tell her she is handicapped because she does not know). That did not matter to us as long as Dino loved her and she loved him back.  She is now about a year and half maybe 2.  She is not a dwarf like my Dino (and Baby and Gracie was) so she is a good size bunny. You can really tell when she stretches out on the floor like a bathing suit model.






 She is now bonded to Dino – it took just 2 weeks and was pretty easy. You can read all about the bond on their page.  She runs around pretty fast and I hope to figure out how to get video of it so I can post it.  We just love her and Dino does too. Welcome to the family little precious girl – you are now my daughter!





By the way Lucy is named after Lucille Ball the star of I Love Lucy…. click here to learn more about Lucille Ball.  See her picture below. If you don’t know who she is then check out her Candy Factory episode from her tv series I Love Lucy some time…..  When I was a little girl my grandfather used to call me Lucy. I never knew why until I was an adult that he called me Lucy because I would sit and watch her show, after show, after show.  She is a funny lady or should I say a funny lady for her time. She had many tv shows and starred in movies but my favorite is the I Love Lucy show.


Lucille Ball


So Lucy is doing well, I’ve had her for just over 5 months. She does love Dino and he loves her. Its a match made in heaven for sure. She is a little shy and skiddish at times, I think because when she lived at the shelter she was sickly and had to get a lot of meds by humans. So when I approach her she hops away. So now I am careful to just go into her room and do my thing and talk to her without approaching her and she seems to be getting better.


So to this point I’ve not mentioned the fact that Lucy lost one of her beautiful eyes to that nasty bunny disease e. cuniculi. I was not going to mention this but after giving it some consideration, I felt that I should not hide the fact that she only has one eye but let you all know that a fun little bunny can lose one eye and still see and be happy.


Here she is below her the place where her eye used to be. Some people don’t even notice her eye is missing because of the black spot of fur where her eye used to be. She had the eye removed before she bonded to our Dino – poor little girl has been through a lot in her few years on earth. But she is happy girl for the most part – she is still skiddish most days as I think she thinks we are going to pick her up and give her meds as that was her routine while at the shelter. We’ve had her for exactly 6 months as I write this so I do hope she grows out of this.


IMG_0768 So here is a pic of her beautiful gray, healthy eye…

So here is another pic of the happy couple, Dino and Lucy with his second wife. Gosh all butt shots, I’ll have to get some front shots soon.

IMG_0736 (Copy)

True love ROCKS or should I say HOPS!


Here is a new pic of Lucy hanging out in Baby’s old room (Miss you Baby Girl)  its Lucy’s new favorite spot.


Lucy and Dino snuggling – what else is new?


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And Dino makes 3 bunnies!!!!

Okay so Baby is so sweet and snuggly we feel that she still needs a friend. But maybe since her and Gracie can’t get along, maybe a male would work as a husband. So we ask around and get introduced to staff members from the Red Door Animal Shelter on the far north side of Chicago. After talking and emailing back and forth we want to take Baby there for some bunny speed dating.  They come highly recommended and are experts in bunny bonding. Now this shelter specializes in bunny bonding. They know how to do it and could not believe all we went through trying to bond Baby and Gracie.


So on Baby’s first trip down, she is put in a secure wire pen and a series of other rabbits – big and small – male and female are put in with her to get her reaction. Now a professional bunny bonder is also in the pen with a grease spatter screen that has a long handle on it. She uses this to separate the bunnies at first and then utilizes it in case a fight breaks out. She also wears heavy duty, thick cotton work gloves.


So Baby is not too receptive to any bunnies but she really dislikes any females that they tried.  She just keeps looking at me with a “what the heck is this crap” look on her face –  she is not happy. First the hour long ride in the carrier and now this. Poor Baby. So we leave with no mate but it also didn’t go so badly either. Baby never attacked another rabbit – well okay she didn’t like the females but maybe a male.


So two weeks later we go down again with Baby to the Red Door Shelter.  This time she sees a few others and Dino for the second time. He is an adorable tan dwarf lop. He is just precious. He came in with his brother but Frankie got adopted and lucky for us Dino is still there. Well Baby is tolerant of Dino. He just loves any other bunny and hops right over to her (he is only about 8 months old and Baby is a little over 3). Now Dino has been through this before. He had gone home with another female but she hated him in her house and would attack this sweet little boy so he was back at the shelter.  He wants Baby to groom her and she won’t. She wants him to groom her and he won’t. A standstill but good enough to take Dino home for a trial run (I became a foster home to Dino to see if the bond will work out or not). So once home, moved Gracie out of her room and into Baby’s old room. Scoured the room down for the happy or should I say not so happy couple. Room divided down the middle again — they each have their own sides with cages and toys and everything.  So now we start the bonding process all over again. Are we nuts we wonder?


How could anybunny not love this little face?


So start with 5 minute sessions, move up to an hour. Change rooms, change spaces, change everything we can and nothing. Take them on a car ride multiple times. Still nothing. Baby would groom Dino – he’d be happy and then she would turn around and nip him and look straight at me -as if to say “this is for you mama”.  Dino would not take kindly to this but he was always a gentleman only nipping her back on a few occasions. She was nipping him almost every night. This was really hard on me since I didn’t want either one to get nipped or hurt.  This bond was also documented on Baby & Dino on BinkyBunny  I used a water bottle to try and deter Baby from nipping but she just didn’t care about getting soaking wet on most nights. The spray of the water bottle had no affect on her anymore since the Gracie days.


We created a makeshift tent of sorts out of towels that was covering half on each of theirs sides of the room. They laid under the tent together but just sorta tolerated each other or perhaps Baby was just tolerating little Dino.


After 3 or 4 weeks we wanted to give up on this bond. But we still have Dino and no bedroom to move him into. As soon as he came home with us we started to love him and had to find a way to fit him in our family.  Now during all this bonding time with Baby and Dino we would still let each of the 3 bunnies have run time in the living room.  All 3 would use a common poop dish. In retrospect Dino knew Gracie was here and Gracie knew Dino was here. I was the only one not picking up on this. Gracie became very destructive and began chewing up towels and rugs which she had never done before. I didn’t really understand why at the time.


So we thought we had nothing to loose by trying to bond Gracie and Dino. Oh if only it would work it would be perfect. So we took them down to the Red Door Shelter in separate carriers without them really seeing each other. Once introduced (in neutral territory which is very important) it was like love at first site. I mean these two bunnies sat next to each other for long periods. They sniffed a little and then Gracie groomed Dino. Okay I’m crying and telling her she is a good girl – this could not be any more perfect.  So home they went together in the same carrier (which the shelter had never done before). They were snuggling all the way home in the car for the hour and a half the trip took.


Once home into the new cleaned and re-arranged room they went. Divider down the middle of the room again and bonding sessions went fabulous. I mean these two love each other – no doubt. No doubt Dino is dominant because Gracie lets him be. She will mount him from time to time (and still does every once in awhile) but she knows how to handle him. The dominant bunny will mount the other. It has nothing to do with their sex, just who will be top bun.  She kisses and grooms him multiple times per day every day. I still find tufts of fur in both colors from time to time when they’ve had to work something out. But for the most part, these two just love each other and are always together or not very far apart where they can watch each other easily.  When a bond is right – it should not be that hard for the bunnies or the humans.


In fact after the first few sessions, the buns were taking proactive stances with me when I would try to separate them. Eventually I realized what they were doing. Trying to stop me from separating them.  Little cutie pies in love they were and still are.


Here is link to the entire bonding experience as I documented on Binky Bunny.


Gracie & Dino bonding part 1


Dino and Gracie bonding story on


 If you have not clicked and read any of the bonding links to where I have spent alot of time documenting my bond and attempted bonds you are really missing alot of valuable information on bonding. It is a must read for any bunny parent about to do or thinking about doing a bond.

Below Dino (tan Lop) and Gracie (black Lion’s Head)


GracieDinooooDinoflopDinoeatsdoublecutiesxmas091So Gracie was Dino’s first wife. She passed away in Sept of 2013. Dino has that kind of personality where he just wants to be with another bunny. He loves all bunnies as long as they love him and oh, did I mention, he needs to be dominant.  That was not an issue for Gracie. I used to think that Gracie wasn’t that smart but then when I saw how she learned to keep peace in the family I marveled at how she knew just how to treat and kiss Dino to keep him from getting mad when she went tramping around in the living room.


So we waited about 3 months before we tried to rebond Dino. I told him I would get him a bunny for Christmas and I did (well Dec. 28th is close enough).  Because Dino has e.cuniculi  (see this page on it)  I had to be sure the new bunny had it too.  So Lucy was our only option at the time, but she is so sweet and pretty that it was a match made in heaven.  Read about their bond here.  So Lucy is Dino’s second wife and I think that Lucy just adores the ground that Dino poops on, as she does love him so much.  Below is a few pics of the happy couple.



Here is shot of Dino recovering from his worm issue (click here for more on this topic) My poor little boy…..


