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BUNNY MAMA IS CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF BUNNY LOVE THIS YEAR……Yep I’ve had the pleasure of having pet rabbits for 10 years this year — its been so bunderful…..just love having pet rabbits and hope you do too! Pictured below is Baby, my first rabbit who was the love of my life. Her eyes were always aglow in photos.

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Welcome to bunny parents clicking over from my facebook page. Glad you found me as I’ve been posting articles for years about the care of pet bunnies….I hope you will stick around and check us out!



In case you have not heard, the upscale, trendy and expensive Bloomingdales is now selling 43 items made of RABBIT FUR! Yes read it correctly rabbit fur. This is so offensive to millions of home that have pet rabbits, I can’t even tell you.  Are they selling items made with cat or dog fur – NO. Would they – NO. Then why rabbit fur. Its not the 1980’s and it wasn’t cool back then either.

Take a minute and sign the petition that has is really taken off. See the link below.


For information all see Rabbit Advocacy Network’s website. Link below.


I think in Chicago area we are going to protest at a few stores in Oct. More to come.  Thanks for signing the petition and helping out the innocent little bunnies…..


Please join bunny mama and other to stop the sale of rabbit meat.  Go to my page to learn how in less than 2 minutes you can help.

A company called Censea is distributing rabbit meat. Find out why I am so outraged by reading more and taking 2 minutes or less to join the fight to get them to stop!

Get ready Chicago as we are going to protest — more info to follow soon.


Thanks to the Missouri House Rabbit Society for picturing my 2 passions in life — Bunnies and Seashells.  July 2016 page is below. LOVE IT!

Bunnies & Shells

With summer in full swing, remember to take extra precautions to keep your bunnies cool in the summer. See this page for ideas and tips as bunnies CANNOT survive extreme heat.  Use frozen water bottles in their area (that they can lean up against) and put down (just lay on the floor)  some large ceramic floor tiles for them to lay on as that will keep them cool.

Hope you are all doing well and your buns are doing well too. Drop me a line at


Thanks and Binky On!



Lucy and Dino snuggling — its what they do best

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