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Please see my page about contacting restaurants that serve rabbit meat – yeah I know disgusting.  Join Bunny Mama and Rabbit Advocacy Network for more info and contact these restaurants today. Email, visit or call.  Click here for more info.


It’s a shame that Tony’s Finer Foods in the Chicago area had stopped carrying rabbit meat and has now restocked it.  Let them hear from you bunny parents – this is not right.  Here is link to their store locations.


Visit my page for locations and phone numbers to call the stores.

Contact Tony’s “Not So” Finer Foods In Chicago – Stop Selling Rabbit Meat!!!!


Its so important to keep your bunnies cool when the temp rises. Find out how by visiting my page on How to Keep Them Cool!

If you have a rabbit that has dental issues or needs dental surgery then PLEASE read my recently updated page on medicines so you know some pain medications your vet might not have tried.


Read Necco’s story here. Love you Necco you little cutie pie.

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Lucy and Dino snuggling — its what they do best

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