So when I was going to try and bond Baby, I went to a fund raiser for Red Door Animal Shelter.  While there I met Toni the bunny bonder and I purchased this pic of a lop ear bunny.  At the time I didn’t like lop bunnies at all but was attracted to this hand drawn image of a sweet lop.  Take a look, as it looks a lot like my Dino a few months before I got him.

IMG_0856Funny how I encountered the likeness of my bunnies before I actually got them (happened with Gracie too – see the bottom of Missing Gracie).

So after posting all about how Lucy got her name, it’s only fitting I update Dino’s page with his story.

So we all know Dino from the Flintstones – see pic of ornament on my tree


Well no Dino is not named after him….the purple Dino – he is named after the singer and comedian Dean Martin.  Red Door Animal Shelter where I adopted Dino from named him. Dino was turned in with his brother and they got named Dino and Frankie (Frankie for Frank Sinatra the singer).  As Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra would pal around and so that is how Dino got his name – so now you know!

Dino sleeping – but note that if your bunny sleeps a lot or sits with his eyes closed a lot, he might have eye issues and you should have him checked out by your vet. Read this page about Dino’s eye issues.

110712 002

Adorable Bunny Tail Alert Below…..


Here are some selfies with Dino just taken

IMG_1041 IMG_1041 - Copy IMG_1040 IMG_1040 - Copy IMG_1038 - Copy

Dino and Lucy just pooping side by side


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Gracie – My 2nd Bunny!

Two bunnies can’t be that much more work. Right?


The Story of Gracie.


So things were going along fine with Baby and us. She was happy, we were happy. Then my sister told me her sister-in-law’s daughter had a pet rabbit they were trying to find a home for.  The bun was going to end up at the local Animal Shelter – Chicago Ridge IL where I had gotten Baby just under 2 years ago if they couldn’t find it a home.  That Animal Shelter does a very good job considering the sheer volume of animals that go through it’s doors. So I thought about it. How hard could a second rabbit be after all.  Not that bad and Baby would have a friend for when I wasn’t home. Found out more about the little bun. Another dwarf,  another female like Baby and it was a lion’s head (whatever that meant).

Then I started to read online about introductions between rabbits –but not too much out there then.  Ordered a movie  to watch on Bunny Bonding and still not much to find out. But they did caution that not all rabbits will take to each other like not all humans get along. But Baby is so sweet how could she not like another rabbit.  So sight unseen I commit to taking this little rabbit who was named Fantasia (yes after the American Idol contestant).  I made arrangements to get her fixed, get the room ready where I will house both Baby and the new bun and pick her up. Well she is beautiful. She is all black with a little gray on her paws and the lion’s mane of fur that frames her face is quite exquisite. She is a beauty alright.  So off to the shelter the next day to get altered. The following day back home to her forever home with us.

Gracie (that became her name, she never knew her name previously) recovered from surgery, we began to try to bond Baby and Gracie.  Now bonding will have it’s own section but you must slowly introduce rabbits to each other and you must let them determine if they want to be together or not –no a human cannot determine this  – the bunnies must determine this.  They have to establish who is dominant who is submissive. Submissive bunny will do alot of grooming (kissing or licking of the other).  Dominant will be top bunny and will nip the other bunny if it gets out of line or if the dominant wants to be groomed.


So we started to introduce them slowly – 5 minutes the first day.  Loose in a secure penned area with a few distractions like toys and boxes where they could see each other but couldn’t easily hide or escape.  We gradually went to hour sessions and then much  longer. But these two rabbits didn’t like each other from the beginning. Gracie wanted to be dominant and Baby was okay with being submissive until Gracie started to nip Baby. Now they will pull out tufts of fur when they nip and I think it really has to hurt – no question – it hurts.  Since we were inexperienced, we counted on all the research we did heavily and they said to keep trying to bond, they will eventually get along. We did car rides with them in a box to stress them to get along (sorta like I’m scared and you are scared so lets huddle together to be safe). We put them in a box on top of a running clothes dryer (another stress idea). But nothing worked. We changed bonding rooms, bonding areas, bonding toys and no luck. We put them in the bathroom, in the bathtub and in almost every room we have and still no luck. During this whole time we had rearranged a bedroom to house both of them in it with a divider down the middle to separate their areas. This was suppose to help – for them to see each other and get use to each other and watch each other.Oh they were watching but more like glaring of hate in their eyes.   But it never happened – the bond it is.  At one point they broke security while we were at work at tore both sides of the bedroom apart. There was fur everywhere. We were so lucky that neither one was hurt –they were both in their cages, huddled and frightened when we came home.  This was the turning point for Baby – she was afraid of Gracie up until then and still is to this day but she became a fighter after this and the relationship was really doomed.  We tried to bond them for about 2 – 3 months which is all documented on a great rabbit website called


Here is the link to bonding 2 females by bunnymama (they have changed their site and link no longer active – sorry).


They just don’t like each other and never will and have been moved into separate bedrooms and lead pretty separate lives.


I’ve since been told that dwarf females are extremely territorial and high strung.  Being a dwarf and being female could be the issue. I wish we had stopped trying to bond after about 3 weeks when we really never saw any encouraging signs. We just didn’t know any better.


Gracie is a really pretty and sweet little rabbit. She never seemed as smart as Baby (who amazes me with how bright she is all the time). But since Gracie got married (okay bonded) and she is much more intelligent than I ever gave her credit for. She always intrigues me with how she fanagles her way with her hubby and yet knows how to groom him like nobody’s business.  Gracie is my black bunny!


Graciesinglenew (2)


 Hey Gracie -What’s Up?




So alot of time has gone by since I got my precious black daughter Gracie – about 5 1/2 years. Time does by fast and before you know it, those close to you that you love and be taken away from you very quickly.  That was the case with Gracie.


I had noticed that Gracie didn’t seem quite herself. A little off some days – but then we all have off days.  One day she stopped eating for about 8 hours or so then the next morning she started eating again and seemed pretty normal.  So I was on high alert watching for any signs of trouble. If you’ve read my website at all, Gracie was the bunny that had both cancer and a previous kidney issue and I figure she was about 7 at this time because the family I got her from had her for 1 – 2 years before me. So I had be preoccupied with my 90 year old mother and preparing her for out patient surgery – so I had alot going on.  Then my mother was suddenly hospitalized for her heart – this was serious and that night when I came home after a long day, my husband said  those nasty words “Gracie has stopped eating”. Not good I knew what that meant GI Stasis – again , but why – what was the cause because it always has a cause?   Its a battle against time when they stop eating and are in GI Stasis so this meant the next morning we would divide and conqueror — my husband would take Gracie to our emergency vet a hour away and I would take Dino (my boy rabbit, Gracie’s husband) to his Eye Doctor Specialist and then to the hospital to see my mother.  So yes both my mother and daughter were in the hospital at the same time.  The vet admitted Gracie, quickly confirmed it was GI Stasis and started treatments to get her to eat and poop and drink.  They also determined that she has a large mass that was putting pressure on her other organs.  It was later determined that the mass was actually her one kidney so enlarged that it looked like a mass. They immediately put her on all the normal kidney drugs to jump start her kidneys. At first it seemed promising that after 4 days/3 nights at the vet hospital she had ate and could come home. But once we brought her home, she never ate again – I mean nothing.  The kidney meds were not working and I had her here at home with me trying to get her to eat, trying to do what was right but all the rabbit experienced vets  were out of town that weekend at a seminar so I made the decision to keep her at home with us. We gave her all of her meds including a subcutaneous iv.  The rabbit expert doctor had been gone too and she was Gracie’s only chance – that maybe, just maybe she could review Gracie’s case and see if she could find something, anything, a glimmer of hope beside kidney failure that might save my little girl. But the choices were not good – either bring her back to the vet hospital to try and get her to eat or put her down.  By this time Gracie had not eaten in 4 days. This is NOT GOOD and you should never DO THIS but I had no choice. I had to try and keep her comfortable until we could get her to the vet on Monday morning.  I knew deep down, days before when she has stopped eating that she was not going to come out of this.  And it was so. Those last days we stayed home with her, tried to comfort and love her as much as we could. She was not moving around much and was showing some signs of getting weaker. Since she had stopped eating – she made the decision for us, that we had no choice but to put her down. She was drinking water and pooping just a little so not a total shut down of her GI tract but I did say she had stopped eating.  So I took some photos of her those last days. I even picked her up and held her a few minutes – she hated that so not for long at all.  My Gracie, my black daughter who made me laugh every single day was sick and I would never see her again – but ending her life had to be done – she made the decision – she stopped eating. When meds and science and love can’t heal them, then its time to say good bye.


