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After our last protest against Pete’s Fresh Market Stores here in Chicago the company has taken notice. They are rethinking their decision. THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM EVERY BUNNY PARENT NOW.  It does not matter where you live as we need your help.  Please email:

Email Paul V – paulv@petesfresh.com
Angelique Ashley – aashley@petesfresh.com

And/or fill out a contact us form for as many stores as you can at this link:


And sign this petition on change.org:

click here for link to change.org

Tell them Rabbits are pets, NOT food.

Tell them to stop.

Tell them rabbits are part of your family.

Tell THEM!


Tell Pete’s Fresh Market in Chicago to STOP SELLING RABBIT MEAT!
We need some help from bunny parents.  This grocery store chain is selling rabbit meat.  Please tell them to stop. Please call or email them and ask them to stop. Tell them your bunnies names and how they are part of your family.  Tell them to stop. Call them and ask them to stop.

Go to the link below and take literally 30 seconds and select a store and fill out the form or forms and ask them to stop….. We’ve come along a way but have a little more work.  There is a corporate meeting on Feb. 28th and the STORES NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU NOW. So that they will stop. Thank you so very much and the bunnies thank you.

Pete’s Fresh Market Locations
Opens 7 am – 10 pm
Corp. 5724 S. Kedzie Chicago 773.925.6200
4700 S. Kedzie Chicago 773.523.4600
4343 S. Pulaski Chicago 773.927.4300
5838 S. Pulaski Chicago 773.581.0600
3448 E. 118th St. Chicago 773.646.6400
2526 W. Cermak Rd Chicago 773.254.8400
1968 Sibley Blvd Calumet City 708.382.3800
3720 W. 95th St. Evergreen Park 708.398.6700
17W675 W. Roosevelt Rd Oakbrook Terrace 630.812.6100
2333 W. Madison St Chicago 312.888.6400
10280 S. Harlem Bridgeview 708.237.7800
259 Lake St. Oak Park 708.406.8700

Hope you are all doing well and your buns are doing well too. Drop me a line at


Thanks and Binky On!



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