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Its so important to keep your bunnies cool when the temp rises. Find out how by visiting my page on How to Keep Them Cool!

If you have a rabbit that has dental issues or needs dental surgery then PLEASE read my recently updated page on medicines so you know some pain medications your vet might not have tried.

Good news, my local Pete’s Fresh Market in Bridgeview IL (grocery store chain) told me personally the will stop carrying rabbit meat.  Awesome!
A short time later they informed Rabbit Advocacy Network that most of their stores will only special order it and not carry it any longer. This is huge for us and for the bunnies. Hopefully its out of sight and out of mind.  I have spent so much time protesting stores, sending emails and visiting stores that I am thrilled……I took this very personal am and so relieved.  We will continue to monitor the stores just in case they have only stopped for the summer and start it up again in the fall or winter. But for now HOORRRRAAAAYYYYY…..
June, 2017

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