It’s been 7 weeks now and I am crying as I type this page – reliving the sorrow and pain and anguish.  I can tell you that the loss of  Gracie my pet rabbit who I considered my daughter is/was every bit as painful as losing my only brother just four months ago.  I had never lost a pet before because Baby was my first pet  – I had no idea how hard it would be.  But I can also remember happier times with Gracie and how spunky she was – running into the living room every single night – looking for poop left by Baby. Sniffing and chinning everything in sight.  Jumping up on the stool to get her nightly treat. Sitting in her favorite spot waiting for Dino (her husband) to come and join her so they could hop around the living room together.  Eating hay, so much hay I would have thought she was the healthy as can be.Pooping did I mention pooping –  she had the biggest poops of my three buns – she would hop fast and the poop would come out of her butt like a fertilizer spreader going in every direction. I would yell “Gracie get in that poop dish” and she would go the other way – hopping a full speed pooping all the way.  She would run around the living room every night when I talked to my mom on the phone – just so I would say “Running Gracie, good girl, good girl”.  Oh to have that on a video would be the best but when life is busy and you are busy you don’t ever think those precious times will ever come to an end. But they will and so fast. So while you can snuggle with your rabbits and humans – show them love – take some pictures and videos while you can.


Dino is now re-bonded to Lucy. Click here to learn more about there day by day bond.   Here is Gracie on her last day with us….


 Gracie sick1Graciesick2


Notice how her eye does not look bright and shiny – she just looks tired like leave me alone. I am posting these pics because I want you all to know what some of the warning signs are that your bun is sick.


Gracie was my black daughter and I will always love her and miss her. Binky on in heaven Gracie, binky on precious girl.




Getting Lucy has helped me alot with my grief and sorrow in missing my Gracie. I think of her every day and miss her every day. I now don’t feel so sad when I see Dino since he is with Lucy. He seems to be happy and so does Lucy – she just worships Dino and follows him everywhere.


REFELECTIONS on GRACIE…….. My little black bunny, named after my Aunt Gracie is now is heaven. Its been some time now that has passed since losing Gracie and I sure miss her running around the house. She was always doing something, usually something funny. Every night when she heard me dial the phone to call my mother she would run into the living room and stop dead in her tracks and look at me until I would say “running Graice, running, good girl”.  Then she would take off like a rocket hopping in circles around the furniture, stopping and looking at me to praise her running ability once again. This would interrupt my phone call with my mother who was so patient – she would ask “What is Gracie doing now?”  Yes I do miss that nightly ritual and I am so glad that I had my precious little black daughter in my life for the time that I did.


So here are more pic of little Gracie….miss you sweet little girl of mama’s – my black bunny….

IMG_0608 HeyWhatU   066

So I was contacted by Lisa who lives in the UK and has her own website and magazine. Website is and the magazine sold on her website is Bunny Mad.  Lisa wanted permission to publish some of Gracies pictures from website with her cancerous lump. So I was thrilled, that my little Gracie could continue to help other bunny parents by educating people about cancerous lumps. So when the magazine comes out with Gracie in it, I’ll be sure to purchase one and update this page too — my little girl will be published!


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The Story of Baby My 1st Bunny

This is the story of how I came to adopt Baby my first pet rabbit.


So we had some wild  cats in our neighborhood that were trying to kill the squirrels (yes I love and feed the squirrels too). So after some vicious attacks I thought that was enough and I called our local village hall and spoke to the wildlife expert. She said catch the cats and take them over to the Animal Welfare – Chicago Ridge IL and they will rehab them if possible. So we did. On a Sunday we caught a cat that seemed to be a little on the tame side, so over we took it. While there I noticed all the bunnies – I mean they had like 30 but there was this little gray one just sitting in it’s cage looking out with a blank stare.  I commented to my husband, “gosh that little rabbit is cute” and off home we went.

The next day we caught another cat and I was looking forward to seeing what that little gray bunny was up to. Well she was there, sitting staring into space again. Looking bored and lonely. So while we waited to do paperwork, I approached her and said “Hey little bunny, you are a cute one”. Over she hopped to my side of the cage, looking up at me with big, dark eyes. “You are a pretty girl” I commented and her ears sorta perked up.  I talked to her and she sat listening to me almost like she was hanging on my every word (if only my husband would).  Now she really had me, but home again we went that night without her.

On the third night we caught another cat (whoo hoo I’m three for three nights now and get to see that gray bunny again). Back we go.  There is she. So now I’m totally over by her cage trying to figure out what she is eating, how would I pick her up and gosh she is soooo cute. “Time to go” my husband says because I’ve spent all the time just talking to her.  So we leave and on the way home, I ask my husband “Hmm wonder how hard it is to have a pet rabbit”.


Now you must know that I love wild outdoor rabbits. In my area outside of Chicago we have Eastern cottontails – you know the brown wild rabbits. I love them and feed them and had a few generations of rabbits born right in my backyard. I have enough stories from that to fill another website so I do have a thing for bunnies – wild bunnies – not domesticated bunnies. But that little gray rabbit….can’t stop thinking about her all the time now.


The next night we had no luck catching a cat and I had to stay home and wonder what was that little gray bunny up to. Was she adopted, was she still there?   The following day, the suspense just about killed me. Had to go over to the Animal Shelter and see was she there. Yes she was and a nice volunteer answered a bunch of questions for me. The little gray rabbit had been there for a few weeks – she was the dirtiest rabbit they’d ever seen. Could not even tell what color she was when she came in they had said.So I went home all happy to tell my husband all about her – the little gray rabbit. He said “you should adopt her. You’ve never had a pet before. Go for it if you want, I’ll help you.” Oh nice it was all falling into place to get that little gray rabbit.  “But what about your allergies he said and my heart hit the ground.  Oh yes, the dreaded allergies to all living furry or feathered things and most things that grow in the ground too. But that rabbit was so cute, I had to figure out a way to adopt her. So I went to the allergist, got tested and I was testing okay at the time. But, “If you start to suffer any symptoms you’ll have to get rid of that rabbit – you are already on heavy duty drugs to control your allergies and we can’t really give you anything stronger” the doctor had scolded. So now I’m really wound up and want that little gray rabbit — really, really, really want her and already love her too!


So the next day we go to the shelter and she is there but with a ‘yellow hold sign’  on her cage. “What is this for” I asked. “She is being adopted” the lady told me. I said “wait a minute, I was told you can’t put an animal on hold. I’ve been here almost every day for a week, I just got tested for allergies to make sure I could adopt her and you tell me she is being adopted but she is still here with a hold sign on her!”. She explained “well we normally don’t hold them but someone marked her as a hold so we need to wait until the end of day to see if they come back”.  Now I’m a little mad and my husband is getting a little nervous and figures he’d better get me out of there before the police are called because he knows how badly I want that little gray rabbit. So I have to leave and come back tomorrow morning. Leave my little gray rabbit and someone might adopt her away from me. So home I go with my heart feeling very heavy with worry over losing her to another family. I have to wait like 17 hours before I can get back over there when they open. It was the longest 17 hours in my life I think.


So the next morning right after church, with my church clothes still on, over we race. So my heart is really pounding fast now.  – Is she gone? – Is she adopted?  I could hardly stand the suspense.  I burst in through the doors and the she is there with the ‘yellow hold’ sign still taped to her cage. You remember the hold sign on an animal when they don’t ever do holds. Yeah, right.  So I go up to the counter and say “I’m here to adopt the little gray rabbit”. The lady replies “Oh yes you have her on hold?”  “No” I respond. She looks back at me puzzled. “I came yesterday to adopt her, but she was on hold by someone else. I was informed you don’t do holds, but since you did, I had to wait to see if they came back for her, and if they don’t come back, she would be mine and they didn’t come back for her and I’m here now and I want my little gray rabbit please” I blurted out all in one breath. “Well, what do I do now” the lady asks her co-worker. “Not sure – this has never happened before” the other volunteer responds.So now I’m starting to get irritated. The rabbit is still there – the day after they told me I could have her. What is up with this. So I say “I’ve come here every day this week to see her, I had medical tests performed and everything. Now that little rabbit was on hold all day yesterday and I waited as I was told to and I don’t understand what the problem is. Why I can’t I adopt her?” I say.  “The other people might come back” the lady says.  I bark out “They had their turn and didn’t come back so I want her now and I’m here now”.  The  second lady says ” lets call the family” and they agree to make the call. I’m not happy about this but they call. And guess what…turns out the lady who brought her dog in for surgery saw the rabbit and thought maybe I’ll get her for my daughter – went home – and forgot about the little gray rabbit. How awful that an animal was being held for someone who never intended to adopt it  — but in hind sight it worked out for me because I got to adopt the little gray rabbit. The women in charge of small animals (Sue) was there and told me so much information about care and feeding – it was really priceless information. She loaned me a book on rabbit care that I returned after reading it twice.I became friendly with Sue and would take donations of items and money in from time to time. But home with us, she came that day — my little gray rabbit.


So home we went with her in a cardboard box and we left her in the box to go to the pet store to get everything good bunny parents needed. Cage, dishes, water bottle, hay, pellets, toys, hair brush, shampoo, nail clippers, poop dish, crumbled paper for the poop dish and treats — oh that pet shop owner loved us that day.We didn’t really need all of this stuff but we didn’t know that at the time. So we got home and set up our little girls cage. In she went. She sniffed around ate some pellets and then just sorta settled in. She was home with her family and now the 3 of us were a complete family.


What should we name her? I thought and thought and thought about it. They called her Silver at the shelter but that didn’t fit.  I would call her Baby as I talked to her and she learned her name really quickly – Baby. So Baby fits her very well, my little girl, Baby the bunny – the best daughter ever, bunny or human!


I would like to say my local Animal Shelter does a really good job with the volunteers they have and limited budget. They place many animals every day from there and I really do respect the people there and appreciate what they do for the area and the animals.


In the spring of 2013 Baby was hospitalized for GI Stasis once again due to her enlarged bladder but I never found the time to post the details about it.


Sadly Baby passed away on April 12,2014.  When I feel up to it, I will post the end of her story. Its been 6 weeks since she passed and I am just starting to feel a little better about it. Its been extremely hard as I considered her (and my other rabbits) my children and not my pets.  I will update this post with what happened to her soon.


Ok so if you don’t want to know all the details then stop reading now. It’s heartbreaking to lose a loved one so here it goes.


Baby was always sickly. Over the 7 3/4 years I had her she went to the vet 56 times.  That is about 8 visits per year. Seems like a lot for a little rabbit and it seemed like alot to me too.  She had the flap in her throat issue where she had a hard time controlling the flap that regulated her eating and breathing. She had e.cuniculi. She had constant eye issues from scarring and went to the vet every 4 – 6 weeks for a nasal and tear duct flush. She was an over groomer at one point (where a nervous bunny will lick themselves over and over in one spot until the fur is completely gone). She had an enlarged bladder (because I over feed her parsley the vet told me) and sore hocks (also known as bumblefoot) but still she was a happy little girl for the most part.  She was sorta sickly like I am sickly and I always wished I could take away all of her health problems but sadly I couldn’t.


So at times she would stop eating or stop eating that much and we would notice and put her on Baby Watch we would call it. Where we monitored her food intake and poop output very closely.


So she didn’t seem quite herself and we had her on Baby Watch. And on Wednesday morning we noticed she had hardly touched her food from overnight. She had pooped overnight some tho so that was encouraging. We gave her fresh food and tried to get her to eat but she just couldn’t be bothered so we made the decision to wait until lunch time. At lunch she had not eaten and there was little poop in her poop dish so we thought GI stasis – we know this too well. So off we took her to our emergency vet an hour away from home. They admitted her and kept her overnight. The next morning the news was not good. She had not eaten or pooped really. They were giving her meds and force feeding her but she was not really improving. She could not come home and had to stay another night. The vets were not sure what the exact cause of her GI stasis was either. they suspected fur impaction. This carried on into Friday morning now and still the news was grim. She was not improving.  They said call them on Sat am to see if she had improved any and could go home. So on Saturday morning after days and nights of worrying we called and they said she had pooped on her own and was well enough to go home. We were thrilled. Our little girl was coming home – that was great news, the news we had hoped for. So off we went to get her – that hour drive.  When Baby saw us the vet tech said – well glad to see her perk up when see saw you guys. So with 8 meds in hand we took our girl home, back home for the hour drive. She was acting funny. In the car on the way home, she kept dipping her face in her water container something she had never done and I thought how add that behavior was. She had never done this before let alone several times before. She didn’t look exactly like she normally did, but then again she went through a lot being gone from us for 3 days and 2 nights but soon she would be home.


So we got her home and put her in her room. She seemed to be glad to be home, she did that hop where she kicked out her hind legs sorta out straight. You know what I’m talking about. I got her fresh food and hay and water and she didn’t care. It was about 11:45am.  I noticed right away that her breathing seemed weird. Maybe labored some but she didn’t seem scared or concerned. I wondered if we should take her back up to the animal hospital but it was an hour away and the experienced bunny doctors would have left for the day and not returned until Monday so we thought maybe its the meds making her breathe a little funny and we kept her here with us.  She sat near her cage in a strange place where she never sat and just sorta stared into space. You know what I mean – a deep stare as if she was watching someone or something.  I’ve read 2 theories on why bunnies stare. One is that they can hear the electrical current in the walls and the other is from the Long Island Medium (tv series) Theresa Caputo who says that animals can see the spirits for those humans and other animals that have passed for us and of course she could have been staring at God.  So even when I talked to her – nothing -just a deep stare. Usually she would at least acknowledge me but nothing – for hours nothing – no response really, maybe a slight glance but not like she normally was. She was sitting kinda funny too. Like she was about to leap or something and her look was odd but she didn’t look afraid of whatever she saw.  Around 4:00 pm she moved into a different room -but still the stare – still not eating – still paying no attention to me even when I petted her and talked to her – nothing. I thought this is very strange maybe she just needs some rest. The vet tech warned us that she may not eat but since we would be force feeding her critical care 3 times a day, that would be enough to sustain her and not to be concerned.   At about 6:00 pm I heard her run from the other room to her room and I heard her hit the metal part of her cage and my husband said “Baby what are you doing” as he was lying in the bed in that room but didn’t turn to look at her. But I came quickly from the other room to find her near her cage, almost to her favorite safe spot, laying on her side with her legs moving in mid air. I blurted out Baby are you alright?  I said to my husband, Brad something is wrong and I turned her onto her stomach so she was laying stretched out on the carpet. Her eyes were open.  I said Brad she is not moving, she is not moving I think she is having a seizure or something, get up, get up. So he came over and I said is she okay and he said I don’t know, I don’t know. So I will spare you the rest of the details about how we tried calling our vet’s hospital we had just gotten her from frantically to determine if she was having a seizure and how to tell if she was breathing. In reality it might have been 2 minutes but she hadn’t moved.  The hospital wanted us to bring her in but we were an hour away so that was not an option. We called another emergency vet hospital closer to us but they don’t treat rabbits but if we brought her in they could tell us if she was alive or not. But by now, it had been about 5 minutes and still no movement from her what so ever and as my husband with tears in his eyes grabbed her up to rush her to the closer vet hospital, while sobbing I said but Brad she hasn’t moved and it’s been several minutes, she hasn’t moved, she hasn’t moved.  And then we realized she was gone. Our precious angel was gone. I knew this day would come but I was unprepared for this – now when we had brought her home.  We are not sure what was the final thing that took her from us – a ruptured stomach or what. But it didn’t matter – she was gone.


 The week after I lost Baby another person emailed me for advice and I suggested they take their bunny into the vet but while on the phone making their vet appt, their bunny died exactly like Baby did, as you think they are having a seizure but actually they had passed already – in an instant just gone. So sad.


So for now I try to think of the good times with her and not how we had to take care of her body until Monday morning when the vet could take her from us. We wrapped her in a towel with her face showing and placed a bag of ice under her body and put the ice and her in a box with the flaps open. All weekend long I would cry and talk to her just like I did when she was alive. My husband lovingly changed the ice a few times a day to keep her body cool. Something you never think about – what to do with her little body, right?  And for the second time what to do with her remains, bury her, cremate her, what. So I did the same thing that I did for Gracie back in Sept. We had her cremated and her remains spread over an open field at the pet cemetery with Gracie and others. So sad, so much grief, so much sadness. For weeks I’ve been sad as she was my life and my day revolved around her. Seeing her always made me smile and then suddenly she is just gone.


I can tell you that if I did not have other rabbits and had lost my only rabbit, I would have been right at the shelter to adopt another one – but I do have 2 rabbits here, Lucy and Dino, a bonded pair.


My vet made a paw print for both Gracie and Baby.  It means so much to me to have Gracie’s paw print and I know it will to have Baby’s too when I pick it up. I am going to do separate picture memorials for my bedroom for both Gracie and Baby and then my husband will do a more elaborate memorial picture for Baby for the bedroom where she lived. It will be 2 months next week since I Iost Baby next week and I don’t cry as much but I am sure just sad. My whole day was centered around a 4 lb bunny who is now in heaven and I just feel sad most of the time. I expect the heartbreak to lessen as time goes by. but it’s hard. So love, hug and kiss your bunny today cuz you never know. Also take a selfie of you and your bunny so you will always have it as a remembrance.


Baby chilling

I had Baby for 2,786 days which sounds like a lot, but it wasn’t anywhere long enough…….


Baby head box

The one thing I am so grateful about is that she died at home, her home, here with her mama and Boo close by and not in the vet hospital. I will always be eternally grateful for that.


Baby up

Another thing to mention is that Baby was a loving rabbit who loved attention. It was only after she passed that I realized I made her that way but doting on her and kissing her and petting her so much. She got use to it and liked it. So in retrospect it was me who needed her attention and I made her into a snuggle bunny in time.

Binky on sweet Baby, Binky on!

Baby statue


This poem was given to me with my Gracie’s paw print by my vet and it has brought me comfort and I wanted to share it with you….


The Rainbow Bridge

inspired by a Norse legend


By the edge of a woods, at the foot of a hill,

Is a lush, green meadow where time stands still.

Where the friend of man and woman do run,

When their time on earth is over and done.


For here, between this world and the next,

Is a place where each beloved creature finds rest,

On this golden land, they wait and play,

Till the Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.


No more do they suffer, in pain or in sadness,

For here they are whole, their lives filled with gladness,

Their limbs are restored, their health renewed,

Their bodies have healed, with strength imbued.


They romp through the grass, without even a care,

Until one day they start, and sniff at the air.

All ears prick forward, eyes dart front and back,

Then all of a sudden, one breaks from the pack.


For just at that instant, their eyes have met;

Together again, both person and pet.

So they run to each other, these friends from long past,

The time of their parting is over at last.


The sadness they felt while they were apart,

Has turned into joy once more in each heart.

They embrace with a love that will last forever,

And then, side-by-side, they cross over….together.




AFTER THOUGHTS…..Since little Baby died, I had a huge revelation about her personality. You see, I always told everyone that she was my snuggle bunny – that she needed to snuggle and was needie but the truth be told is that I made her that way, because I needed her attention. I doted on  her and chased her around the house crawling on my knees to get her attention. Its me, it was me that needed her love and attention. I made her want to snuggle and once she realized that she could trust me (1 year of time for her to completely trust me), then she loved to snuggle as much as I wanted to snuggle her. So give your rabbit more and more attention – they deserve it and that is why you have them  – to love, honor, praise and snuggle with them. Snuggle while you can – because time goes by fast and then they are gone. So take your pics, and selfies and snuggle, oh yes snuggle.

Meatloafbaby babychill babyboxsmall Babycloseup

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at

About Bunny Mama

I (BunnyMama) have had 4 domestic, pet rabbits of my own, Baby, Gracie, Dino and Lucy.  I lost both Gracie at age 7 1/2 years  and Baby at 8 years old.  Dino and Lucy are a bonded pair.  My love for bunnies has lead me to develop this site to help you understand and take care of your bunnies.  I believe that the more you know about your rabbits, the happier both you and your rabbit(s) will be!

Rabbits are amazing animals that each have their own  personality. Getting to know one can be challenging and that is why I have dedicated this site to helping others understand their pet rabbits and to be able to find helpful information on care and health of rabbits.

They are wonderful pets if you can devote, the time and expense!!!!!!

A little more about me….BunnyMama. I am female, in my early 50’s (cringe to think I am this old now), married and have 2 bunnies as of the day this page was updated in May of 2014. Baby was my first rabbit and my first pet.  I had never had a pet before (assuming 2 goldfish don’t count).  I have no children and so I am able to dedicate alot of time to the care and attention to these  wonderful loving bunnies that are part of my family and my world.  When I got my first rabbit I couldn’t find much information on the internet about rabbits and you really had to search hard to find anything on them.  Now I have a pretty good list of reference sites and materials for a newbie.

My first rabbit Baby was the inspiration and the reason why I started this site. It was from taking care of her and the lack of good information on the internet back in 2006 that got me to start this website. So this website is Baby’s legacy – Binky on in heaven Baby, binky on precious little girl – you and mama are helping other bunnies Baby!

I am not an expert but I certainly would like to share the experiences I have had with others so that you can learn from it.  If you have found my website helpful, then drop me an email and let me know as it is your enthusiasm that keeps me posting and writing (its a lot of work – you have no idea).  So a little encouragement my way helps a lot to give me the incentive to keep writing and posting.  If you have an idea for a page just let me know – I’d love to hear from you.

Feel free to email me about anything bunny at Thanks!

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Hey thanks for stopping by and reading about my fur covered children. I just love bunnies and being a bunny parent. I can’t tell you what joy and love owning rabbits has brought into my life.  It has been alot of fun and learning. Gosh when I got my first rabbit Baby back in August of 2006, you could hardly find any information on rabbits and care. So I started my website to help others learn from my experiences of being a bunny parent. I  can’t believe that when I first got Gracie, she had a small pc of poop dish Carefresh in her eye  – well I so freaked out and called the vet and raced over there with her and then he just casually used a wet q-tip to “catch” the pc and fished it out of her eye – it took about 20 seconds and that vet thought I was nuts. Now I know better but hey when every situation is new and you don’t know what to do you go to the vet.  So read on and check out my pages – I try to add some often (or as often as I can).


Here is Baby below up on the stool. I trained my rabbits to go up on this stool and every time they do, I give them a treat ( just a pc of a larger treat is fine too – check out my treat page ). The stool is next to the sofa so I can sit and watch tv and a bunny will lounge up there while I pet them and watch tv. Gosh look at that face, I took the pic before I gave her the treat – a bunny with an attitude!  Give me my treat already and put the camera down – you don’t know how to use it anyway Bunny Mama…..



Don’t let your bunny be hidden or locked away from you when you are home. Set them free to wander and explore (after you bunny proof)  and have fun.  Who knows you might just see what a bunny binky is.


Have you been groomed yet? Check out this term on my Bunny Terms page. I have been groomed and it’s fun.


Just finished a page on bonding – my latest pair – Dino & Lucy! Click here to read all about it.


Meet Lucy my newest daughter.


Since I am a bunny lover and everyone knows it, recently I have gotten a few emails about different posts on the Bunny Island. I could tell the people in the images and links were foreign of Asian decent, but I had no idea what or where this place over run with domestic bunnies was.  Then my niece Terra sent me this link and I figured it out. Its an island off of Japan where hundreds of bunnies have taken over and multiplied like bunnies do. Here is just one link but they are alot more out there. I hope that these bunnies have enough food to eat as I am concerned about them and I am unsure what other hazards or predators they have there. – The Rabbits of Ōkunoshima Island

Wonder what you think about Bunny Island? Let me know if you get a chance….

Stay awhile and look around.  Hope you learn something and laugh while you are here.   Thanks for checking us out……. Bunny Mama

APRIL 2014


A bunny for Easter  – think again and read this page before purchasing

a rabbit for a child of any age!!!




PLEASE WAIT UNTIL WELL AFTER EASTER TO ADOPT A BUNNY AS A LIFELONG PET AND COMMITMENT TO ENSURE THAT THE BUNNY WILL GO TO A GOOD LOVING HOME…DON’T GET A BUNNY AT EASTER TIME!  Adopting a bunny is an 8 – 10 year commitment and will require a fair amount of work – read my page before adopting please.!


See what Red Door Animal Shelter (of Chicago) says about a rabbit for Easter by clicking here.




Worried about your bunnies outdoors in the cold – read this new page –Keeping them Warm!

June 2014

Welcome to a site for rabbit news, advice and support!

Bunny Basics PDF – this is 14 pages of valuable information from a shelter that has helped, cared for, loved and found homes for rabbits for over 10 years! So please take some time to read it when you can.

Thanks for Toni Greetis from Red Door Animal Shelter for the pdf Bunny Basics and for permission to use the adorable image below.


R.I.P — Baby If you have been to my site before, then you know I am passionate about my pet rabbits. They are my family, my children and my life. I lost my precious Gracie back in Sept of 2013. Now I have the sad news to post that my first rabbit, Baby has also gone to the Rainbow Bridge and is binky-ing in heaven. I love you and miss you Baby. When I can compose her story I will post what happened on her page and on Saying Goodbye. This has been heartbreaking for me as I considered Baby my daughter in every way and I would tell her this almost daily, “Baby you are the best daughter ever, bunny or human and Mama loves you”. I will need some more time before I can post the details -thanks for your understanding. Binky On precious little girl Baby, Binky On…. Baby Kort Adopted August 28, 2006 – Passed April 12, 2014 ( Approximate age 8 years old) Baby was the reason why I started this website. She inspired me to help other bunny parents because in 2006 I could not find the help or answers I needed and craved as a bunny parent.

Baby’s page has been updated with her final chapter. Click on Baby to read about her last day now.


From August 2014




You would not even believe how much work this was to port my old site over to this new one…brutal. But it’s done – Yey!!!!!!!    So if you see something stupid or a broken image or link, then kindly let me know. It’s going to take me awhile to get the hang or replying to posts and comments and such so please be patient with me.

What’s New – well I’ve been hearing from a lot of you with good questions, emergency situations, advice,  bonding support and some just hey love your website!  So thanks to all of you. Its your comments and gratitude that keep me doing this.  If you emailed me along time ago and I never answered, well turns out my email was not working properly and I thought no one cared about bunnies or my website , but I am happy to say people do care about bunnies – YEH!

So the final chapter has been written for my Baby (my first rabbit) who passed away in April.  You can click on Baby to read the details and how I got her in the first place. Miss you Baby girl.

Thanks to Toni at Red Door Animal Shelter for this fantastic Bunny Basics PDF – a must read for all bunny parents. Click on the link below.  THIS SHOULD BE YOUR RABBIT CARE BIBLE….

Bunny Basics PDF

Jackie’ Bunny Family page has been updated – includes a movie!  Gosh she and her bunnies are always up to something….

I have expanded the Grief Support section to include a place where you bunny parents can post some final loving words to your precious babies that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

On the top nav check out the Bunny Friends which are new photo galleries – one for single buns and one for bonded pairs. You can add your photos yourself.

Also on the top nav is the Forum – which I am most excited about. This will allow bunny parents to post questions and I can reply and everybun can see them!  This way you can see what others are asking and learn from it. If I don’t know the answer I will tell you because I am not a vet or vet assistant, I am just a bunny  mama.

Here’s an important one – new page added called Know the Warning Signs – IMPORTANT – Seek Vet Help. Please read this page if do nothing else on my site and it may just save your rabbits life.

I updated the Foods and Treats page and incorporated what Red Door Animal Shelter recommends for foods and treats. Read more by clicking here.

I might have missed some details of what’s new… so take some time and nose around…..

Also Red Door Animal Shelter had a liter of 10 babies –  here are just a few of them –thanks again for this pic Toni – its so funny it cracks me up every time I see it.



Dino says thanks for stopping by and checking us out!  Come back again soon.


December 2014

Thanks for visiting my website, a place for bunny parents to learn more about their bunnies. I hope you will find the information helpful as it takes a lot of thought and time to post these pages. So I hope you will stay around and check out a few pages and learn something while you are here.

Here are pics of Lucy and Dino all decked out for Christmas – well okay we tried but their Christmas sweaters were too small but thanks for making these Julie…. we love em…… Merry Christmas!

IMG_1057 IMG_1055 - Copy IMG_1054 - Copy


Read alot of information on how to  Holiday Bunny Proof and Other Days Bunny Proof on these two pages – check em out now!

Remember no wrapped presents or tree skirts or anything under that tree that you want to keep that is as almost anything under a normal Christmas tree can be toxic to your bunny. Read up on holiday bunny proofing please.

It’s dark, but here is my Baby under the Christmas Tree chillin -miss you little girl.



Check out my pages on holiday bunny proofing to see what that box in the image above is all about.  TAKE STEPS TO PROTECT YOUR BUNNY!

This will be Lucy’s first Christmas around an artificial Christmas tree so we are going to take precautions for sure. So far so good, Lucy wants no part of the Christmas tree and has not even gone near it. Dino approached it once, laid near it and feel asleep. Typical Dino for you….


Check out my new page on Top Ten Gift Ideas for bunnies and bunny parents….



So my husband Brad was recently on a vacation/business trip and took this pic of the Grand Canyon for me.  As I was admiring the majestic beauty of the canyon, I looked up and look what I saw in the image?  Look at the image below upper right hand corner – see it?

Grand Canyon Bunny Cloud

Is that not a perfect sleeping bunny?  In full size or just larger that looks just like a perfect sleeping little bunny.

Look below in case you missed it on your own. How cool is that? I have always wanted to see one of these in real life but this is pretty good too.

Bunny Cloud Shot with Arrow


Remembering Gracie – yep its been a year since I lost Gracie my black bunny, the funniest bunny ever!  Click here to read more…..and also see this link on Painting Your Own Bunny’s Portrait. I just painted Gracie, see image below and how you too can do this – really you can do this too.

Paint Gracie Step 4

For the record I plan on going back 3 more times to paint Lucy and Dino (separately)  my bonded pair, and Baby who I Iost earlier this year. I can’t wait to go back…..


New post on Dino’s continued eye problems. Yep Dino is really having a bad month, just like I did in October – sick most of the month. But enough about me, see this post to hear about Dino.

When Routine Becomes Emergency

I’ve updated this page You Are Their Best Defense  completing Dino’s page on his recent eye issues so check it out. He is all good now – you go Dino!

If you have a specific question about your rabbit, please email me at

Recently Asked Questions

So since I’ve launched this new website, this page is obsolete.  I used to list the questions and answers that folks sent over to me. But now you can post your own question and I’ll answer it and everyone can see it — so we are educating other bunny parents. Isn’t that great. So click on the Forum link on the top nav and post your question…….thanks much — Bunny Mama

QUESTION:  Is it normal for my bunny to “chin” everything in sight.

ANSWER: Yes, bunnies have scent glands under their chin and they will rub their chin on objects to mark or claim them. Bunnies are territorial so they mark objects to show ownership.  It’s the highest compliment to be chinned by your bunny.

QUESTION:  Is it normal for my young male bunny to throw or fling his poop?

ANSWER:  No, I’ve never heard that before.  It’s funny tho. I had assumed the the young bun’s instincts had kicked in to eat his poop (ceco poops) and since he was young he was having fun with it. I assume the bun will grow out of it once his fascination with flinging the poop wears off.  The bunny parent had later realized the bun had never really seen his own poop before since prior to her adopting him, he was kept in a hutch with a wire floor where all of his poop fell through a grate. Now that the cage had a floor he was poop flinging bun!  That is funny. I should ask for a video.

QUESTION:  I just fed my bunnies clover, spinach and basil. Is that okay?

ANSWER:   First check the list of approved foods by doing some research on proper foods for you bun. Please don’t feed them something new and then wonder if it’s okay.  If the food is approved, give it in very limited small quantities once. Watch their poop and behavior before giving some again in a few days.  Rabbits have sensitive stomachs and digestion and you don’t want to give them an upset tummy.

QUESTION:  I have a male and female bonded pair that are young – about 6 months old. I just got the male fixed and he and the female are not getting along. The male circles and mounts the female and she seems afraid. What do I do?

ANSWER: This was not a simple answer. Because they were bonded, you don’t really want to separate them. The owner felt the male was being aggressive and the female was afraid of the male.She worried they might hurt each other. After males get fixed, it can take 4 – 6 weeks for their hormones to calm down. I suspected the male needed to calm down for sure. So I suggested that she house the buns in separate hutches right next to each other for 4 -6  weeks allowing them run and play time out together until he calms down and is not aggressive any more. Housing the next to each other where they can see and smell each other will not break their bond.

QUESTION:  I think one of my bunnies has fleas. Small dark oval shaped bug. What do I do? How do I treat them?

ANSWER: This is something I’d never thought about. My bunnies are house kept and never let out. Fleas normally come from some other fur animal that are brought into your house. So I googled picture of fleas. They are tiny, very tiny. Blackish brown and oval. They are smaller then the tip of tweezers – tiny little creepy things. Having an issue uploading a pic right now. So I looked online and found these a good webpage with information with treating fleas for bunnies. As I know that  you can’t just use any old over the counter flea product. SINCE RABBITS ARE CONSTANTLY CLEANING THEMSELVES YOU SHOULD NOT JUST SPRAY THEM WITH A TREATMENT.

House Rabbit suggests Revolution. I recently visited my vet and posed the question to her. She said “Revloution is the best because it’s absorbed into the skin and does not pose a risk of sickening or poisoning the rabbit. Vets use it for any bug that you might find on your rabbit, not just for fleas.”  A vet must prescribe Revolution – it cannot be bought in a pet store. Since rabbits lick themselves and other rabbits you must be very careful about the treatment you use.

QUESTION:  Why would my rabbit being eating it’s own fur? I think she is biting off her fur in large areas – what is wrong with her?

ANSWER: This could be caused by several things I am aware of. If your rabbit is female, she might be pulling out her fur or biting off her fur to make a nest. Check around her area for any signs of a nest.  The nest could be hidden quite well so look around good.  If no nest is found, she might be doing this from stress. Think of whether or not her area has changed, you moved her to a new room, got a new cage or enclosure….any change might have her stressed out and so she is biting off her fur and possibly eating her fur to calm herself.  Spend more time with her and try to observe exactly what she is doing. If neither of these seem to be likely then she might have a skin infection or rash. Check the skin under the fur where she is biting and look for dry patches, sores, flakiness or redness.  The skin might be irritated from something.  Look for ticks or fleas also. You should take her to a vet to be checked out.

QUESTION:  What is the breed of my rabbit?

ANSWER: Check out this website to help identify your rabbit’s breed.


QUESTION: What do you do with the cage door when it’s down so that the bun doesn’t get hurt or get it’s paw or leg caught in between the bars?

ANSWER: I take a cotton hand towel and fold it in half and then sorta tuck it in between the first set of bars where the cage door meets the cage. Let the towel fall into the cage. Then the opposite end just tuck under the cage door itself. This way you have made a safe and comfortable ramp for you bun to travel safely up and down.


QUESTION:  Rachael from New York recently asked where to go to adopt a bun.

ANSWER:  I always recommend you start with your local House Rabbit Society Chapter  – go for more info.  Then you can try -this gives a good start as to what buns are in your area to adopt. You can use the left nav to search by animal type and narrow down your search by location and breed. Not all animals are on this site but  sadly alot are.  So many buns need forever homes – its sad.   Lastly check out your local shelter or Animal Welfare – they can have rabbits for adoption or can refer you to another shelter that does have rabbits. Either way adopting a bunny is  win-win for you and the bun.

QUESTION: How do you protect your Christmas Tree and gifts from your buns?

ANSWER:This is easy. Just read my page on Holiday Rabbit Proofing by clicking here.


QUESTION: What kind of hay do you feed your buns?

ANSWER: I feed my buns Oxbow brand Orchard Grass (which I buy in 50 pound box at a time) and Timothy hay. We also just started getting hay from and my buns love it!

QUESTION: My rabbits poop is white and she like to eat anything paper. Do you think she is okay? She is acting normal and eating other wise.

ANSWER: Well paper is white and if she got into some then that could surely turn her poop white. I would watch her closely – no more paper.  Make sure she is not getting into anything else. Watch her poops for at least 24 hours as the poop may be white for a few more hours until it runs through her system. Be ready to take her to the vet if the issue continues.

UPDATE: Turned out the bunny was eating drywall/sheet rock in her area where she was kept during the day. After a close check of her entire area pcs of the drywall were found to confirm that was the white stuff making her poop white and they took actions to keep her out of this area until it can be fixed. I’ve heard for rabbits eating drywall before so note to all you bunny parents out there – watch out for this in unfinished areas of your home.

QUESTION: My  bunnies eyes look red – they seem okay but are just red around the lower lids.

ANSWER:  Well this could be normal for your bunny as my Dino has alot of eye issues but his eyes are always on the reddish side. If you are not seeing any discharge or weeping or white puss then he or she may be okay. the only way to know for sure would be to take him or her to a vet to be checked out.

QUESTION: I recently took my two buns out to my mothers house for the afternoon and ever since my return home, one of them is hiding in its cardboard house and hasn’t come out but to eat and poop. Is she okay?

ANSWER: Most bunnies don’t travel well and this can be stressful. If you had to chase her to pick her up , this can terrify a bun too.  Just keep a watch on her and make sure she is eating and pooping and I would think in a day or two she should return to normal.

QUESTION: I was reading your page on rabbits with “poopie butt” and I was hoping you’d have some advice. I have a Lion Head bunny. Smal and he’s such a good bunny. He gets “poopie butt”. The problem is he is a long-haired so the poop is getting stuck in matts, I feel horrible for letting this happen, I’m not sure what I can do. I’m afraid to cut out the matts and accidentally cut skin but I am worried he’s uncomfortable. Not to mention he gets stinky. What do you suggest doing for a long-haired rabbit with mats?

ANSWER:  So poopie but is normally caused by not having enough fiber in their diet. Does he eat a decent amount of hay?  Does he eat a lot of greens instead of hay? My  Baby does not like hay and rarely eats it on her own, so I sprinkle hay pcs and the hay powder from the bottom of the hay bay on her greens to help bulk her up.  It could be something else causing it but I would start with trying to bulk him up on hay as he should be eating more hay then greens or pellets and oh yeas too many pellets can cause poopie butt and I think that stress can cause it too.    I think the ruling on pellets is so much per pound of bunny – for example Dino and Lucy only get an 1/8 of a cup  (a measuring cup) a day of pellets for the two of  them – it’s more a treat. You may not be able to go what serving size the pellet bag says as it might be overstated.  If you have to cut down on greens or pellets do it slowly so that you don’t just make him go cold turkey on losing something.  So for cleaning his butt. Put about 3 or 4 inches of lukewarm water into your bathroom sink. Let his butt soak in the water for 4 – 5 minutes. We let the bunny sit up holding its body and front paws so only its butt is in the water sitting in the sink.  Then with your hand gently rub his butt to loosen the poop – but he careful as if you pull or tug away the poop it will pull his hair. If the poop is close to his private parts – be extra careful and let him soak longer. Usually after 5 minutes you can gently ease the poop off of the fur but be extra careful to not hurt him. This works really good for us.  Then dry him off as best as you can. You might want to put him down on your bathroom floor first as he will shake the minute you put him down and water will spray everywhere.  Using soap is not usually required.  The poop loosens when in wate for a few minutes. Let me know how this works for you… see the bottom of this page for more info –rabbit poop 101.


QUESTION: I wanted to know is it possible for a bunny and a dog to bond cuz we have a pekingese and the 2 are inseperable! I keep them seperated but they wil lie next to each other on difrent sides of the gate and we decided to give them 20 min supervized play time to see what they do, and from the moment we put them together they groomed each other and lie next to each other and play with the toys and what the one does the other does aswel! Its so cute and they love each other I’m just super careful, but Tinkel  (rabbit) is clearly the dominant one, when she gits mad at Benji (dog)she will chase him and then they make up again. I feel bad keeping them apart cuz they look like best friends, so I just do a short supervized play time.

ANSWER: Adorable is all I can say. So yes bunnies can bond to other animals, cats, dogs, birds, hamsters almost any animal as long as the two want to be together. So yes supervised bonding sessions and I would never allow them to be alone unsupervised out where one could hurt the other or the dog may get to rough and hurt the baby bunny.    The bunny might try to mount the dog and trouble might start then or as the bunny gets more mature and gets hormones then it might start some trouble.   Just leave them together for short supervised visits daily if you can and see how it goes…cute, cute, cute…..

QUESTION:  I have two female bunnies. I’m in the process of having the fixed. My question is, why do they try and dominate each other?

ANSWER:   Well in the bunny world one bunny is usually dominant sorta like the king or president if you will.
Having a top bunny will establish which one sets the rules and at least for my bunnies the top bunny wants to be groomed/kissed/licked by the other bunny.  He also dictates when they come out of their room into the living
room too. Sounds silly to humans but it’s the bunny world.  When you bring them home from their surgery – they will need several days to lay and do nothing – no jumping ,running, hopping or stairs or even getting into their
cage may become a problem. Be very careful when picking them up as their entire belly will be stitched.  They may not eat or drink much for the first two days and will slowly return to normal. They won’t even move around at all – just lay in one spot for like 12 -24 hours. Try not to disturb them by cleaning their area if you can.

QUESTION:   I have a beautiful little holland lop named Zoey. Zoey is about a year and 2 months old and she is the sweetest, most well behaved bunny. Zoey is spayed and litter trained and my apartment is bunny proof so she has always had full run, although her cage and favorite places to hangout are in my room. Recently, I received a new roommate who thought zoey was very “cute” so she bought a bunn for herself and brought it home without my knowledge and without introducing them before placing them directly next to each other. As instinct Zoey first mounted the bunny and after some struggle she bit the other bunny (not drawing blood). I wasn’t present during any of it and I was obviously very concerned when I heard what happened. Now I’m so worried their friendship is doomed for good (since the other bunn isn’t going anywhere) and that zoey’s perfect personality is going to change- she’s been thumping around my room all night. I’ve never had any problems with her in the year I’ve had her and it breaks my heart to see her upset! Please help me with any advice you may have!

ANSWER:  Hmm well so you can’t just put them together as you know from my website. You have to plan and prepare to bond them. Now they both must want to be bonded or it won’t work.  Since you have the other bunny in your place, I say try to bond them.  Can you make your bathroom neutral – make it clean and free of all bunny scents and then use that room as a bonding area? You’ll need the spatter screen and super thick gloves.  You will be able to read their body language toward each other since you know your little rabbit so well you should be able to tell if she runs and hides or mounts like you said.  In my experience I’ve never seen blood drawn but it can happen and I personally would not try to bond if that happened.  I would keep them totally apart and make sure they can’t get to each other as one of them might become aggressive and determined to rule the other one and escape to get to the other one so safety firs. Make sure both areas they are kept in are safe and unescapeable – even a small space they can squeeze through – 2 of bunnies recently got through a 2.5 inch opening! No harm done but I was lucky this time so I modified the gate and I’ve yet to post about this on my website but will.  You need to be prepared to allow these bunnies to live separate lives in your home – I have that with Baby separate from Lucy & Dino (the bonded pair). How did the other bunny react? Give me more details and you try and bond them. However when one of you moves out, the bunnies need to stay together from that point on  (if they bond) so one of you will have to give up your bunny to the other one – that is imperative if they bond. Give me some feedback and name of the other bunny on what happened when they first met……..hang in there and just continue to be protective of Zoey as you don’t want either bunny to get hurt and you want them to be happy……

UPDATE:   Since Zoey’s mom had no idea bunnies bonded for life and was very surprised to learn that.  Since she and Zoey would be leaving this living arrangement in a few months, they determined it best to NOT bond these bunnies, but keep them safely away from each other.

QUESTION:  Ed asked this question – “what should i do if its cold outside and i cant bring in my 4 rabbits inside  can i put a blanket”?

ANSWER:  I had no good answer since my rabbits are kept indoors. So I created a new page called  Keeping them Warm” that contains some info and links on what others are saying and doing on this timely topic.

QUESTION: I have a pair of bonded bunnies and a close friend of mine is going to adopt a bunny. Is it a bad idea to introduce her bunny to my pair if they are not going to live together?

ANSWER:  Yes is is a very bad idea to introduce the bunnies if they will NOT be living together as it can be stressful on a bunny. Also they could hurt each other and fight so it’s best to let them be separate and not introduced as working out the bunny dominance thing can take a long, long, long time and some times it never takes (read my pages about bonding).

QUESTION:  I have a lion’s head rabbit,  I started getting allergic to him with itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, & sometimes I get itchy patches on my face & arms. I don’t brush him or wipe him because it activates my reaction, I use to bathe him but I only do it once in a blue moon when I feel he needs a cleaning & he enjoys it. So to prevent me from all this allergy trouble should I bathe him & or trim some or his long hair?  I sometimes take him out to play with him knowing that It will start a reaction & he’s a chinner. He’s just to cute & I just don’t want my allergies to interfere anymore. I need some of your advise please. 

Gosh your bunny is adorable.  So well bathing or hair cutting I don’t think will help as I think the issue is with his dander from his skin.   Here are some things to try to help you out.  Can you keep him and his cage out of your bedroom – this is key. Can you try to change up his liter material as it looks like you are using wood chips and it might be that causing you an issue. Can you try Carefresh just for a few weeks to see if it gets any better and wash down his whole cage to get rid of any residue from the wood chips. Be sure to keep his hay out of your bedroom too as most people may be allergic to the hay and not the rabbit. I would recommend having an allergy test to see if you are allergic to him or to any hay.Either your regular dr or an allergist can perform the test.   Then you
would know for sure. How long have you had him and do you normally get spring allergies?  Do you break out in a rash exactly where he chins you?  Could you try and handle him with gloves maybe and keep long sleeves on?

Here is an article I found for you to review — bathing with a special shampoo can help it says  (on occasion).  Check it out

Try to make some of these changes and let me know how it goes as that sweet little bunny needs you. I take over the counter allergy meds every day to keep my allergies in check, although at last check I was not allergic to my bunnies….  

QUESTION:  Will my white bunny’s eye color change from red to another color as he ages?

ANSWER: Gosh I am totally  not sure about the red eye thing as a bunny ages. I know that some bunnies seem to have black, brown or red eyes but I am sorry that I really don’t know about the eye color changing.  Here are some links I found for you while googling (love google). According to these articles eye color can change but may not.

So ask a question, who knows you might just get your own page!


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This is a silly page of fun and interesting rabbit, bunny, rabbit like, bunny like things in the world.  Hope you enjoy them.

Below is a picture of where Rabbit Road meets Bunny Lane on Sanibel Island in Florida.  If you ever visit there, find this intersection as alot of the homes on these streets have rabbit statues on their mailboxes. How fun is that! Wish I lived there.


Here is another view of the same signs.


This can be tricky to find as while searching for it on a map I can’t find it. Maybe ask a local how to get there. On my next visit I will pay more attention on how to get there and post more info.

So got some pic of Rabbit Road below.



So I returned to Sanibel Island,  Florida and I found Rabbit Road and took more pics (yes I am obsessed with Rabbit Road). Here are more pics of the street signs and of the mailboxes of folks living on Rabbit Road that adorn their mailboxes with rabbits! I love it.


Looks like our rental car photo bombed the pic below – bad rental car.


Another little guy.


 Cute – Cute – Cute – I love this street.



 Can’t forget a cute bunny butt when you see it.


In true Sanibel style, at Manatee mail box cover and a bunny of course! These people on this block are FUN!


Here is a map of where Rabbit Road is – middle of the island near the left. Gosh I am not good with technology so sorry this isn’t a nicer image of it but I think you’ll be able to see it.


Now take a look at some fun buns we found at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI ( a wonderful place to visit).

It’s a little hard to tell but that is bronze bunny statue below.  Another statue is behind it. Cutie pie.


 Now check out the 4 bunny men! Yes Bunny Men.



All 4 bunnies in one shot!


If you happen to be a gardener, check out Emily’s post on 55 Botanical Gardens you must visit before you die.….. what a fun and informative website.

March 2013 -thanks to Momma P. for this entertaining and adorable pic below….. she is crafty…..and bored last week……adorable!


Just love Rabbit Road and can’t get enough!


Think snow – sorry that I actually took a picture with my camera of my tv – only way to get this one…


So here is a child’s work of art that I happened to see at a park fieldhouse – isn’t it sweet!


So keep a look out for fun buns and sSend a pic if you find one for me to post!

Ok so Natalie of Las Vegas did a double take when she realized the name on this street ” Running Rabbit Street” – THANKS NATALIE!


So have you seen the commercial for Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing that features this Bunny Topiary? Check it out below.

IMG_1058 - Copy (2)

The next bunny I saw on a commercial but can’t remember which one.

IMG_1061 - Copy

I also got a really cute bunny tshirt that my niece Terra made – it so cute. When weather warms up and I can wear it will post a pic.


Christmas bunny cards below:

IMG_1124 IMG_1122 IMG_1109

Here is a pic of the Grand Canyon with a perfect little sleeping bunny in the upper right hand corner that my husband took . See it?

Grand Canyon Bunny Cloud

So its been awhile since I posted to this page but I have one. So while at the train station waiting for a friend before, I have always thought that under the silver can is a bunny head. Am I right? See the ears and head?

Rail Road bunny

Nothing better then the artwork of children, especially when its of a bunny.

Thanks Elsa —– she was going to adopt a bunny earlier this year but her brother tested positive for allergies to buns and hay so she got a hedgehog instead – named him Pinecone.

IMG_1340 IMG_1338 IMG_1336 IMG_1335

Looks like my Baby girl…


Another Baby likeness out there making kids of all ages happy just like Baby did for her mama!


Stay tuned, more to come….Got a funny bunny pic, send it over to me to post here….thanks!


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Senior Bunnies

If you have a bunny that has lived a good long healthy life then read on.  This page is dedicated to senior bunnies, you know bunnies 10 years and older. If you have one, send me a image, name, age and few details about your bunny for this page.


So our first bunny is named Bun Bun and is 12! yes I said 12! He was born deaf, but don’t tell him cuz he doesn’t know he is handicapped.  In the summer he likes to eat hazel nut leaves, apricot leaves  and rose hip leaves. Dandelions are a favorite too. He loves to get  his nose scratched – what bunny doesn’t love that after all!




So meet Ginger Lynn (below)  who is 10 years old. She has had some medical issues and is a survivor.  In fact, she just had successful cancer surgery. What a beautiful calico fur pattern she has too. Her mama says she gets her good looks from her mama.   You Go Girl Ginger Lynn!


So if you have a senior bunny send me the details with a pic and I’ll post it!

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Photo Gallery

Here are some photos previously posted on our home page.

“Hey Bunny Mama – those aren’t real buns”….just checking to see if you are paying attention.Spring 2010.






Since Gracie and Dino’s just celebrated their first Valentine’s Day, here is to wishing that each of you find true love like they did.


Here is Baby chilling on a Sunday afternoon. MARCH 2010


Happy Easter wishes:



 Above …..”I’m so tired I have to eat laying down”….Baby

Below – Baby says “Life is good sitting under the Christmas tree.”


Merry Christmas from Bunny Mama and our family of bunnies!!!!!!


Gracie (the black bunny) says “Oh Dino I’d follow you anywhere”…..Love 4 Ever.


 Double cuties – Gracie and Dino below.


 Below is Baby chillin on a rainy Sunday afternoon


Gracie and Dino snuggling…..isn’t love grand!


Here is my little Dino sleeping next to his pellet dish waiting until 8:00pm when him and Gracie get more pellets. Oh how adorable is he?


 Here is Gracie and Dino having food recently….they love their food – who doesnt’ love food?


Here is Baby, laying in the sun – her favorite past time.



Doesn’t Baby have a cute tail? See above.


Will the real Baby please hop forward (pic above).

  Below Dino enjoying a red clover flower.Yum Yum.


Below, Dino dreaming of eating a red clover flower – spring is coming Dino.


“Baby who just shoveled all that snow me or you lazy girl?” (yes she is laying there resting her head)


 Dino loves to eat – he has a healthy appetite all the time….


Lucy having some fun eating too….


March 2014…


So check out where I was on my vacation recently. Yep only I could stumble upon this street and then go back again a year later to see those bunnies on mailboxes.



Yes it was back to Sanibel Island Florida for another vacation to shell (my other passion besides my bunnies). So I though it only fitting that Bunny Mama would have to get some pics of the mailboxes on this short road where folks attach bunnies to their mailboxes!  Oh yes bunnies to mailboxes. Click here to see some on my BunnyNess page that has just been updated. Sorry that the image is so bad but I had to take a pic of my tv with my camera as it was the only way to get this adorable shot. Think Snow! Okay just long enough to see this bunny before he melts away….


 Here is a cute pic of Dino, he is really paying attention for a change too.

IMG_0766Doesn’t Lucy lay funny with her legs all stretched out. My other bunnies don’t ever lay quite this way.

IMG_0796Lucy is a big girl, not a dwarf like my other 3 bunnies. Nothing can keep Dino from sleeping, not even hunger as he feel asleep waiting for fresh food.


Merry Christmas 2015!


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